PHP MySQL course for absolute beginners Become a PHP pro

Learn the absolute basics about PHP from scratch and take your skills to another level
PHP MySQL course for absolute beginners Become a PHP pro
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PHP MySQL course for absolute beginners Become a PHP pro

What you’ll learn

You will learn how to download and install PHP and MySQL tools.
You will learn how to work between a user interface and a database back-end that stores critical information.
You will learn to work with the most used data types.
You will learn what operators are.
How to use conditional statements, while loops, do while loops, for loops, foreach loops.
You will learn why you should use functions.
You will learn the basic build-in functions.
You will learn the most important superglobals.
You will learn how to create a working file upload system.
You will learn how to create a working contact form.
How to use forms to submit data to databases.
You will learn how to use databases.
You will learn MySQL Queries.
Password hashing.
Error handling.
You will learn why you should use prepared statements.
You will learn how to create a login/register script.
And way more…

PHP MySQL course for absolute beginners Become a PHP pro


Basic HTML (I will be discussing most of the stuff that we need).
No programming experience at all.
A working computer/laptop.


Welcome to the course ‘PHP For Beginners’ In this course we will go step by step to digest all the basics topics in PHP, so if you are looking for a quick and understandable way to become a master in PHP, this is a perfect course to start with. Most of the sections will have programming exercises and at the end of every section, I will be making the exercises to show you the solutions! The reason why I think it’s important to make the exercises is because you can only learn PHP by DOING IT!We will also be looking at the basics of MySQL Database since the final section of this course is inserting data in a table, then we will be outputting the data from the table in the browser, and then we will be creating our own login and register script!In the beginning years when I started programming, I came across so many videos and tutorials where tutors would’ve just create the code without explaining it and I always wondered “why are you doing it this way”? Therefore, I try to give you examples why you should use this method instead of another method and I try to give you real life examples.This course is created in a logical order to make you a PHP hero in on time! The course has been divided into the following main sections:1. Introduction2. Variables and Data Types3. Operators in PHP4. Control structures5. Functions in PHP6. Build-in functions in PHP7. How to work with superglobals in PHP8. Introduction to databases9. Using a database to create a register/login scriptWhy you should learn PHPAnything that you can do on a web server, you can do with PHP. Do you read blogs? Well, blogs are created in PHP! Do you order stuff online? Well, that’s also created with PHP! What I’m trying to say it: PHP IS EVERYWHERE!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course overview

Lecture 2 Installing XAMPP on Mac

Lecture 3 Installing a free code editor (Optional)

Lecture 4 PHP code in HTML

Lecture 5 Phpinfo

Lecture 6 Using Echo statement in PHP

Lecture 7 Using Print statement in PHP

Lecture 8 Adding comments in PHP

Lecture 9 Line break

Section 2: Variables and Data Types

Lecture 10 Variables in PHP

Lecture 11 Multiple ways to add variables in echo/print

Lecture 12 Data types

Lecture 13 Arrays

Lecture 14 Associative arrays

Lecture 15 Multidimensional arrays

Lecture 16 Solutions exercises data types

Section 3: Operators in PHP

Lecture 17 Arithmetic operators

Lecture 18 Assignment operators

Lecture 19 Comparison operators

Lecture 20 Logical operators

Lecture 21 Increment and decrement operators

Section 4: Control structures

Lecture 22 Conditional statement

Lecture 23 Switch statement

Lecture 24 While loop

Lecture 25 Do-while loop

Lecture 26 For loop

Lecture 27 Foreach loop

Lecture 28 Solutions control structures

Section 5: Functions in PHP

Lecture 29 Introduction to functions

Lecture 30 Creating our first function

Lecture 31 Functions with arguments/parameters

Lecture 32 Functions with return value

Lecture 33 Global and local scope in PHP

Lecture 34 Constants

Lecture 35 Including documents

Lecture 36 Requiring documents

Lecture 37 Solutions function exercises

Section 6: Build in functions in PHP

Lecture 38 Introduction to build-in functions

Lecture 39 Math build-in functions

Lecture 40 String build-in functions

Lecture 41 Array build-in functions

Lecture 42 Date and time build-in functions

Lecture 43 Random number build-in function

Lecture 44 Solution build-in functions

Section 7: How to work with superglobals in PHP

Lecture 45 Introduction to superglobals

Lecture 46 Superglobal ‘Post’ in PHP

Lecture 47 Superglobal ‘Get’ in PHP

Lecture 48 Superglobal ‘Session’ in PHP

Lecture 49 Superglobal ‘Cookie’ in PHP

Lecture 50 Superglobal ‘Files’ in PHP

Lecture 51 How to create a working upload system

Lecture 52 Create and write to a file

Lecture 53 How to read from a file

Lecture 54 Creating a working contact form

Section 8: Introduction to databases

Lecture 55 Introduction to databases

Lecture 56 Creating a MySQL database

Lecture 57 Creating a MySQL table

Lecture 58 Inserting data using MySQL

Lecture 59 Selecting data using MySQL

Lecture 60 Updating data using MySQL

Lecture 61 Deleting data using MySQL

Lecture 62 Ordering data using MySQL

Section 9: Using a database to create a register/login script

Lecture 63 Connecting to the database in PHP

Lecture 64 Printing database data in the browser

Lecture 65 Markup for login/register page

Lecture 66 Saving data from a register form

Lecture 67 Error handlers in the PHP script

Lecture 68 Prepared statements to prevent SQL injection

Lecture 69 Password hashing in register script

Lecture 70 Login script

Students that want to learn PHP and MySQL

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 7h 38m | 2.28 GB
Created by: Dary Nazar

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