Planning Guide for Chess Players

A well-tested strategy in chess that will help you to increase your rating
Planning Guide for Chess Players
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Planning Guide for Chess Players

What you’ll learn

Playing open and closed positions like a seasoned FIDE master
Learning How to play in the unknown opening
Using Zero-Theory endgames strategy to win unknown endings
Finding the right plans during the chess game
Learning How to develop pieces in each plan

Planning Guide for Chess Players


No specific equipment is needed, just prepare a device to watch the videos


Do you also struggle when you cannot find the right plan in the positions, so you waste precious time and make mistakes?It is a real common problem among chess players, including me. I often don’t know how to play further in unknown positions. In this case I normally try to recall typical positions with plans of which I am familiar with. Then I study the games of Grandmasters in these positions, and create a list of possible variations to play. Finally, I implement these plans in the rapid games. After 15 or 20 games, I know my strategy and play correctly.In order to save you time of playing these 15-20 games and look for GM’s games, I created this course. Here I have already analyzed the GM’s games for you, and have outlined the approximate plans that you should use in different positions and stages of the game, including opened and closed positions, openings and endgames.This method is already tested on my students. We study pawn structures and typical patterns in various positions, and their ability to find the right plans during the game improves significantly.  By choosing the right plan, they follow the pattern and understand better what to expect from the opponent. Of course, you also need to calculate the options, but it is much easier to calculate lines, when you know what will follow in the game.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Closed Center

Lecture 2 Chapter 2. Closed Center Intro

Lecture 3 Chapter 3. Closed Center San Segundo Carillo- Topalov

Section 3: Open Center

Lecture 4 Chapter 4. Open Center Intro

Lecture 5 Chapter 5. Open Center Alekhine – Euwe

Section 4: Endgames

Lecture 6 Chapter 6. Endgames Intro

Lecture 7 Chapter 7. Endgames Ascic – Yordanov

Section 5: How to Develop Pieces

Lecture 8 Chapter 8. How to Develop Pieces Example 1

Lecture 9 Chapter 9. How to Develop Pieces Example 2

Chess players of all levels

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Udemy | English | 1h 45m | 1.87 GB
Created by: Viktor Neustroev

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