Presentation Skills The Complete Guide

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Presentation Skills The Complete Guide
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Presentation Skills The Complete Guide

What you’ll learn

Adapt your presentations to different learning styles
Communicate your ideas more effectively
Adapt your language to your audience
Use the power of metaphors
Adopt the body language of confidence when presenting
Master the power of storytelling
Become more comfortable presenting
Structure your presentations more clearly
Influence your audience with confidence
And much more

Presentation Skills The Complete Guide


Be open-minded and ready to take action.


Comprehensive program on public speakingThis training contains everything you need to know to boost your presentation skills.In this training, I share with you the fundamentals of public speaking.You will learn how to prepare a presentation, whether in the corporate world or elsewhere.You will learn how to use the power of storytelling. Furthermore, you will learn how to capture the attention of your audience and keep it throughout your presentation.You will also find examples and practical exercises to illustrate each point.Here are some testimonials from my course participants:” Jamal Lazaar is very competent in his training, he provides clear working methods to be successful. I recommend this course for those who question themselves. Excellent course! “. Landry” You can’t help but be motivated and have confidence in yourself after this course. Thank you Jamal “. L. Naraine” Simple, concise and concrete. Thanks ! ” Dave_________________________________________Why join this training on public speaking? Would you like to learn how to master public speaking?Would you like to learn how to convey your message with impact?Or would you like to learn how to communicate better?This training is for you!Public speaking is the key to boosting your career and your results.This is what can differentiate you from others by giving you a considerable advantage. But most people are afraid to speak in public and when they do, their main mission is to survive. They just try to get on stage, do the minimum they can to get out of there as quickly as possible.Public speaking immediately sets you apart from others if you master it. Others instantly see you as more credible and an expert in your field.Good presenters aren’t born that way. They have become good speakers with practice.You don’t have to guess, here are just a few skills you will learn by the end of this training:Adapt your presentations to different learning stylesCommunicate your ideas more effectivelyAdapt your language to your audienceUse the power of metaphorsAdopt the body language of confidence when presentingMaster the power of storytellingBecome more comfortable presentingStructure your presentations more clearlyInfluence your audience with confidenceAnd much moreThis is not a theoretical course, the techniques I share with you, you can immediately apply them and also see results. Throughout the training, you will find practical exercises to immediately apply what you learn.So what are you waiting for? Click the Buy now button and develop your presentation skills today.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 How to keep your nerves under control

Lecture 3 [Exercise] Keep your nerves under control

Section 2: Prepare the ground

Lecture 4 What is your message?

Lecture 5 [Exercise] what is your goal?

Lecture 6 Who is your audience?

Lecture 7 [Exercise] Who is your audience?

Lecture 8 Choose the style of your presentation

Lecture 9 [Exercise] Choose the style of your presentation

Lecture 10 The environment of your presentation

Section 3: Structure your presentation

Lecture 11 Capture the attention of your audience

Lecture 12 [Exercise] How to capture the attention of your audience

Lecture 13 Answer these 3 questions before you start

Lecture 14 How to structure the content of your presentation

Lecture 15 The 4MAT system

Section 4: Storytelling

Lecture 16 The importance of Storytelling

Lecture 17 [Exercise] The Importance of Stories

Lecture 18 The ingredients of effective storytelling

Lecture 19 The hero’s journey

Lecture 20 [Exercise] Build your own story

Section 5: The different learning styles

Lecture 21 [Exercise] Discover your favorite representational system

Lecture 22 Different Learning Styles

Lecture 23 Present with charisma using NLP

Lecture 24 [Exercise] Translate these predicates

Lecture 25 The charisma pattern

Section 6: Present with impact

Lecture 26 Your stage presence

Lecture 27 Present with impact

Section 7: Nonverbal communication

Lecture 28 Power postures

Lecture 29 [Exercise] Power postures

Lecture 30 Hand positions

Lecture 31 Body language

Section 8: Conclusion

Lecture 32 A final word

Lecture 33 Contact

Lecture 34 Bonus

Lecture 35 Your certificate

This training is for you if you want to present in a more professional way.,If you want to boost your presentations and have more impact.,Or if you want to learn how to capture the attention of your audience.

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Created by: Jamal Lazaar

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