Presentation Skills Give More Powerful Memorable Talks

Improve your public speaking skills by using proven branding techniques to make your presentations stand out and shine
Presentation Skills Give More Powerful Memorable Talks
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Joseph Liu


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Presentation Skills Give More Powerful Memorable Talks

What you’ll learn

Develop more focused presentations
Design slides that create more impact
Prepare the right way so you can speak with confidence
Connect with your audiences to leave a lasting impression
Avoid common public speaking mistakes

Presentation Skills Give More Powerful Memorable Talks


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Learn how to create and deliver high quality presentations that make you more memorable with audiences, stakeholders, and colleagues. Master the Principles of Effective Public Speaking in this Presentation Skills Course Built on Proven Branding Principles.Develop more focused presentationsDesign your slides to create more impactPrepare the right wayDeliver your talk with confidence Avoid common presentation pitfallsGiving an effective presentation can open exciting new doors in your career. In this course, you’ll learn how to create more impact when you present, speak with more confidence, and connect with your audiences in a way that not only boosts your credibility but also makes your messages more memorable. After all, being able to effectively give a presentation is one of the key skills you’ll need to master if you want to be taken seriously and succeed in your organization.Being a strong presenter can open new professional opportunities, enhance your visibility in your organization, and improve your credibility with stakeholders, clients, and colleagues. Content & OverviewI designed this course for the aspiring professional who understands the importance of being able to give a strong presentation but isn’t sure how to structure your presentation or feel comfortable speaking in front of an audience. Building on proven marketing and branding principles, you’ll learn simple, step-by-step techniques to create and deliver an effective presentation from start to finish. Starting with developing your idea, this course will walk you through how to:Create a clear presentation structure that audiences can easily followDesign your slides so your content can truly shinePrepare in a way that allows you to reduce nervousnessDeliver your talk to create a positive, lasting impression with your audienceAvoid the most common mistakes speakers make that reduce their effectivenessThis 90-min course includes real-world case studies, interactive exercises, helpful resources, and simple techniques you can begin applying right away to your presentations. With so many presentation skills courses out there, this course hones in on only those specific principles that make a real difference to the quality of your public speaking. This course is taught by Joseph Liu, a seasoned personal branding consultant, TEDx speaker, former news anchor, and former Fortune 500 brand marketer with 15+ years of public speaking experience. Joseph coaches senior executives and professionals on how to elevate their presentation skills and is regularly invited to serve as a keynote speaker or workshop host for companies, business schools, and conferences around the world. By the end of the course, you’ll be able to create more impact when you present, speak with more confidence, and be a more memorable speaker so you can become known as an excellent public speaker who can truly impress your audiences.


Section 1: Course Overview

Lecture 1 Welcome to the course

Lecture 2 Why presentations matter so much

Lecture 3 Course overview

Section 2: Developing Clear Content That Stands Out

Lecture 4 Defining your target audience

Lecture 5 Positioning your content

Lecture 6 Creating your concept

Lecture 7 Content recap

Section 3: Designing Your Presentation to Maximize Impact

Lecture 8 Structuring your talk

Lecture 9 Creating visual & font consistency

Lecture 10 Defining color themes

Lecture 11 Ensuring image consistency

Lecture 12 Designing individual slides

Lecture 13 Finding great photos

Lecture 14 Building a clear communications hierarchy

Lecture 15 Design recap

Section 4: Preparing Your Talk for a Confident Delivery

Lecture 16 Rehearing content & delivery

Lecture 17 Rehearsing timing

Lecture 18 Understanding context

Lecture 19 Bringing the right things

Lecture 20 Preparation recap

Section 5: Delivering Your Talk to Maximize Audience Connection

Lecture 21 Staging your talk

Lecture 22 Delivering with confidence

Lecture 23 Remembering that you are the presentation

Lecture 24 Strengthening audience connection

Lecture 25 Bonus: Avoiding common pitfalls

Section 6: Course Wrap-up

Lecture 26 Wrap-up

Anyone who want to learn how to improve your presentation skills,Anyone who wants to get more comfortable with public speaking,Aspiring professions who understand the positive impact of being a strong presenter

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Created by: Joseph Liu

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