Practical Solution Architecture

A practical method to create end-to-end solution architectures for your company
Practical Solution Architecture
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Practical Solution Architecture

What you’ll learn

Practical approach for solution architectures
Solution Architecture Fundamentals
Solution Architecture Frameworks
Solution Architecture Processes
Architecture Design Patterns & Principles
Modelling Techniques
Integration Architectures
IT Security Architecture
Data Architectures
Free Solution Architecture Templates
Agile and Solution Architecture
Cloud Architectures – AWS and Azure
DevOps and Solution Architecture
Infrastructure & Networking Architectures
Difference between Enterprise and Solution Architecture
Introduction to TOGAF
Non-Functional Requirements
Buy vs Build Decisions

Practical Solution Architecture


8+ IT Experience
8+ Years IT Development Experience in any programming language
5+ Years Database Experience
Knowledge of design patterns
Knowledge of infrastructures and networking
Team leading experience will be beneficial
Any SDLC methodology, such as waterfall and agile will be beneficial
UML or any other modelling methodology will be beneficial


This course include end-to-end practical methods to create Solution Architecture. These concepts can be applied to create solutions for Cloud Platforms, On-Premise Solutions, Hybrid Solutions, etc. This course will teach you the solution architecture fundamentals, and take you step by step through a real-world example creating a Sprint Zero Architecture and Solution Architecture Document. It includes free templates you can use and also the final sample solution. This course includes all fundamentals, lectures and expert content for you to become a solution architect.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Prerequisites and Course Objectives

Section 2: Software Architecture Practices

Lecture 3 Enterprise Architecture vs Solution Architecture

Lecture 4 IT Architecture Frameworks

Section 3: Solution Architecture Fundamentals

Lecture 5 Introduction to this section

Lecture 6 Architecture Organization, Deliverables, Stakeholders and Domains

Lecture 7 IT Enterprise Process

Lecture 8 Solution Architecture Process

Section 4: Sprint Zero Architecture or IT Architecture Vision

Lecture 9 Theory of an IT Architecture Vision or Sprint Zero Architecture Document

Lecture 10 The Template for IT Architecture Vision or Sprint Zero Architecture

Lecture 11 Introducing the Solution Sections

Section 5: Creating an IT Architecture Vision or Sprint Zero Architecture

Lecture 12 The Business Problem

Lecture 13 The Agile Team

Lecture 14 Defining the Business Problem

Lecture 15 Understand the Problem Statement

Lecture 16 Business Vision Statement

Lecture 17 Business Objectives and Capability Impact

Lecture 18 Architecture Vision

Lecture 19 Architecture Assumptions

Lecture 20 Constraints and Risks

Lecture 21 Context Diagrams

Lecture 22 How to model a Context Diagram using C4

Lecture 23 Review Conceptual Architecture and non-functional requirements

Lecture 24 Propose Solution Options

Lecture 25 Cost Estimates

Lecture 26 The ARB or Architecture Review Board

Section 6: Creating the Solution Architecture

Lecture 27 Solution Architecture Template

Lecture 28 The Project Description

Lecture 29 Business Capability Impact

Lecture 30 Applications Impacted

Lecture 31 Conceptual Architecture

Lecture 32 Business Requirement Reviews

Lecture 33 Non-Functional Requirements

Lecture 34 Solution Architecture Diagrams

Lecture 35 Architecture Objectives

Lecture 36 Data Model Diagram

Lecture 37 Data Interaction Sequence Diagram

Lecture 38 Application Logical Component Model

Lecture 39 Application Development Stack

Lecture 40 Deployment, Networking and Infrastructure Diagrams

Lecture 41 Define Development Requirements

Lecture 42 Define Cost Estimates

Lecture 43 Review the Solution Architecture with ARB

Section 7: Final Section

Lecture 44 Additional Diagrams to Support Solution Architecture

Lecture 45 Final Word Of Encouragement

Senior Developers,Software Engineer Team Leads,Senior Software Engineers

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 45m | 1.15 GB
Created by: Charles Aylward

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