Planning mastery for busy entrepreneurs 1 Systems setup

Unlock your next-level productivity by learning the keys to set uop your time management systems that work
Planning mastery for busy entrepreneurs 1 Systems setup
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Planning mastery for busy entrepreneurs 1 Systems setup

What you’ll learn

Understand what is truly important when setting up your time management systems
How to put together a simple human system to get more done without burnout
The easiest way to plan your month, weeks, and days
How to infuse fun in it all and enjoy planning and actually implement your plan

Planning mastery for busy entrepreneurs 1 Systems setup


You need to be willing to take action on what you’re going to learn in this course


As an entrepreneur, time is the most important resource for business growth and as a multi-passionate entrepreneur who wants to do so many things and has so little time, setting up the right time management system could change the way you grow your business forever.As a multi-passionate entrepreneur myself who has been in the online space for over 12 years now, and who is also a planner addict since elementary school, I tried and tested multiple systems and I know that one thing could work for you and not work for me…and this is why I wanted to create a course that guides you to learn the main principles and how you can tweak them and make them your own, so you can unlock your next-level productivity and get so much done without burnout.After you finish this course, you will walk away with: A new understanding of the right time management systemsA simple productivity plan that makes you jump out of bed in the morning ready to make magic and change so many livesA challenge to plan your next day, week, or month in the most effortless and fun way possibleThis course is for you if:You have an online business (or more than one) and you want to manage your time more effectively yet with more funYou have so many ideas you want to make happen yet you feel like there’s never enough timeYou want to set up a simple system that you can change or tweak from time to time because we all know that having one system can get boringSo, if you’re ready to change the way you see productivity and time management forever as a busy entrepreneur, join the course and let’s set up some simple fun systems together!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Did you know this?

Section 2: Planning mastery for busy entrepreneurs

Lecture 3 getting started setting up your productivity systems

Lecture 4 the magic of timing and knowing your average

Lecture 5 what type of planner should you use

Lecture 6 Planning your month

Lecture 7 Planning your week

Lecture 8 Ideal days, challenging days, and the power of daily non-negotialbles

Lecture 9 The magic of theme days

Lecture 10 Leverage, tweak, explore, and celebrate

Section 3: Your next steps

Lecture 11 7 things to do next

Lecture 12 Bonus lecture

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Created by: Kenz Soliman

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