Piano and Music Theory for First Time Beginners

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Piano and Music Theory for First Time Beginners
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James Daly


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Piano and Music Theory for First Time Beginners

What you’ll learn

Learn how to play piano
Learn fundamentals of music theory
Learn how to read music
Develop your musical ability
Learn correct piano technique
Develop consistent practice habits

Piano and Music Theory for First Time Beginners


No prior experience needed! All you need is the required course materials and a positive attitude 🙂
Piano or keyboard to practice with
A Musician’s Notebook to write in
Lesson Book


By the end of this course you will have completed what normally takes student many months in private lessons:Learn foundations of proper piano techniquePlay chords and scales confidentlyLearn short songs from the classical repertoireGain practice tips and habits that world class players utilizeLearn to read music in both bass and treble clefLearn notation symbols essential for reading such as accents, pedal markings, dynamics, and more!—-Have you ever wanted to learn piano but not known where to start? There are endless amounts of content to sort on through on YouTube but it is overwhelming! How would a beginner know the order of what to do and how to do it?—-Are the cost of weekly lessons keeping you from beginning your journey? Piano and music education is expensive! It is a significant investment and unfortunately that stops a lot of willing students from discovering and deepening their love for music.—-If any of this applies to you, you will love this course! It is structured in the same way private classes are but at a much more affordable price. In this course you will learn piano technique, music theory, how to read music, and how to develop long term sustainable practice habits. Within each lesson are videos for theory, core techniques, and page by page explanations for the provided lesson book. In addition, you are provided worksheets, practice logs, and online quizzes. This ensures reinforcement of learning and tracking of progress just like you would in a 1on1 piano lesson.—-Now anyone with the desire and willingness to learn can begin their piano journey and create a solid foundation for long term success!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Meet Your Instructor: James Daly

Section 2: Unit 1: Lesson 1

Lecture 2 3 Things Before You Start Playing Piano

Lecture 3 3 Minute Keyboard Breakdown

Lecture 4 The BEST Piano Exercise!

Section 3: Unit 1: Lesson 2

Lecture 5 THEORY: Learn to Read Music!

Lecture 6 PLAY: Using a Metronome

Lecture 7 LESSON BOOK: ‘The Piano Tuner’ pg. 16

Lecture 8 PLAY: Steps Exercise

Section 4: Unit 1: Lesson 3

Lecture 9 PLAY: Skips Exercise

Lecture 10 LESSON BOOK: ‘Melody on C & G’ pg. 17

Section 5: Unit 1: Lesson 4

Lecture 11 PLAY: Chords

Lecture 12 LESSON BOOK: Fife and Drum pg. 18

Section 6: Unit 1: Lesson 5

Lecture 13 PLAY: Using the Pedal

Lecture 14 LESSON BOOK: ‘My Invention’ pg. 19

Section 7: Unit 1: Lesson 6

Lecture 15 PLAY: Practice Trick *Quarters*

Lecture 16 LESSON BOOK: Scenic Train Ride pg. 20-21

Section 8: Unit 1: Lesson 7

Lecture 17 PLAY: 3 Easy Ways To Practice More

Lecture 18 LESSON BOOK: ‘Roman Trumpets’ pg. 22-23

Section 9: Unit 2: Lesson 8

Lecture 19 PLAY: How to Play A Scale

Lecture 20 PLAY: C Major Scale

Lecture 21 LESSON BOOK: Chant of the Monks pg. 24-25

Section 10: Unit 2: Lesson 9

Lecture 22 PLAY: How to Play Chord Inversions

Lecture 23 LESSON BOOK: Planetarium pg. 26

Section 11: Unit 2: Lesson 10

Lecture 24 THEORY: Learn Time Signatures

Lecture 25 THEORY: Easiest Way to Read Rhythm

Lecture 26 LESSON BOOK: Minuet pg. 27

Section 12: Unit 2: Lesson 11

Lecture 27 PLAY: How To Play Arpeggios

Lecture 28 LESSON BOOK: Russian Folk Song pg. 28

Section 13: Unit 2: Lesson 12

Lecture 29 PLAY: 2nd Inversion Chords

Lecture 30 LESSON BOOK: Midnight Ride pg. 29

Section 14: *BONUS* Resources!

Lecture 31 *BONUS* Resources!

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Created by: James Daly

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