PowerShell for Active Directory Administrators

Use PowerShell to manage Active Directory users, computer, groups, security settings and more on Windows Server
PowerShell for Active Directory Administrators
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PowerShell for Active Directory Administrators

What you’ll learn

Manager Active Directory users, computers and groups using PowerShell
Bulk import of accounts into Active Directory
Automate tasks using powershell
Deploy domain controllers using powershell

PowerShell for Active Directory Administrators


Basic knowledge of PowerShell
Knowledge of how to install Active Directory to create a domain controller
Basic knowledge of Active Directory administration
Basic knowledge of Active Directory objects


This is a ‘living’ course that will be continuously updated.This powershell course is designed for those that work with active directory on a regular basis that needs to automate tasks using powershell. Create and modify active directory user accounts with powershellLearn to import active directory users in bulk using .CSV files using powershellCreate and manage active directory computer accounts with powershellCreate and manage active directory group membership and properties with powershellUnderstand the security issues related to powershell and powershell remotingInstall active directory using powershellManage Server Core operating system locally and remotely using powershellSearch for inactive user accounts and inactive computer accountsEnable the active directory recycle binLearn the capabilities of the Active Directory Administrative Center (ADAC)And more. . .


Section 1: Course Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 IMPORTANT: Udemy Player Settings

Lecture 3 Playback Speed

Lecture 4 Wishlist

Section 2: Lab Setup

Lecture 5 Lab Setup

Section 3: An overview of PowerShell

Lecture 6 PowerShell Overview

Section 4: Learning the PowerShell Console

Lecture 7 Understanding the PowerShell Console

Lecture 8 Using Help in PowerShell

Section 5: Learning PowerShell ISE

Lecture 9 Understanding Powershell ISE

Section 6: PowerShell Active Directory User Account Management

Lecture 10 Creating new user accounts using Powershell ISE

Lecture 11 Import accounts using .CSV files

Lecture 12 Supplying Credentials within a PowerShell script

Section 7: PowerShell Active Directory Computer Account Management

Lecture 13 Manage Active Directory Computer accounts using Powershell

Section 8: PowerShell Active Directory Group Account Management

Lecture 14 Manage groups using Powershell

Section 9: Find Inactive Accounts with PowerShell Queries

Lecture 15 Locate inactive accounts using Powershell

Section 10: Update and Modifying Active Directory Objects

Lecture 16 Updating objects using Powershell

Section 11: Using PowerShell Remote Management

Lecture 17 Powershell Remoting

Lecture 18 Securing Powershell remoting

Section 12: Using Active Directory Administrative Center (ADAC) PowerShell Features

Lecture 19 Using the Active Directory Administrative Center (ADAC)

Section 13: Implementing the Active Directory Recycle Bin

Lecture 20 Implementing the Active Directory Recycle Bin

Section 14: Exploring PowerShell Providers

Lecture 21 Understanding Powershell Providers

Section 15: Installing Active Directory Using PowerShell

Lecture 22 Installing a domain controller using PowerShell

Those that manage Users, Computers, Groups or perform other Active Directory related tasks,Admins with a need to utilize powershell for automation,Active Directory administrators that need to learn more about powershell

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 58m | 1.55 GB
Created by: Kevin Brown

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