Power your home and businesses with Solar Energy

Learn how to design, size and wire your own Photovoltaic Electrical Generation system, become independant from the grid
Power your home and businesses with Solar Energy
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Power your home and businesses with Solar Energy

What you’ll learn

Grasp the basics of electricity: (Voltage, Amperage, Resistance, Power), Basic Circuits: Series vs Parallel, Earthing, Single and Three Phase, Laws of Physics
How Photovoltaic Electrical Generator (P.V.E.G) Systems are arranged: Grid-Tied, Off-Grid & Hybrid
The benefits of adopting Solar Energy into your life
Understand how PV panels work and which electrical characteristics to consider
Understand how Inverters work, which specifications to look for how to size appropriately.
Appropriately select and size PV panel arrays, inverters and battery banks to the required electrical load of your specific project
An in depth look at the basic wiring of a PVEG System

Power your home and businesses with Solar Energy


A background with electronics and electrical experience.
An interest in renewable energy resources


It is possible! You can sustainably, reliably and consistently power your home or business’s electrical loads by utilising the abundant energy available from the Sun!WHY YOU SHOULD TAKE THIS CLASS?The benefits of adopting such technology into your lives are the following:Reduce your carbon footprintDecrease your electrical bill by harnessing the free energy available from the sunIncrease your property’s value of up to 2-3 times the value of your PVEG systemWorry less about power outages from your national grid utility provideWHAT YOU WILL LEARNIn this course we dive into the knowledge you’ll need to know in order to design your own P.V.E.G (Photovoltaic Electrical Generator):The fundamental laws of physics that electricity followsThe basics of your homes electrical circuityHow different PVEG’s are arranged: Off-grid, Grid-tied and HybridThe building blocks of PVEG’s -InvertersPV panelsLi-Ion Battery storageHow to size them appropriately for your specific needsA shopping list of all the components, consumables and tools you’ll needA basic wiring schematic diagram on how to connect your PVEG systemWHO IS THIS CLASS FOR?Home owners and first time buyersElectriciansProperty DevelopersBusiness ownersEcoprenuersBy the end on this course, in a three part series, you’ll have gained the knowledge to design your own PVEG. However, it is best recommended that any installations of such technology be guided or conducted by a qualified & professional electrician or engineer.Enjoy!May your PVEG projects shine bright into the future!


Section 1: Introduction to this course

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Electricity and PVEG Systems

Lecture 2 The Fundamentals of Electricity

Lecture 3 Photovoltaic Electrical Generation System Arrangements

Section 3: PVEG Components

Lecture 4 Inverters

Lecture 5 Photovoltaic Panels

Lecture 6 Battery Energy Storage

Section 4: Designing your own P.V.E.G

Lecture 7 Sizing your System

Lecture 8 Shopping list basics

Lecture 9 P.V.E.G Wiring Diagram

Section 5: Conclusions

Lecture 10 Thank you for watching

Homeowners looking to rely less on the national energy grid and further their understand PVEG Systems.,Small-to-medium sized business owners looking to invest in renewable energy and assist in reducing their electrical expenditures,Electricians looking to improve their knowledge on PVEG’s,Anybody who interested in renewable energy and planning/designing or building their own P.V.E.G

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Created by: David Ritchie

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