Practical Mindfulness Mindfulness and mindful meditation

Master the art of mindfulness and mindful meditation
Practical Mindfulness Mindfulness and mindful meditation
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Practical Mindfulness Mindfulness and mindful meditation

What you’ll learn

Practice formal mindful meditation to improve your health and wellbeing
Incorporate informal mindfulness throughout the day and make it a part of your daily routine
Reduce (and eventually eliminate) the effects of stress from your life
Clear and calm your mind
Experience freedom from emotional turmoil, anxiety and depression
Sleep better
Eliminate the excuses and procrastination for starting a mindful meditation practice
Find happiness from its true source (from within)

Practical Mindfulness Mindfulness and mindful meditation


Set aside a small amount of time to practice each day (as little as 5 minutes a day)
A desire to improve and enhance your life


With Practical Mindfulness you will learn mindfulness tools to overcome limiting thoughts and behavior patterns and to live healthier, happier, and a more productive life.Practical Mindfulness will assist you in:Eliminate the effects of stress from your life for goodClear and calm your mindExperience freedom from emotional turmoil, anxiety and depressionSleep better, wake up feeling refreshedFeel more joy and happiness in your lifePRACTICAL MINDFULNESS SUMMARYFor over 5000 years the greatest minds in history have understood the benefits of mindfulness and mindful meditation. Mindfulness enables you to connect with your inner-self where energy, creativity and inner wellness are your natural state of being. Learn about mindfulness and how to integrate this powerful practice into your daily routine.Greg de Vries, The Meditation Coach, has taught thousands of people to meditate over the last 15 years. Don’t think that mindfulness is some complex process of clearing your mind – everything is explained and broken down so that anyone can learn mindfulness.This course will teach you how to do the most popular type of formal and informal mindfulness including seated mindful meditation practices and informal mindful practices such as walking, eating, speaking and more. Everything is laid out for you – all you need is an open mind and a little time to dedicate to your new wellness practice.Guided meditation and mindfulness audios are included for you to use anytime day or night.It’s time to take control of your future. What would life be like with enhanced health and confidence, better sleep, enhanced focus, concentration and memory? Its time to find out!Enroll in Practical Mindfulness today.


Section 1: Getting started with Practical Mindfulness

Lecture 1 Welcome to Practical Mindfulness

Lecture 2 How mindfulness & meditation changed my life

Lecture 3 How to get the most out of Practical Mindfulness

Lecture 4 [Exercise] Get engaged!

Section 2: What exactly is mindfulness?

Lecture 5 Defining mindfulness

Lecture 6 Yoga meditation versus mindful meditation

Lecture 7 Formal mindfulness versus informal mindfulness

Lecture 8 Escaping mindlessness

Lecture 9 [Exercise] Mindlessness

Lecture 10 Using mindful triggers

Lecture 11 Zen 101 – Path to awakening

Lecture 12 ANTS! Ants are everywhere.

Section 3: Practicing formal mindfulness

Lecture 13 Preparing for your seated mindful meditation practice

Lecture 14 15 minute mindful awareness meditation

Lecture 15 18 minute Body Scan meditation

Lecture 16 15 min choice-less awareness meditation (no music)

Lecture 17 15 min choice-less awareness meditation (with music)

Lecture 18 [Exercise] Seated mindful meditation instructions

Lecture 19 Tips for formal mindful meditation

Lecture 20 Be a witness

Lecture 21 Be a Witness (PDF)

Section 4: Practicing informal mindfulness

Lecture 22 Preparing for informal mindfulness

Lecture 23 Mindful eating meditation

Lecture 24 Introduction to mindful walking

Lecture 25 Mindful walking meditation

Lecture 26 Written instructions for walking meditation

Lecture 27 Mindful communication

Lecture 28 [Exercise] Mindful speech

Lecture 29 [Exercise] Mindful listening

Lecture 30 Driving meditation

Section 5: Conclusion – Putting it all together

Lecture 31 Congratulations and conclusion

Lecture 32 [Exercise] Wrapping up

This course is for anyone who struggles with the stress, anxiety and depression that plagues our western culture,Anyone who is interested in self growth and becoming a better and more insightful person,Anyone who is on a spiritual path and wishes to enhance their connection to spirit or God,Those who are curious about what makes YOU tick and how your mind works

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Created by: Greg de Vries

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