PowerShell essential course with labs

Hands-on course full of practice exercises – just to start developing your own PowerShell scripts shortly!
PowerShell essential course with labs
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PowerShell essential course with labs

What you’ll learn

How to work with PowerShell
How to use native PowerShell console and Integrated Script Editor
Thinking in PowerShell (everything is an object)
Some basic commands (cmdlets)
The help system
Variables and lists
Controlling the program flow (if, switch, while, for, foreach)
Working with pipeline and pipeline specialized commands (Sort, Where, Measure, Select)
Formatting output

PowerShell essential course with labs


General knowledge about administation
General knowledge about programming
Access to Windows computer (at least Windows 7) with administrative privileges
PowerShell installed (it is by default) at least version 3


This course id designed for all those, who would like quickly to get some essential knowledge regarding PowerShell and want to put hands on job. The topics covered within that course will help you to understand the logic or way of thinking in PowerShell, while we don’t concentrate on sophisticated topics related to some specific windows settings. In the course you will find only video materials, no PDF-s to read or web pages to go through. But what is great is that for every lesson there is a short QUIZ that allows you to quickly check if you understand the topic. There are also EXERCISES for you. You should be able to solve them on your own, but if you have problems – no worries, there are SOLUTIONS available as well!Regarding the technical requirements, all you need is just a computer with Windows and PowerShell in at least version 3 installed and administrator privileges. If you don’t know PowerShell at all or just only a little, this course is for you. Maybe you have already downloaded a script from Internet, maybe you have modified it – that’s great! But if you had problems with understanding why the code is written is such and not another way, this tutorial should help you.We start with basic information on how to start PowerShell console, how to execute commands, how to use help and step by step we come to more advanced topics. PowerShell is a programming language, so you need to know how to work with variables, how to build the if statement, how  to execute a loop, format output, work with pipeline… So if you work with windows, you need or want to learn powershell quickly – I recommend you this course. Thank you and have fun!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Basic PowerShell commands

Lecture 2 Working with PowerShell console – VIDEO

Lecture 3 Working with PowerShell console – LAB

Lecture 4 Working with PowerShell console – ANSWERS

Lecture 5 Integrated Script Editor – VIDEO

Lecture 6 Integrated Script Editor – LAB

Lecture 7 Integrated Script Editor – ANSWERS

Lecture 8 Aliases – VIDEO

Lecture 9 Aliases – LAB

Lecture 10 Aliases – ANSWERS

Lecture 11 Getting help about commands – VIDEO

Lecture 12 Getting help about commands – LAB

Lecture 13 Getting help about commands – ANSWERS

Lecture 14 The help system – VIDEO

Lecture 15 The help system – LAB

Lecture 16 The help system – ANSWERS

Section 3: Passing Parameters to Commands

Lecture 17 Passing parameters to commands – VIDEO

Lecture 18 Passing parameters to commands – LAB

Lecture 19 Passing parameters to commands – ANSWERS

Lecture 20 WhatIf and Confirm Parameters – VIDEO

Lecture 21 WhatIf and Confirm Parameters – LAB

Lecture 22 WhatIf and Confirm Parameters – ANSWERS

Section 4: Working with pipeline

Lecture 23 Working with pipeline – VIDEO

Lecture 24 Working with pipeline – LAB

Lecture 25 Working with pipeline – ANSWERS

Lecture 26 Sort-object – VIDEO

Lecture 27 Sort-Object – LAB

Lecture 28 Sort-Object – ANSWERS

Lecture 29 Measure-Object – VIDEO

Lecture 30 Measure-Object – LAB

Lecture 31 Measure-Object – ANSWERS

Lecture 32 Select-Object – VIDEO

Lecture 33 Select-Object – LAB

Lecture 34 Select-Object – ANSWERS

Lecture 35 Select and calculated properties – VIDEO

Lecture 36 Select and calculated properties – LAB

Lecture 37 Select and calculated properties – ANSWERS

Lecture 38 Convert, Export and Import – VIDEO

Lecture 39 Convert, Export and Import – LAB

Lecture 40 Convert, Export and Import – ANSWERS

Lecture 41 Where-object – VIDEO

Lecture 42 Where-object – LAB

Lecture 43 Where-object – ANSWERS

Lecture 44 Foreach-Object – VIDEO

Lecture 45 Foreach-Object – LAB

Lecture 46 Foreach-Object – ANSWERS

Section 5: Formatting output

Lecture 47 Formatting output – VIDEO

Lecture 48 Formatting output – LAB

Lecture 49 Formatting output – ANSWERS

Section 6: Variables

Lecture 50 Variables in PowerShell – VIDEO

Lecture 51 Variables in PowerShell – LAB

Lecture 52 Variables in PowerShell – ANSWERS

Lecture 53 Tabular variables (lists) – VIDEO

Lecture 54 Tabular variables (lists) – LAB

Lecture 55 Tabular variables (lists) – ANSWERS

Lecture 56 Variable types – VIDEO

Lecture 57 Variable types – LAB

Lecture 58 Variable types – ANSWERS

Section 7: Program flow

Lecture 59 IF statement – VIDEO

Lecture 60 IF statement – LAB

Lecture 61 IF statement – ANSWERS

Lecture 62 SWITCH statement – VIDEO

Lecture 63 SWITCH statement – LAB

Lecture 64 SWITCH statement – ANSWERS

Lecture 65 WHILE loop – VIDEO

Lecture 66 WHILE loop – LAB

Lecture 67 WHILE loop – ANSWERS

Lecture 68 FOR loop – VIDEO

Lecture 69 FOR loop – LAB

Lecture 70 FOR loop – ANSWERS

Section 8: What next?

Lecture 71 Congratulations!

Windows administrators wishing to start practicing PowerShell,Windows power users, who want to automate daily tasks

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 16m | 1.22 GB
Created by: Ralph Traig

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