PHP MVC Framework CodeIgniter Tutorial for Beginners Project

Learn how to use the Most Popular PHP MVC Framework and create the best applications, easily, securely and fast.
PHP MVC Framework CodeIgniter Tutorial for Beginners Project
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Edwin Diaz


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PHP MVC Framework CodeIgniter Tutorial for Beginners Project

What you’ll learn

Learn to use CodeIgniter
Learn to build Web Applications
Have a new PHP Skill that would increase income

PHP MVC Framework CodeIgniter Tutorial for Beginners Project




UPDATED as of March 2016
BIGGEST CodeIgniter Course in UDEMY!
Hands on Real Life Project inside!

Do you want to really master PHP dynamic applications and website development?
Then this course will speed up the process by allowing you to learn how to use the most popular PHP framework in the planet, “CodeIgniter”.
Coding in PHP or any other language can be time consuming, especially for common tasks. Using a framework is the best way to apply common tasks, like:
SecurityForm validationDatabase configurationsDatabase queries (CRUD)
If you want to be a head of the competition and get paid more, then using a FRAMEWORK is the way to do.
High paying jobs require knowledge of frameworks, since speed and accuracy are crucial for the development team and company.
Having knowledge of using frameworks will allow you to find a hight paying job, or find a job easier than not having the skill at all.
My Personal Experience
My first job interview required a codeigniter knowledge and because I did not have the skill, I did not get the job even though I knew how to code in PHP.
That jobs started at 75K per year in the US and that could’ve propelled big time in my career, it wasn’t until after I acquired this skill that jobs were pouring in from everywhere.
I created this course with the intention to provide you with the knowledge you need to use codeigniter to develop applications fast and efficiently. I also create this course to help you provide a great skill that will propel you in your web development career.
Why Codeigniter?
Because is the most popular PHP framework and is on demand for jobs and freelance projects.


Section 1: CodeIgniter Basics

Lecture 1 Intro to the Course

Lecture 2 Exercise Files

Lecture 3 What is code igniter and how it works?

Lecture 4 Installing CodeIgniter

Lecture 5 Get Into the file structure

Lecture 6 Using methods in views

Lecture 7 Creating custom controllers

Lecture 8 Creating a model and a database

Lecture 9 Creating the users controller and creating a user model method

Lecture 10 Auto-loading Model

Lecture 11 Processing a result from a model in a controller

Lecture 12 Transferring data to views

Section 2: CRUD with CodeIgniter

Lecture 13 Intro to the CRUD

Lecture 14 Helper function examples

Lecture 15 Selecting Data in our DB table based on parameters

Lecture 16 Conditions in our Queries

Lecture 17 Inserting Data

Lecture 18 Updating Data

Lecture 19 Deleting Data

Section 3: Project # 1 : Login Application

Lecture 20 Intro to the Login APP

Lecture 21 Downloading Assets

Lecture 22 Creating Main Template

Lecture 23 Creating main file structure and loading main content

Lecture 24 Loading sidebar view

Lecture 25 Starting our CodeIgniter Form

Lecture 26 Creating the username input and attributes in the CodeIgniter way 🙂

Lecture 27 Creating the password and submit inputs

Lecture 28 Form processing methods

Section 4: Project # 1 : Login Application – Form Validation with CodeIgniter

Lecture 29 Intro to Form Validation

Lecture 30 Form Validation Part 1

Lecture 31 Form Validation Part 2

Lecture 32 Form Validation Part 3 and using sessions

Lecture 33 Form Validation Part 4

Lecture 34 Setting up the else condition for validations

Lecture 35 Creating login user method in the user moded

Lecture 36 Giving our user some sessions with CodeIgniter

Lecture 37 Setting up notifications

Lecture 38 Displaying form based on conditions

Lecture 39 Creating the logout form

Lecture 40 Creating the logout method

Lecture 41 Creating an admin view

Lecture 42 Wrapping this up

Section 5: EXTRA LECTURES – Project #1 = Extended

Lecture 43 Intro

Lecture 44 Modifying index.php

Section 6: Project #1: User Registration

Lecture 45 Creating more users columns

Lecture 46 Creating register view

Lecture 47 Creating register Method and Challenge

Lecture 48 Validations and Solution

Lecture 49 Navigation and Links

Lecture 50 Testing and setting up create user method

Lecture 51 Creating the user model code

Lecture 52 Testing and Creating User

Lecture 53 Password Encription

Lecture 54 Updating Login Code with password encryption

Section 7: Project #1: Projects

Lecture 55 Intro

Lecture 56 Projects Home Page

Lecture 57 Creating the projects table

Lecture 58 Access to projects page code

Lecture 59 Projects model setup

Lecture 60 Displaying projects – bootstrapping part 1

Lecture 61 Displaying projects – bootstrapping part 2

Lecture 62 Displaying projects – bootstrapping part 3

Lecture 63 Displaying projects – bootstrapping part 4

Lecture 64 Displaying specific projects part #1

Lecture 65 Displaying specific projects part #2

Lecture 66 Displaying specific projects part #3

Lecture 67 Displaying specific projects part #4

Lecture 68 Creating the create method part 1

Lecture 69 Creating the create method part 2

Lecture 70 Creating the create project method in models and view

Lecture 71 Creating Projects

Lecture 72 Creating our projects controller edit method

Lecture 73 Creating the edit project method in the model

Lecture 74 Creating the get projects method in the model

Lecture 75 Editing projects

Lecture 76 Deleting projects

Lecture 77 Notifications and custom delete link

Lecture 78 Displaying projects part 1

Lecture 79 Displaying projects part 2

Lecture 80 Fixing Home page and a little bootstraping

Section 8: Project #1: Tasks

Lecture 81 Intro to Tasks Section

Lecture 82 Creating the tasks table in the database, plus tasks controller and model

Lecture 83 Coding the tasks display method

Lecture 84 Displaying individual tasks

Lecture 85 Create task method 1

Lecture 86 Create task method 2

Lecture 87 Create task due date and CI URI class

Lecture 88 Task display links

Lecture 89 Edit task method in the controller

Lecture 90 Setting up important needed methods in the task model

Lecture 91 Display data in the edit task view

Lecture 92 Displaying date and BUG Fixing CHALLENGE

Lecture 93 Solution to BUG and more fixes

Lecture 94 Editing Tasks BUG and Solution

Lecture 95 Edit Task View Explanation Lecture

Section 9: Joining Tables

Lecture 96 Intro to joining tables

Lecture 97 Joining table code part 1

Lecture 98 Joining table code part 2

Lecture 99 Displaying Joined Tables

Section 10: Tasks Display View Page

Lecture 100 Intro

Lecture 101 Deleting tasks

Lecture 102 Redirecting after deletion

Lecture 103 Deleting tasks with projects

Section 11: Projects Display View

Lecture 104 Intro

Lecture 105 Displaying Completed and Incomplete tasks

Lecture 106 Mark Complete Method part 1

Lecture 107 Mark Complete Method part 2 and Completed

Lecture 108 Notifications for tasks status

Section 12: App Home View

Lecture 109 intro

Lecture 110 Creating the get all tasks method

Lecture 111 Displaying all tasks

Lecture 112 Displaying project name and tasks styling

Lecture 113 App Cosmetic Styling part 1

Lecture 114 App Cosmetic Styling part 2

Lecture 115 App Cosmetic Styling part 3

Lecture 116 Re-populating forms

Lecture 117 Fix for Firefox Date Input Field

Section 13: Taking our Application ONLINE

Lecture 118 Hosting setup

Lecture 119 Displaying errors online

Lecture 120 Uploading files and database

Lecture 121 Importing and configuring online files

Lecture 122 Configuring Sessions and more

Lecture 123 Application testing and final edits if needed

Lecture 124 Displaying projects for specific user only, in projects home page

Section 14: Extra Lectures!

Lecture 125 Dynamic active navigation

This is meant for students who want to developer PHP dynamic applications and websites faster,This is meant for students who have basic Knowledge of OOP in PHP,This is meant for students who want to become better at PHP,This is meant for students who want to improve their careers or get a better one

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 10h 39m | 5.46 GB
Created by: Edwin Diaz

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