Pre MBA for Undergraduates

A Practical Integrated Short Course in Management that can give you a head start before your MBA
Pre MBA for Undergraduates
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Arun Singhal


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Pre MBA for Undergraduates

What you’ll learn

What does it take to manage a business successfully?
Getting Right People giving their best
Formulating Winning Business Strategies
Right Products in Right Markets
Sales & Distribution
Purchase & Manufacturing
Research & Development
Finance & Control
Business Strategy and Functional Plans Real Life Example

Pre MBA for Undergraduates


Open mind and desire to learn about management


Want to get a head start before your MBA by doing a short course in ManagementTake a look at this course only where you will· Not only learn with different aspects of management with concrete actionable advices, tools, techniques, processes and methodologies but also· Connect the dots using the Business Strategy Framework· Preview First Two lectures for free to see the content for yourself· Clear your doubts on this topic any time while doing the course· Get Udemy’s 30 days Money Back GuaranteeIt is strange that you need to know basics of management to do your MBA which you can only know when you do your MBA! As you will start doing your MBA you will find studying different subjects like Marketing, Sales, Finance, Purchase & Manufacturing and Strategy, you will keep wondering how to connect all these dots including Research and Development which is not taught normally.This course provides you solution to the catch 22 paradox by teaching you about all these management functions integrated by the Business Strategy before your MBAWhat I am sharing with you here is my learnings over these 40+ years being in business management after doing my MBA from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore in 1981, pausing my corporate career after becoming Managing Director with erstwhile Danone Nutrition in 2007 and starting to teach and coach people like you do well in lifePreview for yourself First Two lectures free. If you like the content, enroll for the course, enjoy and skill yourself to do even better in life by doing Pre MBA for Undergraduates! If don’t like the content, please message about how can we modify it to meet your expectations.Please remember that this course comes with Udemy’s 30 days Money Back Guarantee using which you can get a full refund if you are not satisfied even after doing the full course


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: Successful Business Management Requirements

Lecture 2 Successful Business Management Requirements I

Lecture 3 Successful Business Management Requirements II

Lecture 4 Successful Business Management Requirements III

Section 3: How to get right people giving their best

Lecture 5 How to get right people giving their best I

Lecture 6 How to get right people giving their best II

Lecture 7 How to get right people giving their best III

Lecture 8 How to get right people giving their best IV

Section 4: Formulating Winning Business Strategy

Lecture 9 Formulating Winning Business Strategy I

Lecture 10 Formulating Winning Business Strategy II

Lecture 11 Formulating Winning Business Strategy III

Lecture 12 Formulating Winning Business Strategy IV

Lecture 13 Formulating Winning Business Strategy V

Lecture 14 Formulating Winning Business Strategy VI

Lecture 15 Business Strategy and Functional Plan Real Life example

Section 5: Right Products in Right Markets

Lecture 16 Right Products in Right Markets I

Lecture 17 Right Products in Right Markets II

Lecture 18 Right Products in Right Markets III

Lecture 19 Right Products in Right Markets IV

Lecture 20 Right Products in Right Markets V

Lecture 21 Right Products in Right Markets VI

Section 6: Marketing

Lecture 22 Marketing I

Lecture 23 Marketing II

Lecture 24 Marketing III

Lecture 25 Marketing IV

Lecture 26 Marketing V

Lecture 27 Marketing VI

Lecture 28 Marketing VII

Lecture 29 Marketing VIII

Lecture 30 Marketing IX

Lecture 31 Marketing X

Lecture 32 Marketing XI

Lecture 33 Marketing XII

Lecture 34 Marketing XIII

Lecture 35 Marketing XIV

Lecture 36 Marketing XV

Section 7: Sales & Distribution

Lecture 37 Sales & Distribution I

Lecture 38 Sales & Distribution II

Lecture 39 Sales & Distribution III

Lecture 40 Sales & Distribution IV

Lecture 41 Sales & Distribution V

Lecture 42 Sales & Distribution VI

Lecture 43 Sales & Distribution VII

Lecture 44 Sales & Distribution VIII

Lecture 45 Sales & Distribution IX

Section 8: Purchase & Manufacturing

Lecture 46 Purchase & Manufacturing I

Lecture 47 Purchase & Manufacturing II

Lecture 48 Purchase & Manufacturing III

Lecture 49 Purchase & Manufacturing IV

Lecture 50 Purchase & Manufacturing V

Section 9: Research & Development

Lecture 51 Research & Development I

Lecture 52 Research & Development II

Lecture 53 Research & Development III

Lecture 54 Research & Development IV

Lecture 55 Research & Development V

Lecture 56 Research & Development VI

Lecture 57 Research & Development VII

Section 10: Finance & Control

Lecture 58 Finance & Control I

Lecture 59 Finance & Control II

Lecture 60 Finance & Control III

Lecture 61 Finance & Control IV

Lecture 62 Finance & Control V

Section 11: Summary

Lecture 63 Summary

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Created by: Arun Singhal

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