PowerPoint Business Presentations Data Visualization

Learn how to create a business PowerPoint presentation and use data visualization in Microsoft PowerPoint.
PowerPoint Business Presentations Data Visualization
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PowerPoint Business Presentations Data Visualization

What you’ll learn

How to design & create business PowerPoint presentations
Data Visualization with PowerPoint charts
How to create PowerPoint templates for your company or brand
How to work efficient within PowerPoint
How to tell a story with presentations
Important business principles used by top consulting companies – like MECE, Pyramid Priciple or Action Titles

PowerPoint Business Presentations Data Visualization


PowerPoint 2010 / 2013 / 2016 / 2019 / 2021 / Microsoft 365 (best)
PowerPoint 2011 MAC / 2016 MAC / 2019 MAC / Microsoft 365 (best)
Willing to learn storytelling principles first, before we dive into charts and design


Do you want to create BUSINESS PRESENTATIONS that are…interesting?Do you want to know what type of chart to use and how to VISUALIZE DATA?Do you struggle to BUILD A STORY when making presentations?Learn how to coordinate TEMPLATE & PRESENTATION creation in this course!Practical, not theoretical. I designed this course to get you familiar with important principles that will allow you to properly prepare pitches, business, and formal presentations. You will work on custom-built resources that practically apply what is taught. You will learn to craft logical, story-driven presentations including how to visualize your data and edit graphs. Power point can be fun to learn and I want to show it!——————————————————————————————————————-The course is divided into 3 large and comprehensive chapters:PRESENTATION FRAMEWORKS – A blueprint for your perfect presentation. I want to teach you presentation principles and frameworks that are used by top consulting companies within their presentations, like how to write Action Titles, use the MECE principle, build an SCR storyline, build up your horizontal and vertical flow, or how to approach writing Executive Summaries.DATA VISUALIZATION – What chart to use in which situation. We will go over the most used charts within PowerPoint and I will guide you through all the nitty gritty little kinks there are so you can work efficiently and confidently the next time you face the need to put your data on a chart. I will demystify and simplify the chart creation process for you.PRESENTATION CREATION – Make PowerPoint templates and presentations. Here I will go over making a professional PowerPoint template from scratch, including how to work in the Slide Master and add custom Layouts. After that, I will go over making a professional, business-oriented presentation, slide by slide. You will have all the resources to work alongside and learn all the tricks I use during my creation to craft and deliver powerful and understandable presentations.  ——————————————————————————————————————-Resources to work along. The course has unique and tailored “work-along” resources designed specifically to reinforce each section and each part of this learning experience. If you choose so, you can work alongside me throughout the whole project. Every resource has a finished and empty practice file so you can preview the end result and then work on your own version.——————————————————————————————————————-The focus of this course is formal presentations and data visualization. What is it that usually stops you from making and designing noteworthy and interesting presentations? Not only technical abilities but most often the correctly applied principles to take off half the workload from your brain. I made sure to structure the course correctly so it becomes a seamless and smooth learning experience you will actually look forward to.——————————————————————————————————————-Let’s start! Don’t know what all that is? I encourage you to watch a few of the free preview lectures to get acquainted with the course and my teaching style. There is a 30-day, no questions asked 100% money-back guarantee so you risk nothing. If you are ready to start – enroll in the course!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Download Resources

Lecture 3 Warm Up

Section 2: Components

Lecture 4 Header Area

Lecture 5 Slide Body

Lecture 6 Footer Area

Lecture 7 Guttenberg Diagram

Lecture 8 EXERCISE – Visual Hierarchy

Section 3: Action Titles

Lecture 9 Action Titles

Lecture 10 Action Titles – Examples

Lecture 11 Action Titles – What For?

Lecture 12 Action Titles – Blueprint

Lecture 13 EXERCISE – Rewriting a regular title into an action title

Section 4: Pyramid Principle

Lecture 14 Pyramid vs Funnel

Lecture 15 Examples – Recognize the pattern

Lecture 16 Background and Barbara Minto

Lecture 17 EXERCISE – Drag & Drop

Section 5: Storytelling

Lecture 18 Vertical and Horizontal Flow

Lecture 19 SCR – Situation, Complication, Resolution

Lecture 20 Fitting it into business

Lecture 21 EXERCISE – Rearrange the story into an SCR situation

Section 6: Executive Summary

Lecture 22 What is it?

Lecture 23 How to write ESS – Framework / Best practices

Lecture 24 Examples of a well-written ESS

Lecture 25 EXERCISE – Write an ESS for 3 slides

Section 7: MECE

Lecture 26 MECE

Lecture 27 Graphical representation

Lecture 28 Business example

Lecture 29 EXERCISE – Consider if something is MECE

Section 8: PowerPoint – Chart Basics

Lecture 30 Introduction to Charts in Microsoft PowerPoint

Lecture 31 Chart Basics – Part 1

Lecture 32 Chart Basics – Part 2

Lecture 33 Arcane knowledge

Section 9: PowerPoint – Data Visualization

Lecture 34 How to work along with Data Visualization

Lecture 35 Column Chart – Clustered

Lecture 36 Column Chart – Stacked

Lecture 37 Attention – Different language versions for Microsoft PowerPoint

Lecture 38 Line Chart (Part 1)

Lecture 39 Line Chart (Part 2)

Lecture 40 Pie Chart

Lecture 41 Bar Chart

Lecture 42 Area Chart

Lecture 43 Area Chart – Stacked

Section 10: PowerPoint – Bonus Charts

Lecture 44 PowerPoint Map – Office 365 Data Visualization

Lecture 45 PowerPoint Map – Template

Lecture 46 Waterfall Chart – Advanced PowerPoint chart

Lecture 47 Combo Chart – Advanced PowerPoint charts

Lecture 48 Pictographs, good for PowerPoint animation

Lecture 49 Good Practices for charts and data visualization

Section 11: PowerPoint – Accessibility

Lecture 50 Accessibility standards (w3.org)

Lecture 51 PowerPoint Accessibility – Basics

Lecture 52 PowerPoint – Adding Subtitles in Microsoft power point

Lecture 53 PowerPoint – Reading Order & Alt Text

Lecture 54 PowerPoint – Contrast Checker

Lecture 55 Contrast Checker Adobe

Lecture 56 Color Blindness Adobe

Section 12: PowerPoint – Templates

Lecture 57 Slide Master and Layouts – Advanced PPT

Lecture 58 Background graphics

Lecture 59 Layouts – Advanced PPT feature

Lecture 60 Guidelines in Power Point

Lecture 61 Footer in PowerPoint templates

Lecture 62 Font

Lecture 63 Color

Lecture 64 Create Layout #1 – Title Slide

Lecture 65 Create Layout #2 – Content

Lecture 66 Create Layout #3 – 2-Content Left and Right

Lecture 67 Create Layout #4 – 2-content Top and Bottom

Lecture 68 Save Brand Template

Section 13: PowerPoint – Real Business Presentation

Lecture 69 Topic

Lecture 70 Storyboard

Lecture 71 PowerPoint Presentation Slide 1 – Title

Lecture 72 PowerPoint Presentation Slide 2 – Statement

Lecture 73 PowerPoint Design – Slide 3 – Situation #1 – Text

Lecture 74 PowerPoint Design – Slide 3 – Situation #1 – Chart

Lecture 75 PPT Presentation Slide 4 – Situation #2 – Line Chart

Lecture 76 PPT Presentation Slide 4 – Situation #2 – Pie Chart

Lecture 77 Add Sections in MS PowerPoint

Lecture 78 Slide 5 – Complication – Point #1 – PowerPoint presentation

Lecture 79 Slide 6 – Complication – Table

Lecture 80 Slide 6 – Complication – Text in a Power Point Presentation

Lecture 81 Slide 7 – Resolution – Table in Business Presentation

Lecture 82 Slide 7 – Resolution – Text in Business Presentation

Lecture 83 Slide 8 – Appendix for PowerPoint business presentation

Lecture 84 Slide 9 – Thank You for the Presentation

Lecture 85 Slide 10 – ESS – Simple

Lecture 86 Slide 11 – ESS – Advanced

Lecture 87 Slide Sorter in MS PowerPoint

Section 14: Conclusion

Lecture 88 Thank You

Lecture 89 Bonus Lecture

Everyone who wants to improve their presentation delivery and design process,People wanting to know how to create formal, business oriented presentations,Employees, business leaders, CEO’s, advanced presentation creators,People who want to learn what type of charts to use to Visualize their data,If you want to know how to create PowerPoint templates

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Created by: Andrew Pach

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