Practice Java by Building Projects

Ultimate Java interview prep course! 100% focused on applying object-oriented design in real-world applications
Practice Java by Building Projects
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Practice Java by Building Projects

What you’ll learn

Build 5 complete, end-to-end Java applications from scratch
Implement core object-oriented programming techniques
Optimize applications with best practices and sharpen your programming skills
Master design principles and apply proper architecture to solve problems
Apply inheritance, interfaces, access modifiers, encapsulation, polymorphism
Use data structures and arrays to handle data sets and collection of objects
Develop your own utility class to read data and export results to a file
Analyze data from a file and apply conditional operations to make decisions
Design a real-world project with abstract classes and abstract methods
Use constructors, overloading, and overriding to enhance applications

Practice Java by Building Projects


Familiar with Java development environment
Knowledge of object-oriented programming concepts recommended
Consider enrolling in my “Become a Junior Java Software Developer” course


If your goal is to GET HIRED, then you need to PASS THE INTERVIEW!
As a trainer for over 6 years, one of the most common questions I get asked is “I’m new to programming, how can I get better and prepare for a job interview?” My answer is “Practice, practice, practice!” I created this course to help people see the core Java concepts in action. This will help you understand the ideas and know how to apply them in an application.
The BEST way to prepare for a technical interview is to get practice building applications and applying core principles of object-oriented design. I’ve designed this course to accomplish that objective.

Many people fail interviews because:
They don’t grasp object-oriented programming conceptsThey can’t apply object-oriented design in an actual programThey haven’t practiced developing their applications by handThey haven’t debugged their code and overcome challenges
This course is designed for someone who simply wants to get better at understanding and applying Java design and object-oriented programming. It is perhaps the most effective thing you can do to prepare for your job interview. Forget about flashcards, forget about quizzes. Start practicing!
In my Practical Java course, you will build realistic projects from scratch. We will approach each program analytically and outline our approach to implement the solution. Then, piece by piece we will write the code to create a fully functioning application.
Understand client scenarios and requirementsApproach each problem analyticallyWrite our solution outlineImplement code step-by-stepApply core principals of object-oriented design
Everyone hoping to start out in Java needs to practice! It’s not enough to learn and watch, but you must try yourself! So enroll in this course and get typing!
Note: this course was build for someone who has some working knowledge and familiarity of Java or application design. If you are new to Java, I recommend enrolling in my “Become a Junior Java Software Developer” course first.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 The Ultimate Java Prep Guide

Lecture 2 Survey of Course Projects

Lecture 3 Course Pre-Requesites

Lecture 4 Preparing the Java Environment

Section 2: Build an Email Administration Application

Lecture 5 Overview of the Email Application

Lecture 6 Creating the Outline for the Email Admin Class

Lecture 7 Implementing the Constructor

Lecture 8 Defining the Email Department

Lecture 9 Generating a Random Password

Lecture 10 Creating the Email Syntax

Lecture 11 Implementing Class Set Methods

Lecture 12 Implementing Class Get Methods

Lecture 13 Using the Show Info Method

Section 3: Build a Student Database Application

Lecture 14 Overview of the Student Database Application

Lecture 15 Creating the Outline for Student Class

Lecture 16 Initializing the Student Constructor

Lecture 17 Creating the Unique Student ID

Lecture 18 Implementing the Enrollment Method

Lecture 19 Implementing the Pay Tuition Method

Lecture 20 Cleaning Up and Finishing Touches

Lecture 21 Creating an Array of Objects

Section 4: Build a New Bank Account Application

Lecture 22 Overview of the Bank Application

Lecture 23 Setting up the Project Architecture

Lecture 24 Creating the Outline for All Bank Accounts and Interest Rate

Lecture 25 Using Super Constructors with Inheritance

Lecture 26 Listing Account Shared Properties

Lecture 27 Initializing New Accounts with Constructors and Super Constructor

Lecture 28 Generating the Account Number

Lecture 29 Generating Account Number by Account Type

Lecture 30 Implementing the ShowInfo Method

Lecture 31 Implementing the Savings Account Safety Deposit Box

Lecture 32 Implementing the Checking Account Debit Card

Lecture 33 Setting up the Interest Rate Interface and Implementation

Lecture 34 Implementing Account Shared Transactions

Lecture 35 Implementing the Compound Interest Rate Method

Lecture 36 Enhancing Application with Correct Access Specifiers

Lecture 37 Writing a CSV Reader Utility

Lecture 38 Determining Which New Account to Open

Lecture 39 Creating a List of Objects

Current students or recent graduates,Anyone looking to practice Java,Someone preparing for a Java interview,Someone starting a new Java project,Anyone wanting a refresher on object-oriented programming or application architecture

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 3h 22m | 1.62 GB
Created by: Tim Short

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