PHP for Beginners Become a PHP Master CMS Project

PHP for Beginners: learn everything you need to become a professional PHP developer with practical exercises & projects.
PHP for Beginners Become a PHP Master CMS Project
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PHP for Beginners Become a PHP Master CMS Project

What you’ll learn

You will learn to create a (CMS) Content Management System like WordPress, Drupal or Joomla
You will learn how to use Databases
You will learn MySQL
Object Oriented Programming
You will learn how to launch your application online
How to use forms to submit data to databases
How to use AJAX to submit data to the server without refreshing the page
You will learn about PHP security
You will learn about sessions
Password hashing
Email sending
You will learn to use composer (PHP package manager)
You will learn to create clean URL’s and remove the .php from files
You will learn to use bootstrap by getting experience from the project
You will learn to debug your code
You will learn to create pagination
You will code refactoring
You will learn to debug (fix your code)
You will learn to use an API to bring data from a database to a graphical interface
There is so much more and my hands are just tired of typing 🙂

PHP for Beginners Become a PHP Master CMS Project


Some HTML is needed for this course (You can get my free HTML course on that)


One of the biggest PHP Courses in UDEMY ……..Best Rated PHP course on UDEMY……Over 90,000 Students taking this course already………BEST Reviewed PHP beginners course for a reason…..————————————————————————————————————-Are you new to PHP or need a refresher? Then this course will help you get all the fundamentals of Procedural PHP, Object Oriented PHP, MYSQLi, and ending the course by building a CMS system similar to WordPress, Joomla, or Drupal.Knowing PHP has allowed me to make enough money to stay home and make courses like this one for students all over the world. Being a PHP developer can allow anyone to make really good money online and offline, developing dynamic applications.Knowing PHP will allow you to build web applications, websites or Content Management systems, like WordPress, Facebook, Twitter or even Google.There is no limit to what you can do with this knowledge. PHP is one of the most important web programming languages to learn, and knowing it, will give you SUPER POWERS in the web development world and job market place. Why? Because Millions of websites and applications (the majority) use PHP. You can find a job anywhere or even work on your own, online and in places like freelancer or Odesk. You can definitely make a substantial income once you learn it.  Some of my students reviews for this course and othersHoly cr*********Readed some books about PHP but it was such boring that i never finished a book and withhold me from learning, this course helped me out straight.. After seeing a free tut on youtube i subscribed the course and jeez, i don’t even need goals to get or stay motivated cause i have the instructor: Edwin Diaz, his way of teaching is friggin awesome (and fun) and easy listening! To be honest its keeping me away from bed xD.. I really really love the course. If i need to describe the course from my personal view, one word: Epic! Really looking forward for the stuff that will be added in the future! Great job and thumbs up! Greetings from a DutchyBest PHP course************This course is just awesome. You will learn the basics and then you will jump to making your own CMS. Every little piece of code is described very well, so you exactly know, what you are doing. After finishing this course I was ready to make my own social networking site and that’s amazing isn’t it? Another great part of this course is its instructor, who helps you with every issue you have in short time. I’ve have already done many internet courses, but this is definetly the best one.The Best Php course made FUN and EASY worth The Money!!! *************Hi Edwin You have made ‘learning PHP very fun an easy to follow. I got so many ideas that I want to do and had been searching around for 3 years now looking for the right course and lecturer that will help me fulfill my dream. I want to thank you that I have gone through more than half of your online course now and I am still interested to complete it. Thank you for your motivation and kind words. It what keeps me going and I know that once I finish this, I will be able to achieve my goal. I believe that your course is the key to my success in fulfilling my dream. AND the best part is the Lecturer always replies to your questionsThe best course I have taken so far ***************Every programming course I have taken until now has been extremely boring and I found it difficult to concentrate, but your course was clear, entertaining and kept me hooked till the very end. I remember everything I learnt in your course and have gained a deeper understanding of terms and methodologies that seems incomprehensible until now. Thank you                  ***************************End of Reviews ***********************My Promise to You        I created this course not just to make money but to teach you the knowledge that will help you with PHP since I was in your shoes some years ago. If you need support, I will be just a message or an email away. I love what I do, but most importantly I love when my students succeed and that for me is priceless. You success depends on yours and I will make sure with that you get all the help you need when you need it.I will not bore you :)I take my courses very seriously but at the same time I try to make it fun since I know how difficult learning from an instructor with a monotone voice or boring attitude is. This course is fun, and when you need some energy to keep going, you will get it from me.My Approach          Practice, practice and more practice. Every section inside this course has a practice lecture at the end, reinforcing everything with went over in the lectures. I also created a small application the you will be able to download to help you practice PHP. To top it off, we will build and awesome CMS like WordPress, Joomla or Drupal.Your $ invested in this course will be multiplied over and over again With over 176 lectures and over of 20 hours of PURE PHP knowledge from the real world, you can bet, your money will be well spent in this course.100% Money Back if you don’t like itWith 100% money guaranteed within 30 days, you have NOTHING to lose and a world of possibilities for your future. If for some reason you don’t like the course or me, you can get your money back from Udemy.  Commonly Asked Questions…..    Q: Is PHP worth it to learn?     A: YES YES YES…          PHP is one of the best web programming languages in the world, and all the large important websites, like Google, Apple, Facebook, Yahoo, Wikipedia and many more use it for their web applications.    Q: Can I make Money if I know PHP?    A: LOTS of it          Go over to freelancer dot com and search for PHP projects. You will see so many projects waiting for people to finish them in that site. There are actually more projects in PHP than in any other language.    This PHP Course Covers the following and then some…  Databases in PHPObject Oriented PHPCMS project-similar to (WordPress)Form Submissions in PHPSecurity in PHPVariables in PHPMath in PHPArrays in PHPControl Structures in PHPComparison Operators in PHPMayor Loops in PHPFunctions in PHPConstants in PHPSuper Globals in PHPSessions in PHPCookies in PHPLearn to work with FILESCustom search featureAuthenticationLearn to use jQuery + BootstrapRealTime Notifications with JSProtect your credentials with .ENVLearn Composer (PHP dependency Manager)Learn to send emails – from PHP or using a third party PackageAnd much much more …..With the AMAZING project we build, you will learn all the SKILLS to land that job or project. This is a real project that we take online and I walk step by step on everything from scratch.  Please look at all the lectures to see more things that are covered.


Section 1: The First Steps

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Updated – Course Overview

Lecture 3 Local Development Environment Tools

Lecture 4 Course Exercise / Reference Files – Udemy Video Walk Through

Lecture 5 Editors I recommend

Lecture 6 Download and Install Development Editor

Lecture 7 Embedding PHP in HTML

Lecture 8 Using Dynamic Data

Lecture 9 Inserting Comments in PHP

Lecture 10 Practice Section 1

Section 2: Data Types and More

Lecture 11 Variables in PHP

Lecture 12 Math

Lecture 13 Arrays

Lecture 14 Associative Arrays

Lecture 15 Practice Section 2

Section 3: Control Structures

Lecture 16 if Statements

Lecture 17 Comparison and Logical Operators

Lecture 18 Switch Statements in PHP

Lecture 19 While Loop in PHP

Lecture 20 For Loop in PHP

Lecture 21 Foreach Loop in PHP

Lecture 22 Practice Section 3

Section 4: Custom Functions

Lecture 23 Defining functions

Lecture 24 Function Parameters

Lecture 25 Return Values From Functions

Lecture 26 Global Variable and Scope

Lecture 27 Constants

Lecture 28 Newer Way of creating a Constant

Lecture 29 Practice Section 4

Section 5: PHP Built-in Functions

Lecture 30 Math Functions

Lecture 31 String Functions

Lecture 32 Array Functions

Lecture 33 Practice Section 5

Section 6: How To Use Form Data in PHP

Lecture 34 Checking for Form Submission

Lecture 35 Extracting Information from form

Lecture 36 Validating The Form Values

Lecture 37 External Page Submission

Lecture 38 Practice Section 6

Section 7: How To Use Databases in PHP

Lecture 39 Introduction to Databases

Lecture 40 Introduction to PHPmyadmin

Lecture 41 Creating a Database in PHPmyadmin

Lecture 42 Creating Tables and Inserting Data in PHPmyadmin

Lecture 43 Markup for Login Page

Lecture 44 Receiving Post Data From Check

Lecture 45 Connecting to the Database using PHP

Lecture 46 Creating Records into the database table with PHP

Lecture 47 Reading Information in the Database with PHP

Lecture 48 Creating the Update Records Form

Lecture 49 Fixing Name Attribute Value

Lecture 50 Query to Read Id’s

Lecture 51 Query to Update Username and Password

Lecture 52 Refactoring The Update Query into a Function

Lecture 53 Delete Records From Database with PHP

Lecture 54 ReFactoring all Database Query Code into Functions

Lecture 55 Making All Files Modular and Refactoring

Lecture 56 Practice Section 7

Section 8: PHP Security

Lecture 57 SQL Injection – How to Prevent it

Lecture 58 Password Encryption

Lecture 59 Practice Section 8

Section 9: PHP and The Web

Lecture 60 Introduction to HTTP Requests and more

Lecture 61 Using The GET super Global

Lecture 62 Using the Post Super Global

Lecture 63 About Cookies in PHP

Lecture 64 Setting Cookies with PHP

Lecture 65 Reading Cookies in PHP

Lecture 66 How use Sessions in PHP

Lecture 67 Practice Section 9

Section 10: Object Oriented PHP Introduction

Lecture 68 What are classes and objects ? Introduction

Lecture 69 What are classes and how to define them in PHP

Lecture 70 What are class methods and how to create them

Lecture 71 How to instantiate a class

Lecture 72 Adding Properties to Our Class

Lecture 73 Class inheritance

Lecture 74 Constructors

Lecture 75 Data Access

Lecture 76 Important notice!!! Read before you proceed to the next lecture.

Lecture 77 Static Data in Classes

Lecture 78 Practice Section 10

Section 11: Working with files

Lecture 79 Opening and creating files

Lecture 80 Writing to files

Lecture 81 Reading files

Lecture 82 Deleting files

Section 12: CMS Project / Blogging System – Front End and First Steps

Lecture 83 Intro Tour of the CMS

Lecture 84 Turning On Some Important Features

Lecture 85 Adding our assets / working structure

Lecture 86 Creating database and category table for the CMS

Lecture 87 Connecting to the database with PHP

Lecture 88 Making our files reuseable

Lecture 89 Inserting Data into Category Table and Displaying it

Lecture 90 Creating the posts table

Lecture 91 Post Comment Count Update ( Edwin from the future )

Lecture 92 Inserting Data into the posts table and displaying it

Lecture 93 Inserting the post image and displaying it

Lecture 94 Creating a custom search engine part 1

Lecture 95 Creating a custom search engine part 2

Lecture 96 Creating a custom search engine part 3

Lecture 97 Adding Categories to the sidebar

Section 13: CMS – Categories & More…

Lecture 98 Creating reuseable code in the admin

Lecture 99 Creating the navigation links in admin

Lecture 100 Creating the admin category page part 1

Lecture 101 Creating the admin category page part 2

Lecture 102 Displaying data in category page

Lecture 103 Adding Categories

Lecture 104 Adding a special Function to our header file

Lecture 105 Deleting Categories

Lecture 106 Updating or Editing Categories part 1

Lecture 107 Updating or Editing Categories part 2

Lecture 108 Refactoring category code part 1

Lecture 109 Refactoring category code part 2

Section 14: CMS – POSTS

Lecture 110 Creating a HTML table in admin to display a list of posts

Lecture 111 Displaying posts list in admin

Lecture 112 Including Pages based on condition technique

Lecture 113 Creating Post HTML form in admin

Lecture 114 Inserting Post Data From admin

Lecture 115 Deleting Posts in admin

Lecture 116 Creating the HTML edit form post page

Lecture 117 Displaying the Edit Data in Post Edit Page

Lecture 118 Dynamic Category Editing / Image Display

Lecture 119 Finally Updating Posts

Lecture 120 Relating Categories to posts and Displaying it

Lecture 121 Adding Category Dropdown to the Add Post Page

Lecture 122 Adding Individual Post Page and Link

Lecture 123 Creating the category page

Lecture 124 Setting up some links and making an excerpt

Section 15: CMS – COMMENTS

Lecture 125 Creating the comments table and inserting data

Lecture 126 Creating the comments page and HTML form in admin

Lecture 127 Creating the Query for displaying comments in admin part 1

Lecture 128 Creating the Query for displaying comments in admin part 2

Lecture 129 Inserting new fields in Front end comment form and testing it

Lecture 130 Creating the Frond End comment insert query

Lecture 131 Finishing the query to send comment data (Front end)

Lecture 132 Relating Comments to posts

Lecture 133 Deleting comments

Lecture 134 Approving and unapproving comments

Lecture 135 Displaying comments based on approval

Lecture 136 Increasing comments count

Lecture 137 Adjustments to visual for comments

Lecture 138 Adjustments for comments and Displaying Post Based on Status

Section 16: CMS – USERS

Lecture 139 Creating the users table and data insert

Lecture 140 Creating users pages and links

Lecture 141 Modifying user table heading

Lecture 142 Creating the display query for users

Lecture 143 Displaying users in admin

Lecture 144 Adding users in admin part 1

Lecture 145 Adding users in admin part 2

Lecture 146 Adding users in admin part 3

Lecture 147 Adding users in admin part 4 and final

Lecture 148 Deleting users

Lecture 149 Changing user roles

Lecture 150 Setting Up the Edit User Page

Lecture 151 Displaying User Values in Edit Page

Lecture 152 Adding Select Options to User Role

Lecture 153 Updating User

Section 17: CMS – Login

Lecture 154 Creating the login form

Lecture 155 Making the login page

Lecture 156 Select User Query

Lecture 157 Validating User Query Front End

Lecture 158 Setting Values with Sessions

Lecture 159 Validating User Admin

Lecture 160 Logout Page Improved Validation

Lecture 161 Login improved- Edwin from the Future

Section 18: CMS – Profile

Lecture 162 Creating the Profile Page

Lecture 163 Displaying User Data

Lecture 164 Updating User Data

Section 19: CMS – Dashboard

Lecture 165 Adding Widgets

Lecture 166 Posts Dynamic Data in Widget

Lecture 167 Using Dynamic Data in all Widgets

Lecture 168 Adjusting Widget Links

Lecture 169 Adding an AWESOME Chart to admin

Lecture 170 Cleaning up the chart a little

Lecture 171 Displaying Dynamic Data in chart part 1

Lecture 172 Displaying Dynamic Data in chart part 2

Section 20: Improving Our CMS

Lecture 173 Adjusting post echo

Lecture 174 Removing Read More Button

Lecture 175 Adding Notification to Add User Page

Section 21: CMS -Extra Features

Lecture 176 Adding Dynamic Category Selection for Edit Post Page

Lecture 177 Adding extra element to dashboard

Lecture 178 Adding the WYSIWYG Editor

Lecture 179 Adding Links to Post Images and Read More Button

Lecture 180 Adding Post Update Notification

Lecture 181 Adding Post Edit Link in Front End

Lecture 182 Adding Bulk Options Posts, part 1

Lecture 183 Adding Bulk Options Posts, part 2

Lecture 184 Adding Bulk Options Posts, part 3

Lecture 185 Adding Bulk Options Posts, part 4

Lecture 186 Adding Bulk Options Posts, part 5

Lecture 187 Adding Bulk Options Posts, part 6

Lecture 188 Adding Dropdown Option for Add Post Page

Lecture 189 Adding Post Creation Notice to Add Post Page

Lecture 190 Adding Link to Add New Button in Post Page

Lecture 191 Adding Link to View Posts from Admin

Lecture 192 Adding Dynamic Personalization to Admin

Lecture 193 Adding Validation to Comments in Post Page

Section 22: CMS -Extra Features – User Registration

Lecture 194 Downloading & Placing Form Markup

Lecture 195 Testing Registration Form

Lecture 196 Extracting Form Values and Escaping

Lecture 197 Starting Query and Default Tables Values

Lecture 198 Fetching our Database for Default Values

Lecture 199 Registering Users

Lecture 200 Validating Fields

Lecture 201 Encrypting User Passwords

Lecture 202 Updating Our CMS due to password Encryption

Lecture 203 User Page Display Shorter Password Field

Lecture 204 User Page Dropdown Default Value Change

Lecture 205 PHP and Javascript Confirm Before Action

Lecture 206 Get Your Certificate

Lecture 207 Wrapping this up! (IMPORTANT)

Lecture 208 Make your Feature requests here!

Section 23: CMS-Extra Features – Author Related Posts

Lecture 209 Relating Posts to their Authors Part #1

Lecture 210 Relating Posts to their Authors Part #2

Lecture 211 Cloning Posts NEW feature – COOL STUFF 🙂

Lecture 212 Adding a LOADER to the CMS Admin

Lecture 213 Adding views functionality to posts

Lecture 214 Resetting Views Feature

Lecture 215 Form Resubmission Fix for all pages

Section 24: Pagination

Lecture 216 Pagination Intro and Part 1

Lecture 217 Pagination Intro and Part 2 – Links and Get Request

Lecture 218 Pagination Intro and Part 3 – Get Request Processing

Lecture 219 Pagination Intro and Part 4 – Assigning a variable to the per page value

Lecture 220 Pagination Intro and Part 5 – Adding Some Style to Current Page 🙂

Section 25: CMS – Extra Features – Users ONLINE

Lecture 221 Creating the user online table and Setup

Lecture 222 Creating the PHP code and Queries

Lecture 223 Displaying Users Online 🙂

Lecture 224 Displaying Users Online in Navigation

Lecture 225 Instant Users Online count without refreshing part 1

Lecture 226 Instant Users Online count without refreshing part 2

Section 26: CMS- Extra Feature – NEW Simple Password Encrypting and Login System

Lecture 227 Explanation of new New function and Implementation

Lecture 228 Login in Users with new System

Lecture 229 Adding New System to Add Users in Admin

Lecture 230 Adding new password system to edit user page part 1

Lecture 231 Adding new password system to edit user page part 2

Lecture 232 Cleaning Up Edit User Page

Section 27: CMS – Extra Feature – Improved Comment system count and diplay

Lecture 233 Comment count and amount display

Lecture 234 Creating a link in comment count and sending a GET Request

Lecture 235 Comments page to specific posts

Lecture 236 Deleting in the same page

Section 28: CMS – Extra Feature – Post for Specific User in admin

Lecture 237 Part 1 – Add Page

Lecture 238 Part 2 – Insertion

Lecture 239 Part 3 – Fixing User Display Issue

Lecture 240 Part 4 – Edit Post Page Update

Lecture 241 Part 5 – Upgrading Front End

Section 29: CMS – More Security

Lecture 242 URL and MySQL Injection Protection

Section 30: Taking the Project to the Internet.

Lecture 243 WARNING BEFORE GOING ONLINE – Edwin from the future

Lecture 244 Hosting Setup

Lecture 245 Displaying errors online

Lecture 246 Uploading files

Lecture 247 Creating the Online Database

Lecture 248 Importing database

Lecture 249 Fixing access to application!

Lecture 250 Getting the right PHP online version (FIXED)

Section 31: Sending Emails

Lecture 251 Creating a contact page

Lecture 252 Uploading Contact page

Lecture 253 Sending emails

Lecture 254 Modifying Email Headers

Section 32: Bootstrap Modal Delete Confirm Feature

Lecture 255 Intro

Lecture 256 Creating the markup

Lecture 257 Writing the code

Section 33: No posts or category message feature

Lecture 258 Intro

Lecture 259 No posts feature home page

Lecture 260 No categories feature

Lecture 261 Don’t show draft to visitors but everything to admin

Lecture 262 Applying functionality to mayor pages

Section 34: Some miscellaneous features

Lecture 263 Active navigation links

Lecture 264 Login form visibility when logged in or logged out

Section 35: Having fun with bugs

Lecture 265 Duplicate category improvement

Lecture 266 Fixing bug in our edit post javascript editor

Lecture 267 Cloning empty fields and table shifting fix

Section 36: Refactoring part 1

Lecture 268 Refactoring index in admin part 1

Lecture 269 Refactoring index in admin part 2

Lecture 270 Refactoring our view all posts by JOINING TABLES part 1

Lecture 271 Refactoring our view all posts by JOINING TABLES part 2

Section 37: New registration system

Lecture 272 Create a better admin detection feature

Lecture 273 Duplicate username function

Lecture 274 Duplicate email function

Lecture 275 Validation for registration

Lecture 276 Setting up our Login user function

Lecture 277 Adding some user friendly code

Lecture 278 Displaying inline errors in form

Lecture 279 Registering users with the new function

Lecture 280 Login users with the new function

Lecture 281 Deleting via POST

Section 38: CMS Extra feature – Pretty URL’s

Lecture 282 Intro (IMPORTANT)

Lecture 283 Turning on the rewrite engine

Lecture 284 Rewriting index, contact and registration

Lecture 285 Rewriting post page and query string

Lecture 286 Rewriting category page and fixing links

Section 39: CMS Extra Feature – Forgot Password System

Lecture 287 Intro to what we are building

Lecture 288 Creating some helper functions for the new system

Lecture 289 Restructuring login page

Lecture 290 Creating the forgot password page

Lecture 291 Forgot password – checking form values

Lecture 292 Updating database with token values

Section 40: CMS Extra Feature – Forgot Password System – Sending Email

Lecture 293 Intro

Lecture 294 Download all the files needed

Lecture 295 UPDATE: on mail package

Lecture 296 Installing third party library with composer

Lecture 297 New – How to send emails

Lecture 298 Updated – Sending email

Lecture 299 Autoloading classes and setting up UTF-8 for emails

Lecture 300 Sending code over email

Lecture 301 Creating the reset page

Lecture 302 Pulling data and testing it

Lecture 303 Unique database values

Lecture 304 Updating password and token columns

Lecture 305 Making it everything work

Lecture 306 Update search feature to work with the forgot password system code

Lecture 307 Data based on current user!

Lecture 308 Image fallback and comment display fix!

Section 41: CMS Extra Feature – POST LIKES

Lecture 309 What we are creating?

Lecture 310 Creating the like button

Lecture 311 Attaching the click event to the button

Lecture 312 Setting up the Like AJAX request

Lecture 313 Fetching the Posts

Lecture 314 Updating post with Likes

Lecture 315 Creating our first Like

Lecture 316 Unliking Posts

Lecture 317 Creating a helper function to the get the Logged-in User id – part 1

Lecture 318 Creating a helper function to the get the Logged-in User id – part 2

Lecture 319 Creating a helper function to detect if the user likes a specific post

Lecture 320 Updating our Like button to be more dynamic

Lecture 321 Fetching all Likes in the Post

Lecture 322 Finishing Likes

Lecture 323 Let’s add a Tooltip Feature

Section 42: CMS Extra Feature – Creating A Separate Admin for Logged In Users

Lecture 324 Intro

Lecture 325 Refactoring dashboard a little with some helper functions

Lecture 326 Getting all the User’s posts

Lecture 327 Getting all the User’s comments

Lecture 328 Getting all the User’s categories

Lecture 329 Getting all the User’s published and draft posts

Lecture 330 Getting all the User’s post approved and unapproved comments

Section 43: CMS Extra Feature – Multi-Language Feature

Lecture 331 Intro

Lecture 332 Creating Language Files

Lecture 333 Creating the Form Part 1

Lecture 334 Creating the Form Part 2

Lecture 335 Creating the Form Part 3

Lecture 336 Recommendations – Bonus Lecture – What is next?

This course is meant for TOTAL beginners in PHP,No programming experience is needed at all

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 37h 9m | 23.09 GB
Created by: Edwin Diaz

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