Power BI DAX Masterclass Measures & Calculated Columns

Master advanced analysis with DAX – Learn Measures & Calculated Columns in Power BI (Advanced)!
Power BI DAX Masterclass Measures & Calculated Columns
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Nikolai Schuler


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Last updated 11/2022



Power BI DAX Masterclass Measures & Calculated Columns

What you’ll learn

Create your own Measures & Calculated Columns in DAX
Use DAX in Power BI for advanced data analysis
Gain advanced insights into your data with DAX
Understand the concepts behind Measures & Calculated Columns in DAX
Learn how to use the most important DAX functions
Create better reports with Measures & Calculated Columns

Power BI DAX Masterclass Measures & Calculated Columns


Some basic knowledge in Power BI is required


From beginner to profesional in DAX – Master advanced analysis in Power BI with Measures & Calculated Columns DAX is a really powerful language if you want to get all the advanced insights from your data. Wether you want to create custom columns or use more advanced calculations with Measures and realize the full potential of Power BI – DAX is the key to that. Yet I know that many people feel discourage because they don’t know where to start and without help it can be a bit frustrating and difficult. That’s why I have created this course!In this course you will finally be able to learn DAX for your advance analysis in Power BI – and that in an easy and well structured way.Get a fundamental understanding right from the beginningIn this course I will teach you everything clearly by looking at actual examples. Therefore we will be looking together at some sales data that you will also be able to download – so you can work and practise as much as you want.Step by step you will then learn everything you need to know regarding DAX, Measures and Calculated Columns in Power BI.At the end of this course you will be able to do your own analysis in DAX. At this point it will be easy for you to do and learn more in DAX because you have gained a fundamental understanding in DAX, Measures and Calculated Columns.What you will learn in this course?· DAX fundamentals:· fundamental understanding of Measures & Calculated Columns · Measures vs. Calculated Columns· Filter context vs. row context · DAX in the data model· Aggregation functions· Logical Operators and IF-Statements· Automatically create comprehensive data tables with date features · Advanced topics:· Row based functions such as SUMX & AVERAGEX· Running Totals, Moving Average· Variables· RANKX· Custom Top-N-filtering· CALCULATE· All you need to know about CALCULATE· Filter functions· ALL, ALLSELECTED, ALLEXCEPT· FILTER, VALUES· How to use them the right way· Quick Measures· All you need to know about Quick Measures & how to use them properly· Time Intelligence· Year-to-Date, Date-To-Month etc.· The most important time intelligence functions and the right way to work with them· And much more!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Welcome!

Lecture 2 Our Data & Our Project

Lecture 3 DAX Cheat Sheet

Lecture 4 All the files for download

Section 2: DAX Basics

Lecture 5 Measures vs. Calculated Columns

Lecture 6 Automatically create a date table with CALENDARAUTO

Lecture 7 CALENDAR

Lecture 8 How to create a complete date table

Lecture 9 Script to reuse in your project for date tables

Lecture 10 Key Measures table

Lecture 11 Aggregation functions


Lecture 13 SUMX – How does it work?

Section 3: Practical Exercises No. 1

Lecture 14 Exercises

Lecture 15 Solutions

Section 4: Filter context vs. Row context

Lecture 16 Power BI vs. Excel

Lecture 17 Filter context

Lecture 18 Row context

Lecture 19 Data model and DAX

Section 5: CALCULATE & Table filters

Lecture 20 CALCULATE Basics

Lecture 21 FILTER

Lecture 22 ALL


Lecture 24 ALLEXCEPT

Section 6: Practical Exercises No. 2

Lecture 25 Exercises

Lecture 26 Solutions

Section 7: Advanced possibilities with DAX

Lecture 27 Logical operators

Lecture 28 Commenting and Formatting


Lecture 30 RANKX

Lecture 31 IF & Top-N-Filter

Lecture 32 Variables

Section 8: Practical Exercises No. 3

Lecture 33 Exercises

Lecture 34 Solutions

Section 9: Time Intelligence

Lecture 35 Time Intelligence & DATEADD

Lecture 36 Year-to-Date & Month-to-Date



Section 10: Formatting your Data with DAX

Lecture 39 ROUNDING (Numbers, Currency & Time)

Lecture 40 FORMAT (Predefined Numbers)

Lecture 41 Custom Formatting (Numbers)

Lecture 42 Custom Formatting (Time)

Lecture 43 Formatting Dates

Section 11: Quick Measures

Lecture 44 Quick Measures – How to use them?

Lecture 45 Quick Measures – Filters

Lecture 46 Quick Measures – Time Intelligence

Lecture 47 Quick Measures – Rolling Average

Lecture 48 Quick Meausres – Aggregation per category

Lecture 49 Quick Measures – Mathematical operations & text operations

Section 12: Create your own report – Mini project

Lecture 50 Intro to our mini project

Lecture 51 First set of key measures

Lecture 52 Gross, net & profit filtering

Lecture 53 Combining measures with time filtering

Lecture 54 Report creation – part 1

Lecture 55 Report creation – part 2

Lecture 56 Final report to download

Section 13: Bonus

Lecture 57 Bonus lecture

Everyone that wants to know more about Power BI and wants to use DAX for Calculated Columns and Measures

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 48m | 1.63 GB
Created by: Nikolai Schuler

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