PowerShell for Sysadmins Version 7

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PowerShell for Sysadmins Version 7
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PowerShell for Sysadmins Version 7

What you’ll learn

Install PowerShell Core
Learn what objects are and their various types
Set up Visual Studio Code for PowerShell development
Write your first PowerShell script
Build and run Pester tests
Set up and execute code via PowerShell Remoting
Build resilient scripts with error handling
Build a real-world PowerShell module

PowerShell for Sysadmins Version 7


A Windows 10 or later computer logged in as a local administrator
No PowerShell experience needed. We’ll start from scratch.
Being a sysadmin will be helpful but PowerShell basics apply to everyone.


Hi, I’m Adam Bertram, a 6-time Microsoft MVP and one of the first Microsoft PowerShell MVPs. I’ve been developing with PowerShell since 2010, and am the author of the PowerShell for Sysadmins book, many eBooks, and over a dozen courses on PowerShell.This course series is loosely based on the book; PowerShell for SysAdmins, written by myself but with many updated examples using the latest PowerShell Core, and new lectures, and is the beginning of a long journey to becoming a PowerShell expert.Sign up and get a 25% off discount code for the PowerShell for SysAdmins print book!In this course, you’ll learn from the beginning. Assuming you have no PowerShell experience, you’ll:Install PowerShell CoreLearn how PowerShell objects workRun commandsUse the PowerShell pipelineInstall and set up Visual Studio Code for PowerShell developmentWrite your first script!Build a module as your first PowerShell building block.This course will prepare you for what’s to come in future courses in this series.If you stay with me for the entire series, you’ll know how to write advanced PowerShell tools! You’ll be able to manage virtual machines, all kinds of cloud goodness, just about anything on workstations and servers, and more. You’ll be the envy of all your coworkers.. Well…no guarantees there.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Prerequisites

Lecture 3 PowerShell Core vs. Windows PowerShell

Section 2: Installing PowerShell Core

Lecture 4 Installing PowerShell Core

Section 3: Exploring Commands

Lecture 5 Running DOS Commands

Lecture 6 How Commands Work in PowerShell

Lecture 7 Getting Help

Section 4: Understanding Objects, Types, and Variables

Lecture 8 Reading and Defining Variables

Lecture 9 Automatic Variables

Lecture 10 Objects

Lecture 11 Data Types: Strings

Lecture 12 Data Types: Boolean

Lecture 13 Date Types: Numbers

Lecture 14 Data Types: Scriptblocks

Lecture 15 Data Types: Hashtables and Arrays

Section 5: Linking Commands Together with the Pipeline

Lecture 16 Linking Commands Together with the Pipeline

Section 6: Combining Commands to Write Scripts

Lecture 17 Creating a Script the Hard Way

Lecture 18 Setting up VS Code for PowerShell Development

Lecture 19 Control Flow and Conditional Logic

Section 7: Getting Loopy

Lecture 20 Foreach Loops

Lecture 21 For Loops

Lecture 22 Do Loops

Section 8: Error Handling

Lecture 23 Error Handling Overview

Lecture 24 Building the Scenario Script Without Error Handling

Lecture 25 Terminating, Non-Terminating Errors and Try/Catch

Lecture 26 The $Error Variable

Section 9: Getting Modular with Functions

Lecture 27 Functions vs. Cmdlets

Lecture 28 Building Functions

Lecture 29 Adding Function Parameters

Lecture 30 Adding Pipeline Support

Lecture 31 Adding Help Content

Section 10: Running Scripts Remotely

Lecture 32 PowerShell Remoting Introduction

Lecture 33 Running Your First Script via PowerShell Remoting

Lecture 34 Building with Reusable Sessions

Lecture 35 Reusable Sessions in the Real World

Lecture 36 Interactive Sessions

Lecture 37 The “Double Hop” Problem

Section 11: Testing with Pester

Lecture 38 Pester 101

Section 12: Exploring Modules

Lecture 39 An Introduction to Modules

Lecture 40 Importing Modules

Lecture 41 Finding and Installing New Modules

Lecture 42 Creating a Real-World Module: Scaffolding Functions

Lecture 43 Creating a Real-World Module: Creating Functions

Lecture 44 Creating a Real-World Module: Error Handling

Lecture 45 Creating a Real-World Module: The Module Manifest

Section 13: Summary and Your Challenge

Lecture 46 Summary and Your Challenge

Anyone brand new to PowerShell wanting to learn the basics,System administrators new to PowerShell that want to get started automating

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 45m | 1.46 GB
Created by: Adam Bertram

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