PHP 82 Crash Course with PDO Security and Payment Gateways

Learn all the fundamentals of PHP with PDO, PHP security, Payment Gateway Integration and Basic admin panel setup.
PHP 82 Crash Course with PDO Security and Payment Gateways
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Morshedul Arefin


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PHP 82 Crash Course with PDO Security and Payment Gateways

What you’ll learn

Learn PHP from scratch
Learn MySQL from scratch
Learn the using of PDO in PHP
Visual Studio Code Editor and plugins in that
Variables, Data types, Strings in php
Operators in php
Array, Multi-dimensional Array and Array functions
Conditions in php (if, elseif, else)
Loops (for, while and dowhile),Nested Loop
Functions in php (builtin and user-defined)
Switch case using in php
Session and Cookies
Using Regular Expression in PHP
File Upload and Validation, File I/O
Database Basic, Query Language
Connecting Database in PHP
Form Validation Technique
Basic CRUD Operation
Login, Registration and Forget Password System
Email verification in registration
Payment Method Integration – PayPal
Payment Method Integration – Stripe
Security Protection against SQL Injection
Security Protection against XSS
Security Protection against SQL Injection

PHP 82 Crash Course with PDO Security and Payment Gateways


Basic knowledge in HTML
Basic knowledge in CSS
Basic knowledge in Javascript
Basic knowledge in Bootstrap
Basic knowledge in Code Editor like VS Code or any


In this course, I have taught the students the most popular programming language PHP from scratch using the latest version PHP 8.2. After showing all the basics of PHP using PDO, I also have shown the details of the PHP security with example, Payment Gateway Integration, Complete Authentication System, and Admin Panel Setup with mastering.If you are new to programming, you want to learn programming but do not understand from where you can start, this course is for you. I have shown everything in very details and you will enjoy the learning. Features of this course:Learning the basics of PHPRegular Expression in PHP with ExamplePagination System Building from ScratchLearning the MySQL database from scratchWorking with PHP FormsForm Validation TechniqueEmail Sending from ScratchFile Upload System and ValidationSessions and CookiesFile I/O OperationQuery LanguagesShowing different clausesSecurity – Folder Content ProtectionSecurity – Least PrivelegesSecurity – SQL InjectionSecurity – XSS AttackBuilding authentication systemRegistration System with Email ValidationLogin and Forget Password SystemReset Password SystemLogout SystemAdmin Panel HTML template download and mastering with PHPComplete Admin panel authentication system with all featuresPayment method integration with PayPalPayment method integration with Stripe


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Prerequisites

Lecture 2 Installing Xampp (Local Server)

Lecture 3 Shift between php 7 and php 8 in XAMPP (Local Server)

Lecture 4 Installing Laragon (Local Server)

Lecture 5 Shift between php 7 and php 8 in Laragon (Local Server)

Lecture 6 Install PHP 8.2 in Laragon

Lecture 7 Code Editors

Section 3: Visual Studio Code Editor

Lecture 8 VS Code Installation

Lecture 9 Opening Folders (Single and Multiple)

Lecture 10 Autosave

Lecture 11 Installing Extensions

Lecture 12 Export Settings

Lecture 13 Reset VS Code

Lecture 14 Creating and Working with Snippets

Lecture 15 Extension – Bootstrap 5 Quick Snippets

Lecture 16 Extension – Auto Rename Tag

Lecture 17 Extension – Material Icon Theme

Lecture 18 Extension – Vscode Great Icons

Lecture 19 Extension – Live Server

Lecture 20 Extension – Live Server Preview

Lecture 21 Extension – HTML CSS Support

Lecture 22 Color Scheme

Lecture 23 Working with Terminal

Lecture 24 Settings Sync

Section 4: PHP Fundamentals – A to Z

Lecture 25 What is PHP

Lecture 26 PHP Syntax

Lecture 27 Comments

Lecture 28 Variables

Lecture 29 Variable Scope

Lecture 30 Echo and Print

Lecture 31 Data Types

Lecture 32 Type Casting

Lecture 33 String – Part 1

Lecture 34 String – Part 2

Lecture 35 String – Part 3

Lecture 36 Number

Lecture 37 Math

Lecture 38 Constant

Lecture 39 Operator – Part 1

Lecture 40 Operator – Part 2

Lecture 41 Operator – Part 3

Lecture 42 Conditional Statement (if, elseif, else)

Lecture 43 Switch

Lecture 44 Loop – Part 1

Lecture 45 Loop – Part 2

Lecture 46 Nested Loop – Part 1

Lecture 47 Nested Loop – Part 2

Lecture 48 Array – Part 1

Lecture 49 Array – Part 2

Lecture 50 Array – Part 3

Lecture 51 Array Function

Lecture 52 Function

Lecture 53 Superglobals

Lecture 54 Form, $_GET, $_POST, $_REQUEST

Lecture 55 Cookie – Part 1

Lecture 56 Cookie – Part 2

Lecture 57 Session

Lecture 58 Include, Require

Lecture 59 File Upload and Validation – Part 1

Lecture 60 File Upload and Validation – Part 2

Lecture 61 File IO

Lecture 62 Form Validation

Lecture 63 Sending Email

Lecture 64 Regular Expression – Part 1

Lecture 65 Regular Expression – Part 2

Section 5: MySQL Database

Lecture 66 What is MySQL

Lecture 67 Connect MySQL with PHP

Lecture 68 Create Database and Table

Lecture 69 Inserting Data

Lecture 70 Prepared Statement

Lecture 71 Select Data

Lecture 72 Where Clause

Lecture 73 Update Data

Lecture 74 Delete Data

Lecture 75 Order By Clause

Lecture 76 LIMIT Clause

Lecture 77 JOIN Clause

Lecture 78 UNION Clause

Lecture 79 ALTER Table

Lecture 80 GROUP BY and HAVING

Section 6: PHP Security

Lecture 81 Folder Content Protection

Lecture 82 Least Privilege

Lecture 83 SQL Injection

Lecture 84 XSS Attack

Section 7: Pagination

Lecture 85 Pagination

Section 8: Authentication System

Lecture 86 Template Setup

Lecture 87 Registration

Lecture 88 Registration – Email Verification

Lecture 89 Login

Lecture 90 Forget Password

Lecture 91 Reset Password

Lecture 92 Source Codes

Section 9: Admin Panel – Template Setup

Lecture 93 Admin Panel HTML template using Bootstrap 5

Lecture 94 Converting into PHP files

Lecture 95 Login and Logout

Lecture 96 Edit Profile

Lecture 97 Forget Password

Lecture 98 Reset Password

Lecture 99 Source Codes

Section 10: Payment Method Integration

Lecture 100 PayPal – Part 1

Lecture 101 PayPal – Part 2

Lecture 102 Stripe – Part 1

Lecture 103 Stripe – Part 2

Lecture 104 Source Codes

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Course Information:

Udemy | English | 19h 34m | 7.48 GB
Created by: Morshedul Arefin

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