PHP Development

No prerequisite skills, but buckle up and prepare to develop! Covering many aspects of PHP.
PHP Development
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PHP Development

What you’ll learn

Introduce the topics of servers and clients
Introduce basic Web Development
Assist viewers in learning all standardized programming concepts and structures. This includes the basics (if statements) as well as more advanced topics.
Begin teaching PHP specific structures and start developing PHP programs

PHP Development


XAMPP or any form of web server (Don’t worry, I give instructions on how to set this up).
notepad++ (free program)


This course is offered to allow for download and anytime use as well as for anybody who wishes to support my YouTube channel. This course is still in development and by becoming a student to this course you will receive any future video within this series for FREE! When created, they will be added to this course and you can download them as you please (This does not ensure new content). There is also a lot of content already, which will begin your PHP experience! By enrolling in this course I will know that there is an interest in this material and I will be motivated to create EVEN MORE! Thank you to everyone who contributes! About this course: This is an introductory course that dives into the basics of many topics in PHP programming, so far including: Introduction Servers and Clients variables and constants datatypes Strings and numbers arrays etc… operators control structures (if, while, for, etc…) functions and many of the great possibilities with PHP!


Section 1: Web Development Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction: What is PHP?

Lecture 2 Servers, Clients, and How the Internet Works

Lecture 3 How does a Local Server Work

Lecture 4 Installing Xampp for Local Server PHP Development

Lecture 5 What gets sent to the Browser

Section 2: Operators and Data Types

Lecture 6 Comments

Lecture 7 Variables

Lecture 8 Strings

Lecture 9 Single Quotes vs Double Quotes

Lecture 10 String Concatenation

Lecture 11 Arithmetic Operators

Lecture 12 Increment Decrement Operators

Lecture 13 Assignment Operators

Lecture 14 Assigning by Reference

Lecture 15 Constants

Lecture 16 Unary, Binary and Ternary Operators

Section 3: Control flow structures and more operators

Lecture 17 If Conditional

Lecture 18 Comparison Operators

Lecture 19 Logical Operators

Lecture 20 Short Circuiting

Section 4: Conclusion

Lecture 21 Elseif Conditional

Lecture 22 Switch and Break

Lecture 23 While Loop

Lecture 24 Do While Loop

Lecture 25 For Loop

Lecture 26 Introducing Arrays

Lecture 27 Introducing Arrays pt2

Lecture 28 Creating Arrays

Lecture 29 Multidimensional Arrays

Lecture 30 Foreach Loop, How to Iterate through all Array values

Lecture 31 Creating Indexed and Associative arrays in PHP

Lecture 32 Using the array function for Creating Arrays and Multidimensional Arrays in PHP

Lecture 33 Using The Foreach loop to use all Array Values in PHP

Lecture 34 All Control Flow Structures that we Learned in PHP

Lecture 35 Functions

Lecture 36 Functions Pt2

Lecture 37 Functions Pt3

Lecture 38 Include and Require Functions

Lecture 39 Absolute vs Relative Paths

Lecture 40 Dynamic Page Titles

Lecture 41 Variable Scope

Lecture 42 Superglobal Arrays

Lecture 43 Creating an HTML Form

Lecture 44 Creating a Dynamic Header and Footer

Lecture 45 Adding New Page Links to our Header File

Lecture 46 Introduction to Form Handling

Lecture 47 Understanding $_REQUEST Form Handling

Lecture 48 isset() and !empty()

Lecture 49 How to Check if Submitted Forms have a Value

Lecture 50 Creating Our News Letter Form

Lecture 51 Checking Our News Letter Form for Values

Lecture 52 Dynamic Page for Buy or Girl

Lecture 53 Hacking our Webform

Lecture 54 $_POST method and Accessing Form Values Directly

Lecture 55 Single Page Form Validation Introduction Part 1

Lecture 56 Single Page Form Validation Introduction Part 2

Lecture 57 Creating Our Single Page Form Validation

Lecture 58 Introduction to Sticky Forms

Lecture 59 Why I choose to use isset() for Sticky Forms

Lecture 60 Overview Text File

Beginners,basic web developers,anyone needing a php video reference ,anyone who wants to be able to watch these videos anywhere!

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Udemy | English | 7h 43m | 14.72 GB
Created by: Caleb Curry

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