Postgraduate Executive Diploma Marketing Management

Marketing Principles, Management and Strategy, Targeting, Segmentation, Pricing, 4P, SWOT, Promotion, Marketing Control
Postgraduate Executive Diploma Marketing Management
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Postgraduate Executive Diploma Marketing Management

What you’ll learn

Introduction to Marketing Management
Principles of marketing management effectiveness
Target market analysis
Segmentation and positioning
Development of a marketing package
Distribution and promotion
Marketing Management and Сontrol

Postgraduate Executive Diploma Marketing Management


No special requirements. Course for any who want to build a career at marketing and management


What you’ll learnWhats is Marketing Management nowadaysThe theory of Marketing ManagementPrinciples of marketing management effectivenessTarget market analysisSegmentation and positioningDevelopment of a marketing packagePricingDistribution and promotionMarketing Management and СontrolCourse provided by: The Retail Banking School, Lisbon, Global Banking, Fintech and Business school.Course Plan:1. Introduction to Marketing Management2. Principles of marketing management effectiveness3. Target market analysis4. Segmentation and positioning5. Development of a marketing package6. Pricing7. Distribution and promotion8. Marketing Management and СontrolCourse Instructor: Zhansaya Berdikulova, Regional Coordinator of the leadership development project in schools of Kazakhstan,certified coach, leadership development coachMaster of Economic Sciences of M.Auezov South Kazakhstan UniversityA little about me:My name is Zhansaya, but for you I’m just SayaFor the last 10 years, I have been teaching adults and children leadership, communication, conflict management, decision-making, planning – all the flexible skills necessary for life and work. In addition, I teach trainers and teachers who further transfer this knowledge and skills. Higher economic education in the field of management and marketing helps me to lead leadership not only as a life skill, but also as a professional for becoming top managers and managers. I wish you new knowledge and hope that the course will be useful and effective for you!Let’s get started!Linked Topics:Marketing FundamentalsManagement FundamentalsBusiness Fundamentals


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome to RBS

Lecture 2 Intro to The Retail Banking School

Lecture 3 Onboarding to the Learning Process

Section 2: Main Part

Lecture 4 Intro to Marketing Management

Lecture 5 Principles of marketing management effectiveness

Lecture 6 Target market analysis

Lecture 7 Segmentation and positioning

Lecture 8 Development of a marketing package

Lecture 9 Pricing

Lecture 10 Distribution and promotion

Lecture 11 Management and Control

Section 3: Interactive Part, Next Steps and Answers to Questions

Lecture 12 Interactive Part

Lecture 13 Congratulation with finishing from RBS

Lecture 14 Intro to Free Mentorship Program

Course for any who want to build a career at Marketing

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Created by: The Retail Banking School

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