Playwright Complete Beginner Course 2023 UI API

Learn everything you need from Basics to Advanced to get started with Microsoft Playwright Test using Typescript
Playwright Complete Beginner Course 2023 UI API
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Playwright Complete Beginner Course 2023 UI API

What you’ll learn

Playwright Basics
Interacting with Web Elements
Setup Page Object Model
Debugging with Playwright
Setup Test Automation Framework
Optimizing Test Framework
Handling Authentication Tests
Building Beautiful Reports
Integration with GitHub Actions

Playwright Complete Beginner Course 2023 UI API


Basic familiarity with HTML/CSS
Basic familiarity with Javascript


Microsoft Playwright is the latest and one of the most popular end-to-end test automation frameworks in the industry. Playwright is an accessible and beginner-friendly tool that is compatible with all major browsers and can be used with a variety of programming languages including Typescript, Javascript, Python, Java, and .NET. It’s also free to use for anyone, whether you’re a startup or an enterprise.In this course, you will learn all about Playwright – from setting up your first test to building a fully functional framework. Along the way, you’ll learn about the best practices for automation and how to become a top automation engineer.Here’s a preview of what we’ll cover in this course:Introduction to Playwright and its featuresSetting up your machine for the perfect automation experienceInstallation and setupStep-by-step guide on how to write testsWorking with different types of elementsUnderstanding wait commandsUsing assertions and their advantagesDebugging your tests when they failSetting up a fully functional framework using the Page Object ModelOptimizing your framework for better performanceBuilding beautiful reports for test resultsIntegrating tests with GitHub ActionsImplementing APIs within the UI TestsAnd much more.All of the topics will be taught with real-life examples, and the course will include exercises and quizzes to challenge and test your knowledge. We will also keep the course updated with the latest developments in Playwright to ensure that you have access to the most current information. Enroll now and take the first step to becoming a top automation engineer with Playwright.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course Overview

Lecture 2 What is Playwright?

Lecture 3 Getting the most out of this course

Lecture 4 Before you get started

Lecture 5 Join the Community!

Lecture 6 Source Code Access

Section 2: Playwright Setup & Installation

Lecture 7 NodeJS Setup

Lecture 8 Playwright Project Setup

Lecture 9 Playwright Extensions

Lecture 10 Playwright Config Walkthrough

Section 3: Write Tests

Lecture 11 NOTE: URL Update

Lecture 12 Setup First Test

Lecture 13 Fail Test and Review Error

Lecture 14 Exercise: About Page Test

Lecture 15 Solution: About Page Test

Section 4: Page Locators & Selectors

Lecture 16 CSS Selector

Lecture 17 Text Selector

Lecture 18 Text and CSS Selector

Lecture 19 Xpath Selector Update

Lecture 20 XPath Selector

Lecture 21 Working with Multiple Elements

Lecture 22 Exercise: Contact & Blog Page

Lecture 23 Solution: Contact & Blog Page

Section 5: Assertions

Lecture 24 Assertions in Detail

Lecture 25 Soft Assertions

Section 6: Upload File

Lecture 26 Upload Test

Lecture 27 Upload on a Hidden Input

Section 7: Wait Commands

Lecture 28 Wait For Timeout

Lecture 29 Wait For State

Lecture 30 Assertion Timeout

Lecture 31 Leave a review

Section 8: Debugging

Lecture 32 Debug Console

Lecture 33 Playwright Trace Viewer

Lecture 34 Playwright Inspector

Lecture 35 Recording Script

Section 9: Page Object Model

Lecture 36 What is Page Object Model?

Lecture 37 Page Template

Lecture 38 HomePage Locators

Lecture 39 Enabling Auto Suggestion for Page Objects

Lecture 40 Home Page Methods

Lecture 41 Component Model

Lecture 42 Upload Component Setup

Lecture 43 Exercise: Contact and Blog Pages

Lecture 44 Solution: Contact and Blog Pages

Section 10: Framework Optimization

Lecture 45 Eslint Setup

Lecture 46 Reuse Base URL

Lecture 47 Before Hook – Page Initialization

Lecture 48 Randomize Data

Lecture 49 Parameterize Tests

Section 11: Authentication

Lecture 50 Authentication Challenges

Lecture 51 Before Each Hook

Lecture 52 Before All Hook

Lecture 53 Signed In Role – Overview

Lecture 54 Signed In Role – Implementation

Lecture 55 Signed In Role – Execute Tests

Lecture 56 Multiple Signed In Roles – Overview

Lecture 57 Multiple Signed In Roles – Implementation

Section 12: Parallel & Cross Browser Testing

Lecture 58 Parallel Testing Overview

Lecture 59 Parallel Testing Demo

Lecture 60 Cross Browser Testing

Section 13: Reporting

Lecture 61 Built-in Reporters

Lecture 62 Allure Reporter Setup

Lecture 63 Attach Trace to Allure Reporter

Section 14: GitHub Actions Integration

Lecture 64 GitHub Actions Setup Overview

Lecture 65 Setup workflow file & Trigger workflow

Lecture 66 Integrate Reporting in the workflow

Lecture 67 Fix Broken Test & Rerun Workflow

Section 15: API Integration

Lecture 68 Types of API Testing in Playwright

Lecture 69 GET Request Overview

Lecture 70 GET Request Setup

Lecture 71 GET Request Spec Implementation

Lecture 72 POST Request Spec Implementation

Lecture 73 Controller Overview

Lecture 74 Controller Setup

Lecture 75 Setup – createUserTodo

Lecture 76 Controller Spec Implementation

Section 16: Demo Project

Lecture 77 Project Introduction

Lecture 78 Project Setup & First Test

Lecture 79 Working with Assertions & Locators

Lecture 80 Handling Multiple Elements

Lecture 81 Working with Tables & Rows

Lecture 82 Handling New Tab & Page

Lecture 83 Implementing Page Object Model

Lecture 84 Interactive UI Mode

Section 17: Wrap up

Lecture 85 Thank You!

Lecture 86 Your feedback matters!

Lecture 87 Mobile Automation with WebdriverIO and Appium

Devs/QA interested in learning Playwright in a short amount of time,QA Engineers looking to get started with Web Automation using Playwright,SDET looking to expand their knowledge with Typescript Web Automation using Playwright

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 9h 28m | 6.29 GB
Created by: Dilpreet Johal

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