Practical Data Structures Algorithms in Java HW

Go from zero to hero in the most important algorithms and data structures using Java
Practical Data Structures Algorithms in Java HW
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Practical Data Structures Algorithms in Java HW

What you’ll learn

Gain Confidence for Coding Interviews
Learn The Most Practical and Popular Data Structures & Algorithms in-depth rather than a rushed course on Computer Science
Get practice translating sudo code & implementing algorithms with Assignments and Solutions
Get an intuitive understanding of how many of the popular algorithms and data structures behave

Practical Data Structures Algorithms in Java HW


The basics of programming such as if/else statements, loops & methods in some programming language


LAST UPDATED: November 2020If I had to pick the single most important topic in software development, it would be data structures and algorithms. Think of it as the fundamental tools available to every computer programmer. The better you get with these tools the more confident a programmer you’ll become. Software development is a vast field requiring all kinds of skill-sets but getting good at this single topic is a huge leap forward in your programming journey and it’ll certainly pave the way for a successful programming career.The topics in this course are going to cover data structures such as lists, stacks, queues, trees and some of the most powerful sorting, searching, and graph algorithms that have revolutionized the field of computing. Throughout the course I keep things practical and provide real life examples of how all of these algorithms work and when & where they can be applied to write efficient computer programs.I’ll be moving at a slow and steady pace introducing each topic followed by a PRACTICAL programming assignment so you can immediately apply what you learned. All homework assignments in the course will be accompanied with step by step solution videos demystifying each problem as I code up the solutions. My goal is to make sure, that after you complete this course you feel completely confident going into a coding interview because you will have built a solid foundation in computer programming. So go ahead and signup and I’ll see you in the course.


Lecture 1 Course Overview (Watch this First!)

Section 1: Prerequisite: Intro to Object Oriented Programming

Lecture 2 Intro to OOP Class & Object

Lecture 3 Program Flow and Using the Constructor

Lecture 4 Application Runtime

Lecture 5 Java Behind The Scenes

Lecture 6 Dedicated TA Support

Section 2: Basic Data Structures

Lecture 7 Source Code For the Course

Lecture 8 Abstract Data Types

Lecture 9 Running Time of an Algorithm and Big O Notation

Lecture 10 Stack Data Structure (Java Practical) + HW

Lecture 11 Stacks Continued

Lecture 12 Queue Data Structure (Java Practical)

Section 3: Linked Lists

Lecture 13 Introduction to Linked Lists

Lecture 14 Singly Linked List (Java Practical)

Lecture 15 Circular Linked List (Java Practical)

Lecture 16 Doubly Linked List – Part 1 + HW (Java Practical)

Lecture 17 Doubly Linked List – Part 2

Lecture 18 Doubly Linked List – Part 3 + HW (Java Practical)

Section 4: Popular Searching Algorithms

Lecture 19 Basic Linear Search

Lecture 20 Binary Search (Overview)

Lecture 21 Binary Search (Java Practical) + HW

Lecture 22 Recursion in Java

Lecture 23 Recursive Search (Java Practical) + HW

Lecture 24 Big O Notation Part 2

Section 5: Popular Sorting Algorithms

Lecture 25 Selection Sort (Overview)

Lecture 26 Selection Sort (Java Practical) + HW

Lecture 27 Insertion Sort (Overview)

Lecture 28 Insertion Sort (Java Practical) + HW

Lecture 29 Merge Sort (Overview)

Lecture 30 Merge Sort Continued (The Merge Process)

Lecture 31 Merge Sort (Java Practical) + HW

Lecture 32 Quick Sort (Overview)

Lecture 33 Quick Sort Continued

Lecture 34 Quick Sort (Java Practical) + HW

Section 6: Binary Search Trees

Lecture 35 Binary Search Tree Overview

Lecture 36 Java Implementation of Binary Search Tree

Lecture 37 Deleting a Node from Binary Search Tree

Lecture 38 Java Implementation to Delete Node

Lecture 39 Binary Search Tree – Odds and Ends

Section 7: Heap Data Structure

Lecture 40 Heaps Data Structure Overview

Lecture 41 Java Implementation of Heap Data Structure

Section 8: Hash Tables

Lecture 42 Overview of Hash Tables

Lecture 43 Hash Tables (Java Practical) + HW

Section 9: Graphs

Lecture 44 Graphs Overview + HW

Lecture 45 Graphs (Java Practical) + Solution

Lecture 46 Bonus Lecture: Lifetime Access to All My Courses

If you’re fed up with academia centric courses on Data Structures & Algorithms and want to intuitively & practically understand how to implement and the most popular algorithms and data structures in software,If you don’t like math and want to learn popular data structures and algorithms at a deep level

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Udemy | English | 11h 41m | 4.29 GB
Created by: Imtiaz Ahmad

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