Photoshop InDepth Master all of Photoshops Tools Easily

Learn the many tools in Adobe Photoshop with in-depth lectures that explain the tool uses, options + modes in Photoshop.
Photoshop InDepth Master all of Photoshops Tools Easily
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Chad Neuman, Ph.D.


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Photoshop InDepth Master all of Photoshops Tools Easily

What you’ll learn

Master the various Photoshop tools and describe how they are used in Photoshop.
Use the many tools in Photoshop and adjust their settings and options.
Describe the applications in which you would use certain tools.
Use tools in conjunction with one another.

Photoshop InDepth Master all of Photoshops Tools Easily


Students need a copy of Adobe Photoshop (preferably Creative Cloud). A free trial would work as well.


January 2020 course updated: I added a quick video about Photoshop 2020 update on constrain proportions when resizing smart objects, photos, type layers, and shape layers.Course updated: Object Selection tool added for Photoshop 2020 update. Two-part series on Select and Mask Technique added for more accurate selection of hair.In this Photoshop course, I introduce, explain, and demonstrate the various tools in Photoshop. Every single tool is covered, with the exception of 3D tools. I also go over the various ways to make selections in Photoshop, including techniques that do not use a tool. Advanced modes and options are also covered. By the time you’ve finished this course, you will be an expert at Photoshop’s tools. However, some students may option not to complete the entire course and instead use this as a reference to learn about specific tools. If that’s the case, jump around to which tool you have questions about, even though you might be missing some helpful content by not completing all the lectures. The lectures are ordered in the order they are located in the Tools panel.  Students can follow along in Photoshop and practice adjusting the various tools’ options and use them in conjunction with each other, whether it’s the Type Tools, the Pen Tools, or the Shape Tools, or digital darkroom tools like the Clone Stamp Tool, the Sponge Tool, and so on.  There are 11 lectures on the various selection tools. This could normally be a course by itself, but it is included as one section in this course. If you complete this course, you will be an expert at making selections in Photoshop!  I have years of experience using Photoshop, including doing web and advertising design at a newspaper, an advertising design firm, a library system, and freelance work for about two decades. I’ve also been managing editor at two international graphic design magazines (helping run Photoshop World in Las Vegas), and I’m currently a full-time professor of graphic design and digital media. I’ve taken classes on digital production and design during my undergraduate and graduate work.Enroll today and let’s learn about Photoshop’s tools and their neat uses and effects.


Section 1: Introduction to Photoshop’s Tools

Lecture 1 Introduction to Photoshop In-Depth: Tools Course

Lecture 2 How to Get Adobe Photoshop

Lecture 3 Keyboard Shortcuts and Some Quick Shortcut Practice

Lecture 4 Printable Handout: Common Keyboard Shortcuts

Lecture 5 Download Course Support Files

Lecture 6 Join Our Facebook Group Community for Feedback

Lecture 7 Creative Cloud and Mac vs. PC

Lecture 8 A Quick Note on Constrain Proportions Update

Lecture 9 The Move Tool

Section 2: Selection Tools

Lecture 10 The Lasso Tool and Polygonal Lasso Tool

Lecture 11 The Magnetic Lasso Tool

Lecture 12 The Marquee Selection Tools

Lecture 13 The Quick Selection Tool

Lecture 14 The Magic Wand Tool

Lecture 15 Color Range Selection

Lecture 16 Pen Tool Selections

Lecture 17 Quick Mask Selections

Lecture 18 Grow and Similar Commands

Lecture 19 Modify Selections

Lecture 20 Select and Mask Technique – Part 1

Lecture 21 Select and Mask Technique – Part 2

Lecture 22 Refine Edge

Lecture 23 Object Selection Tool

Section 3: Cropping, Sampling, and Measuring

Lecture 24 The Crop Tool

Lecture 25 The Perspective Crop Tool

Lecture 26 The Slice Tool

Lecture 27 The Eyedropper Tool and Color Sampler Tool

Lecture 28 The Ruler, Note, and Count Tools

Section 4: Photo Corrections

Lecture 29 The Healing Brush Tool and Spot Healing Brush Tool

Lecture 30 The Patch Tool

Lecture 31 The Content-Aware Move Tool

Lecture 32 The Red Eye Tool

Section 5: Brushing

Lecture 33 The Brush Tool

Lecture 34 The Pencil Tool

Lecture 35 The Color Replacement Tool

Lecture 36 The Mixer Brush Tool

Section 6: Stamps, History, and Erasing

Lecture 37 The Clone Stamp Tool

Lecture 38 The Pattern Stamp Tool

Lecture 39 The History Brush Tools and Panel

Lecture 40 The Eraser, Magic Eraser, and Background Eraser Tools

Section 7: Gradient and Paint Bucket

Lecture 41 A Quick Update About Gradient Libraries

Lecture 42 The Gradient Tool Part 1

Lecture 43 The Gradient Tool Part 2

Lecture 44 The Paint Bucket Tool

Section 8: More Digital Darkroom Tools

Lecture 45 The Blur, Sharpen, and Smudge Tools

Lecture 46 The Burn Tool and Dodge Tool

Lecture 47 The Sponge Tool

Section 9: Pen and Type Tools

Lecture 48 The Pen Tools

Lecture 49 The Type Tools

Section 10: Shape, Hand, and Zoom Tools

Lecture 50 The Shape Tools

Lecture 51 The Hand Tools and Zoom Tools

Lecture 52 Please Review!

Lecture 53 Bonus: Learn Even More in My Other Courses!

Beginners to Photoshop as well as more advanced users would benefit from taking this course.,Anyone interested in learning more about Photoshop’s tools.,Anyone who wants to use Photoshop to create and explore their inner artist!,Anyone wanting to learn more about Photoshop’s tools in order to pursue web design, app design, photo editing, and so on.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 18m | 4.60 GB
Created by: Chad Neuman, Ph.D.

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