Photoshop CS6 Crash Course

Photoshop CS6 will be yours to command in 4 hours!
Photoshop CS6 Crash Course
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Jeremy Shuback


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Photoshop CS6 Crash Course

What you’ll learn

Understanding the Basics – goes over how to navigate the interface, basic shortcut keys, adding text, working with images, and other features to get you up and running as quickly as possible.
Layers – shows you how to combine multiple images, resize them, split them apart, and add in color boxes.
Selections – starts by showing how to remove simple images from a photograph and finishes by showing how to select out strands of hair and change the background.
Color Correction – goes from simple corrections to in depth theory. It uses this theory to fix complicated photographs, change the color of a shirt from yellow to green, and even turn part of an image into black and white.
Object Removal – isn’t just about how to remove a pimple. It covers removing wires, large objects such as a fencepost, and even how to get rid of something like a date stamp when it is in front of a person’s face.
Beauty Retouching – I show you how to remove wrinkles, increase the size of an eye or decrease your nose size, how to smooth skin, what to do if you make a mistake, and how to fix problems such as bloodshot eyes.
Compositing – you see how all of these individual tools we’ve learned along the way can actually be combined to accomplish just about anything, from merging together household goods to to removing a person from a photograph and putting someone else in that person’s place.
Wrap Up – shows how this is a solid grounding and while there’s still plenty to learn, you now know enough to be dangerous.

Photoshop CS6 Crash Course


This course assumes no prior knowledge and starts with the very basics.


This course takes you from knowing nothing about Photoshop to having an incredibly good handle on the program in as little time as possible. The three legs of Photoshop are: * Layers * Selections * Color Correction If you understand how to manipulate those three elements you can accomplish just about anything with Photoshop. This course starts by going over those concepts and then shows how to combine them for powerful results. Rather than showing you every single feature this course focuses on the features people actually use without boring you to tears on the other tools. The instructor Jeremy Shuback has taught over 150 000 people Photoshop and works as a professional designer. He uses Photoshop every day to create everything from billboards to photorealistic matte paintings for feature films. More importantly he understands that you don’t want to spend 14 hours straight trying to learn Photoshop.


Lecture 1 Intro to the Photoshop CS6 Four Hour Crash Course

Lecture 2 Example Files for Course

Section 1: Understanding the Basics

Lecture 3 Simplifying The Workspace

Lecture 4 Major Shortcut Keys

Lecture 5 Adding Text

Lecture 6 Adding and Transforming Images

Lecture 7 Auto Select Check Box

Section 2: Layers

Lecture 8 Understanding Layers

Lecture 9 Aligning Layers

Lecture 10 Multiple Undos With The History Panel

Lecture 11 Smart Objects vs Normal Layers

Lecture 12 Canvas Size vs. Image Size

Lecture 13 Duplicate With Alt

Lecture 14 Flipping Layers

Lecture 15 Transform Tool Modifiers

Lecture 16 Linking Layers

Lecture 17 Grouping Layers

Lecture 18 Linking Groups

Lecture 19 Unmerge Layers

Lecture 20 Split An Image In Half

Lecture 21 Adding Color Squares

Lecture 22 Layers Wrap Up

Section 3: Selections

Lecture 23 Magic Wand Basics

Lecture 24 Lasso Tool Basics

Lecture 25 Problem Solving

Lecture 26 Magic Wand Advanced

Lecture 27 Tweaking Selections

Lecture 28 Polygonal Lasso Tool

Lecture 29 Magnetic Lasso Tool

Lecture 30 Quick Selection Tool

Lecture 31 Tweaking Selections Part 2

Lecture 32 Background Layer

Lecture 33 Using The Selection

Lecture 34 Color Range

Lecture 35 Refining Hair Selection

Lecture 36 Image Sandwich

Section 4: Color Correction

Lecture 37 Basic Color Correction

Lecture 38 3 Dimensions Of Color

Lecture 39 Curves Basics

Lecture 40 Beyond Curves Auto

Lecture 41 Curves Advanced

Lecture 42 Shifting Colors

Lecture 43 Painting In Color

Lecture 44 Painting In Color Part 2

Lecture 45 Black & White

Lecture 46 Color Wrap Up

Section 5: Object Removal

Lecture 47 Clone Stamp

Lecture 48 Dust And Scratches

Lecture 49 Brush Hotkeys

Lecture 50 Healing Brush

Lecture 51 Maintaining Edges

Lecture 52 Spot Healing Brush

Lecture 53 Difficult Edges

Lecture 54 Beyond Cloning

Lecture 55 Saving

Lecture 56 Image Size

Section 6: Beauty Retouching

Lecture 57 Removing Wrinkles

Lecture 58 Resizing Body Parts

Lecture 59 Smoothing Skin

Lecture 60 Original Fix

Lecture 61 Fixing Bloodshot Eyes

Lecture 62 Crop Tool

Section 7: Compositing

Lecture 63 Isolate Objects

Lecture 64 Combine Objects

Lecture 65 Zipping This Up

Lecture 66 Remove A Person

Lecture 67 Add In A Person

Section 8: Wrap Up

Lecture 68 What’s Next?

Whether you’re new to Photoshop or have been using it for years but were never quite comfortable with concepts such as layers, this course will get you up to speed.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 6m | 4.71 GB
Created by: Jeremy Shuback

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