Photography Shoot Stunning Portraits of Your Kids

Priceless photography : Confidently use a DSLR camera instead of your iPhone
Photography Shoot Stunning Portraits of Your Kids
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Bryan Lamb


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Photography Shoot Stunning Portraits of Your Kids

What you’ll learn

Clearly see that iPhone photos of your kids are massively inferior to DSLR photography
Have $2,500 of DSLR photography equipment sent to your doorstep for under $100
Know the 5 DSLR photography secrets to perfect images… every time
Be able to confidently shoot stunning DSLR photography of your children, family members, or friends using a DSLR camera in manual mode
Be able to transfer photos from the DSLR camera to your computer
Be able to make color adjustments & optimizations that take your DSLR photography to a whole new level of beauty

Photography Shoot Stunning Portraits of Your Kids


No DSLR photography experience necessary!
You don’t even need to own DSLR photography equipment. I’ll show you how to quickly obtain over $2,500 of DSLR photography equipment for under $100


My goal is to help you realize how inferior your current photos are, and to show you how easy it can be to start using a DSLR camera to shoot stunning photography of your children, family members, and friends. Even if you can’t afford to buy a DSLR camera to get started, I can show you how you can start shooting photos with $2,500 of DSLR camera equipment in just a couple days without even having to buy one.

In this course:
I’ll show you why DSLR photography is vastly superior to iPhone photographyI’ll teach you my method of using over $2,500 of DSLR camera gear for less than $100I’ll explain and demonstrate the 4 secrets to getting perfect images from a DSLR camera… every timeYou’ll watch over my shoulder as I do real portrait photo shoots with a DSLR camera, and I’ll explain exactly how I’m getting perfect exposuresThen you’ll see how I get the photos off the camera and into some photo editing software to make some easy, quick, and powerful color adjustments, transporting our photos to a whole new level of beautyAs a bonus, I’ll provide you with direct links to the DSLR photography equipment I recommend, whether you need to buy it or rent it

So if you’ve frequently been disappointed by the quality of photos you’re able to take using your iPhone or point and shoot camera, or if you’ve always wanted to learn how to master a DSLR camera to take stunning images of your kids, then you need to take this photography course now. You’ll be amazed by how easy it can be when it’s presented to you the right way.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Overview

Lecture 2 About Me

Lecture 3 About YOU!

Section 2: The Importance of Selecting the Right Photography Equipment

Lecture 4 Photography Equipment: How much better is a DSLR than an iPhone?

Lecture 5 Photography Equipment: How much difference do different DSLR lenses make?

Section 3: How to Get the Right Equipment Inexpensively

Lecture 6 Use $2,500+ DSLR photography equipment for about $100

Lecture 7 Demo: Renting photography equipment

Lecture 8 Unpacking the rented photography equipment

Lecture 9 Re-packaging the photography equipment for return

Section 4: Tour and Set Up a DSLR Camera

Lecture 10 Initial camera set up

Section 5: Overview of Shooting Perfect Photos Every Time

Lecture 11 Overview of the 5 secrets to getting perfect photos every time

Lecture 12 DSLR Photography Skill #1

Lecture 13 DSLR Photography Skill #2

Lecture 14 DSLR Photography Skill #3

Lecture 15 DSLR Photography Skill #4

Lecture 16 DSLR Photography Skill #5

Lecture 17 Combining the 5 DSLR Photography skills for perfect photos every time

Section 6: Look Over My Shoulder on Live Photoshoots

Lecture 18 TEXT: Photo shoot checklist to ensure perfect shots

Lecture 19 DEMO: Example DSLR photo shoot #1

Lecture 20 DEMO: Example DSLR photo shoot #2

Lecture 21 Tour my digital photography to see settings I commonly use

Section 7: Processing Your Images for Ultimate Impact

Lecture 22 Copy the files from camera to computer

Lecture 23 Installing the image editing software

Lecture 24 Import images into the editing software

Lecture 25 Make quick, basic color adjustments

Lecture 26 Easily repeat similar adjustments on other images

Section 8: Sharing Your Images

Lecture 27 Sharing your photography : Exporting photos

Lecture 28 Sharing your photography : Easily uploading to Facebook galleries

Section 9: Bonus Lectures

Lecture 29 Direct links for renting or buying the right DSLR photography gear

Take this course if you often find yourself unsatisfied with the photos you have been taking of your children,Take this course if you’ve ever completely missed getting a great photo of a special moment with your family or friends,Take this course if you’ve always wanted to learn how to confidently shoot with a DSLR camera

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 15m | 1.35 GB
Created by: Bryan Lamb

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