Pixel art for Video games

The essential course for creating stunning pixel art graphics for video-games or stylish illustrations and designs
Pixel art for Video games
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Marco Vale


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Pixel art for Video games

What you’ll learn

Learn the fundations for creating anything in pixel art
Create solid line work and stunning shading
Learn how to build video-game mockups for your games
Create create characters and animated them in minutes
Create tiles in the top down RPG style
Drawing pixel art in Isometric view, like an RTS game

Pixel art for Video games


basic Photoshop knowledge is a plus


Imagine how cool your game would look in pixel art! Stop imagining!
==== UPDATED 26th of December==== *NEW SECTION* – Color theoryThis section was added by popular demand as something that was missing from the course. Thank you for you patience, I wanted to make sure everything was as good as I could make it. Enjoy!
In this course I’ll use my 10+ years of experience to teach you all you need to know to start making your own pixel art. You’ll go from zero to full speed in no time with simple exercises that will teach you the foundations as well as advanced concepts that help give your pixel art creations that professional look.
Featuring over 6 hours of footage, you’ll be able to follow step by step as I take you through the creation of some really cool pixel art!
You’ll learn:
Configuring Photoshop to draw in pixel art Drawing lines and smooth shapes, such as circles Shading and texture The use of outlines
And once you get these concepts settled, you’ll learn:
Creating tiles and adding detail to tilled imagesCreating sprites while using a tile gridCreating tiles in the style of top-down RPG gamesCreating characters in top-down perspectiveCreating some medieval style hud elementsWorking in isometric perspective
You’ll also:
create a CHARACTER and ANIMATE it within minutes!Learn about color theory
As a bonus round you’ll get a chance to create a unity project and actually see your character move and jump around on the screen just like if it was in your video-game
Take this course now and you will see your pixel art skill skyrocket!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction Video

Lecture 2 Pixel art and its limitations

Section 2: Creating pixel art – Lineart

Lecture 3 Working with Photoshop

Lecture 4 Configuring the tools for pixel art

Lecture 5 Creating lines

Lecture 6 Creating circles

Lecture 7 Drawing your first sprite – a Sword!

Lecture 8 Exercise – trace over a book drawing

Lecture 9 Conclusion section 2

Section 3: Creating pixel art – Shading

Lecture 10 Shading in the real world

Lecture 11 Shading a sphere and a cube

Lecture 12 Shading a pyramid and a cylinder.

Lecture 13 Creating an apple sprite – Shading

Lecture 14 Creating an apple sprite – Outlines

Lecture 15 Creating an apple sprite – Texture

Lecture 16 Creating an apple sprite – Bounced Light

Lecture 17 Revisiting the Sword sprite – Adding shading and outlines

Lecture 18 EXERCISE – Shading a chalice

Lecture 19 Conclusion Section 3

Section 4: Color Theory

Lecture 20 Color Theory introduction

Lecture 21 Color Harmony

Lecture 22 Color Psychology

Lecture 23 Using color harmonies in mockups

Lecture 24 Color Palettes

Lecture 25 Color in shading – Part 1

Lecture 26 Color in shading – Part 2

Lecture 27 Colors in materials – Part 1

Lecture 28 Colors in materials – Part 2

Section 5: Working with tiles

Lecture 29 The basic concept of tiles

Lecture 30 Creating the base tile

Lecture 31 Creating a simple background and adjusting colors

Lecture 32 Conclusion Section 4

Section 6: Improving the environment

Lecture 33 Aditional Tiles for variation

Lecture 34 Decorative tiles

Lecture 35 Creating a pine tree

Lecture 36 Reworking the background

Lecture 37 Exercise – Building walls

Lecture 38 Conclusion Section 5

Section 7: Creating a character

Lecture 39 Creating the head

Lecture 40 Creating the body

Lecture 41 Detailing the body

Lecture 42 Adding an outline

Lecture 43 Conclusion Section 6

Section 8: Animation

Lecture 44 The tools and basics of animation

Lecture 45 Creating the base for animation

Lecture 46 Breathing life into the character with secondary animation

Lecture 47 Animating a run cycle

Lecture 48 Completing the run cycle

Lecture 49 Animating an attack

Lecture 50 Exercise – Character

Lecture 51 Conclusion Section 7

Section 9: Bonus Round – Importing to unity

Lecture 52 Importing sprites into unity

Lecture 53 Recreating the animations in unity

Lecture 54 Making it interactive with free scripts

Section 10: TopDownTiles

Lecture 55 What is topdown perspective

Lecture 56 Different types of techniques

Lecture 57 Creating Path Tiles – Setting up the pieces

Lecture 58 Creating Path Tiles – Creating a usable pattern

Lecture 59 Creating Path Tiles – Adding Shading to the tiles

Lecture 60 Creating Path Tiles – Trying out the tiles

Lecture 61 Patch Tiles – Understanding the pattern

Lecture 62 PatchTiles – Creating a base grass tile

Lecture 63 Patch Tiles – Improving the grass tile

Lecture 64 Patch Tiles – Creating the dirt tile

Lecture 65 Patch Tiles – Creating the pattern

Lecture 66 BlockTiles – The cliff side

Lecture 67 Block Tiles – Creating the transitions

Lecture 68 Block Tiles – adding a shadow

Lecture 69 Block Tiles – Trying out the pattern

Lecture 70 Exercise – River Pattern

Section 11: Top-Down RPG Characters

Lecture 71 Introduction

Lecture 72 Design considerations

Lecture 73 Basic Shapes Method

Lecture 74 Shading Principles

Lecture 75 Shading the body

Lecture 76 Creating and shading the side view

Lecture 77 Creating and shading the back view

Lecture 78 Front view walk animation

Lecture 79 Side View walk animation

Lecture 80 Complete animations demonstration

Section 12: Student Edits

Lecture 81 Alan Pauley – Chalice shading

Lecture 82 Jason Brennan – Fish and candle

Section 13: Isometric pixel art

Lecture 83 Understanding isometric perspective

Lecture 84 Creating an isometric grid

Lecture 85 Construction lines for an isometric building

Lecture 86 Creating the line art and finishing up the line details

Lecture 87 Drawing the constrution lines for the rest of the building

Lecture 88 Shading the tower

Lecture 89 Adding a shadow and shading the Barracs

Lecture 90 Additional shapes in isometric view

Lecture 91 Adding detail to the scene

Lecture 92 Exercise – Iso Cottage

Section 14: Creating Hud elements

Lecture 93 Creating a base button graphic

Lecture 94 Creating the variations

Lecture 95 Creating a dialog box with title bar

Lecture 96 Creating progress and level up bars

Lecture 97 Creating a slider

Lecture 98 EXERCISE – Inventory screen

Programmers who want to create art for their video-games,Artists and Designers who love the style of pixel art,Game artists looking to expand their toolset with pixel art

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 11h 42m | 3.98 GB
Created by: Marco Vale

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