Postman Tutorial Getting Started with API Testing

Testing REST API using Postman with Requests, Collections, Environments, Workspaces, and so on.
Postman Tutorial Getting Started with API Testing
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Postman Tutorial Getting Started with API Testing

What you’ll learn

Get started with using Postman Desktop and Postman Web app for API testing.
Get an overview of sending HTTP requests in Postman. Learn about sending GET, PUT, POST, and DELETE requests.
Master sending HTTP Requests that include authorization, header presets, code snippets, Postman console, and so on.
Understand Collections in Postman to group the requests.
Understand Environments and Workspaces in Postman.
Learn to import and export Postman API elements to increase your productivity while testing APIs.
Quizzes and assignments to validate your learning.
Lots of demos showing how to use the above Postman features.

Postman Tutorial Getting Started with API Testing


Basic knowledge of API usage.
Basic knowledge of JSON will be good to have.
No prior knowledge of Postman is required. This course will cover everything you need to start using Postman.


Postman is one of the hot topics in the API world. The usage of Postman has dramatically increased in recent times for API testing. Companies such as Twitter, Shopify, Imgur, and Intuit use Postman as a platform for REST API management at a large scale. You will be learning the Postman concepts from scratch in this course.My name is Praveen, and I am your instructor for this course! I had worked for about ten years in Honeywell, wherein I’d transitioned from Software Engineer to Senior Software Engineer, Tech Lead, and so on in C# .NET development. For the last five years, I’ve worked in the security domain for an access control product based on .NET technology. Moreover, I’ve published about 30+ Udemy Courses and Udemy Labs and taught over 25,000+ students on various .NET technologies.Topics Covered In This CourseUnderstand Postman Desktop and Postman Web apps.For testing API, learn to send basic HTTP Requests using GET, PUT, POST, DELETE, etc.Master sending HTTP Requests that include authorization, header presets code snippets, Postman console, and so on.Know Collections in Postman.Use Postman Environments to group variables.Understand Postman Workspaces.Get to know importing requests.Learn to import and export API elements.More Reasons To Take This CoursePostman is increasingly used in every field involving API.Postman is the 1st choice among API developers for API testing.Get ahead of the curve and learn to use Postman with ease.You can take this course without the need for any prior Postman experience.Each lesson in this course is bite-sized and easy to finish.Twitter and Shopify use Postman for effective API management to enhance their product portfolios and remain the top leader in their respective segment.This course provides 3.5 hours of content along with practice activities. To help you better, it follows a step-by-step approach to using Postman for API testing from scratch.At The End Of This CourseYou will know how to use Postman for API Testing with ease.You will have a strong foundation on Postman and its features.Who Is This Course For?Web Developers who work with APIs on the front-end or back-end. You may be either consuming or exposing APIs.PrerequisiteBasic knowledge of API usage.Basic knowledge of JSON will be good to have.This course will provide significant knowledge of using Postman for your subsequent REST API testing. You will instantly be confident to apply the Postman concepts covered in the course.Enroll now to get started.What Do You Get When You Enroll In This Course?Lifetime access to the course and all future updates to the course content.You have personalized support and answers to your questions.Udemy certificate of completion. 30-Day 100% money-back guarantee.


Section 1: Course Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome & About This Course

Lecture 2 Postman Mock Server

Lecture 3 Join the Official Coding Masters Group

Section 2: Getting Started with Postman

Lecture 4 Introduction

Lecture 5 What is Postman?

Lecture 6 Postman Desktop App

Lecture 7 Postman Web App

Lecture 8 Desktop vs Web App: Which One to Use?

Lecture 9 Navigating Postman

Lecture 10 Sending your First Request

Lecture 11 Managing Postman Account

Lecture 12 Summary

Section 3: Sending HTTP Requests

Lecture 13 Introduction

Lecture 14 Overview of Requests

Lecture 15 Sending a GET Request

Lecture 16 Responses for API Requests

Lecture 17 Sending a POST request

Lecture 18 Sending a DELETE request

Lecture 19 Sending Data through Headers

Lecture 20 Exploring History Tab

Lecture 21 Summary

Section 4: Sending HTTP Requests: Advanced

Lecture 22 Introduction

Lecture 23 Request Authentication

Lecture 24 Request Parameters

Lecture 25 Request Body Options

Lecture 26 Request Header Presets

Lecture 27 Request Code Snippets

Lecture 28 Postman Console

Lecture 29 Summary

Section 5: Postman Collections

Lecture 30 Introduction

Lecture 31 Overview of Collections

Lecture 32 Creating a Collection

Lecture 33 Adding Request to a Collection

Lecture 34 Managing a Collection

Lecture 35 Summary

Section 6: Postman Environments

Lecture 36 Introduction

Lecture 37 Overview of Variables

Lecture 38 Overview of Environments

Lecture 39 Creating an Environment

Lecture 40 Environment Variables

Lecture 41 Global Variables

Lecture 42 Managing Environments

Lecture 43 Summary

Section 7: Postman Workspaces

Lecture 44 Introduction

Lecture 45 Overview of Workspaces

Lecture 46 Visibility of Workspace

Lecture 47 Creating a Workspace

Lecture 48 Workspace Overview Window

Lecture 49 Managing a Workspace

Lecture 50 TIPS: Postman Workspaces

Lecture 51 Summary

Section 8: Useful Postman Features

Lecture 52 Introduction

Lecture 53 Scratch Pad

Lecture 54 Importing Requests

Lecture 55 Exporting API Elements

Lecture 56 Importing API Elements

Lecture 57 Summary

Section 9: Course Conclusion

Lecture 58 Congratulations

Lecture 59 Bonus Lecture

Web Developers who work with APIs on front-end or back-end. You may be either consuming or exposing APIs.

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Udemy | English | 3h 29m | 681.08 MB
Created by: Praveenkumar Bouna

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