Phonics Teacher Training Course

Become a certified Phonics trainer
Phonics Teacher Training Course
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Netra Naik


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Phonics Teacher Training Course

What you’ll learn

Know the systematic structure of introducing reading among young learners
Know the foundation of Reading and writing
Analyse the different concepts of Phonics approach and their application
Become a certified Phonics Trainer

Phonics Teacher Training Course


No compulsory requirements


Phonics teaches the relationship between letters and sounds. It teaches how to decode sounds in any word​The goal of phonics instruction is to introduce the relationship between written letters and spoken sounds. This is the first step towards the beginning of reading that too with fluency.The program of phonics instruction should be systematic and explicit. This is exactly how we have formed our ONLINE – SELF PACED course on our learning platform.​The best and the most convenient part is; it is completely online. You have to enrol and start learning at your own convenient time and complete it at your pace.​Some of the key benefits of enrolling in our Phonics course are :It is super Affordable. We have kept a minimal cost which is cheaper compared to other platforms. But there is no compromise done in terms of contents and methodologyIt’s completely Online. As everything is turning into more of an online mode.; so we have built this course on the online platform. To reach maximum learners around the world.One can complete it as per their free schedule. It is completely self-paced. It’s Convenient in terms of time. As there are no time restrictions to complete the course.The complete course is prepared and constructed by a certified Jolly Phonics Trainer who has an experience of 8+ years in education.Follows Jolly Phonics curriculum. The curriculum used is the Jolly phonics pattern which is structured in such a way that it is easy to implement.We provide lifetime support. Our relationship remains forever as a learning platform and learner after completion of the course as well.



Lecture 1 What is Phonics?

Lecture 2 How to introduce letter sounds?

Lecture 3 Steps to follow

Lecture 4 Group 1 – SATIPN

Lecture 5 Blending

Lecture 6 Segmenting

Lecture 7 Spelling Rule CK

Lecture 8 CK Rule Reference Pictures

Lecture 9 Group 2- EHRMDG

Lecture 10 Group 3 – OULFBZ

Lecture 11 Sight Words

Lecture 12 Floss rule – SS/FF/ZZ/LL

Lecture 13 Long A sound/Digraph/Spelling Rule /ai-ay

Lecture 14 Letter /j/ & Rabbit Rule

Lecture 15 Long O sound/Digraph/Spelling Rule /oa-ow

Lecture 16 Long I sound /Digraph/Spelling Rule / ie

Lecture 17 Long E sound /Digraph/Spelling Rule/ee-ea

Lecture 18 Bossy R / or/letter /w/-/wh/ question words

Lecture 19 Syllabification

Lecture 20 /ng/ Letter sound /v/

Lecture 21 Short /oo/ – Long /OO/

Lecture 22 Letter sound /y/

Lecture 23 Letter sound /x/ – Ch/Sh

Lecture 24 Magic /e/

Lecture 25 Soft /TH/ and Hard /th/

Lecture 26 Group- /qu/ou/oi-oy/ue-ew/er/ar

Section 2: Spelling Rules

Lecture 27 Soft /c/ & /g/ sound

Lecture 28 Trigraph – /igh/

Lecture 29 Silent Letters

Lecture 30 Wrap- GOOD BYE!

Educators , Teachers , Trainers , Mothers , Parents or any learner who wants to learn.

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Udemy | English | 1h 10m | 1.28 GB
Created by: Netra Naik

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