Pro Engineer Creo Fundamental 3D design course

Learn fundamentals of creo parametric from scratch including part design,drawing,assembly
Pro Engineer Creo Fundamental 3D design course
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Pro Engineer Creo Fundamental 3D design course

What you’ll learn

known the complete details of 2-D sketch modeling tools such as lines,circles, rectangle etc.
learn how to create and design 3-D models and shapes using various commands like extrude,sweep,blend and many more
learn to create complex shapes using surface modeling feature .
create assembly , drawings and projections of parts and components.
sheetmetal modeling
learn about parametric based approach to design your models.
Confidently list your creo skills in your resume

Pro Engineer Creo Fundamental 3D design course


You should have basic understanding of computer. That’s it you need to know!
creo parametric 2.0 or any higher versions .
No prior knowledge. Just the desire to learn and create awesome designs.


About This Software

Hello Friends. welcome to our course on Pro Engineer Creo software.

Pro Engineer (pro/E)  creo is 3D CAD/CAM/CAE software developed by PTC corporation.    In 2010, the company has changed its name to creo parametric.

this course designed in such a way that you will learn about all important tools and commands of the software.This is a streamlined course to take you from knowing nothing about creo to give you all the knowledge and skills needed to become a certified creo designer. This course should enable you to, with confidence, use creo to design your next innovation. After this course, you can proudly list your creo skills in your resume.

About this course

This course is divided in 5 modules.    2D Sketch Modelling   3D Modelling   Advance Surface Modeling   Drafting and Drawing    Assembly

Features of the course

full and lifetime access to over 110 video lectures.

over 9 hours course content.

Language – English

This course is designed to give complete & depth knowledge of every tool used to make designed model or drawings with exercises.

we have provided more than 10 practice models with videos to have a better understanding of commands and tools.

You will get all files used to create this course which is helpful to do practice.

if you have any question regarding this course, feel free to contact us. We will love to help you.

Why take this course

this course starts with the basics and slowly takes you into the depth of designing and modelling.

almost all important tools and commands are discussed that are used in industry.

this course will help you to create your own designs and innovations.

for any query and trouble, we are always available for you.

What you will learn in this course

learn how to create 2D sketches using commands such as lines, circles, arcs, rectangles etc.

learn how to apply manual and automatic constraints to sketches.

learn how to edit, move, copy, sketches.

create 3D models and shapes using commands such as extrude, revolve, sweep, blend,sweep blend, draft,fillet,chamfer,cutout etc.

learn how to create drawings, projections and drafting of the models.    learn how to assemble and apply constraints to different parts and components.


Section 1: introduction

Lecture 1 Creo Introduction

Lecture 2 Mouse functions in creo

Section 2: Download Resource Files

Lecture 3 Download Project Files

Section 3: Basic Sketches

Lecture 4 Draw lines

Lecture 5 Rectangle command

Lecture 6 Draw Circles

Lecture 7 Arcs

Lecture 8 Ellipse

Lecture 9 Introduction to Part Modeling

Lecture 10 Fillet and Chamfer

Lecture 11 Pallete Library

Lecture 12 Draw Text in Sketches

Section 4: Sketch Edit and Modify

Lecture 13 Sketch Editing Tools Part 1

Lecture 14 Sketch Editing Tools Part 2

Lecture 15 Draw Center Lines

Lecture 16 Offset Entities in Sketch

Lecture 17 Geometric Constraints

Lecture 18 Automatic Geometric Constraints

Lecture 19 Add Dimensions in sketches

Lecture 20 Dimensions 2

Lecture 21 Weak and Strong Dimensions

Section 5: Creo Sketch Practice

Lecture 22 CREO Practice Sketch

Lecture 23 Practice sketch

Section 6: 3D Modeling Basics

Lecture 24 Extrude part 1

Lecture 25 Extrude part 2

Lecture 26 Extrude part 3

Lecture 27 Extrude part 4

Lecture 28 Revolve Tool

Lecture 29 3D Practice Model – 1

Lecture 30 Use of Feature Requirements Toolbar

Lecture 31 What are References

Lecture 32 Datum Planes

Lecture 33 Datum Axis

Lecture 34 Datum Point & Cordinates

Lecture 35 3D Practice Model – 2

Lecture 36 Feature Manager Model Tree

Section 7: 3D Modeling (more tools)

Lecture 37 Sweep command

Lecture 38 Sweep 2

Lecture 39 Swept Blend Feature

Lecture 40 Blend Feature

Lecture 41 Helical Sweep Tool

Lecture 42 Insert Spiral Bend

Section 8: Advance 3D Modelling

Lecture 43 Round Or Fillet in 3D Models

Lecture 44 Chamfer 3D Tool

Lecture 45 Copy and Paste Feature

Lecture 46 Hole Command

Lecture 47 Draft Feature

Lecture 48 Mirror Entities and Models

Lecture 49 Curves Through Points

Lecture 50 Curve through Cross Section

Lecture 51 Curve using Equation

Lecture 52 Curve through Intersection

Lecture 53 Ribs

Section 9: practise Models

Lecture 54 3D Model – 2

Lecture 55 3D Model – 3

Lecture 56 3D Model – 5

Lecture 57 3D Model – 6

Lecture 58 3D Model – 7

Lecture 59 3D Model – 8

Section 10: Pattern & Other Important 3D Tools

Lecture 60 Dimension Pattern

Lecture 61 Direction Pattern

Lecture 62 Axis Pattern

Lecture 63 Fill Pattern

Lecture 64 Table and Curve Pattern

Lecture 65 Reference Pattern

Lecture 66 Geometrical Pattern

Lecture 67 Turbo Pattern

Lecture 68 Shell

Lecture 69 Variable Pull Draft Tool

Lecture 70 Toroidal Bend

Lecture 71 Blower 1

Lecture 72 Blower 2

Section 11: Surface Modeling

Lecture 73 Intersect Curves and surfaces

Lecture 74 Merge surfaces

Lecture 75 Extend tool

Lecture 76 Trim Surafces

Lecture 77 Fill & Vertex Round

Lecture 78 Solidify features

Lecture 79 Project curves and sketches

Lecture 80 Offset and Thicken surfaces

Lecture 81 Boundary Blend Feature

Lecture 82 Blend Tangent to Surface

Lecture 83 Flatten Quilt

Lecture 84 model practice 1 part 1

Lecture 85 model practice 1 part 2

Lecture 86 model practice 1 part 3

Lecture 87 model practice 2 part 1

Lecture 88 model practice 2 part 2

Lecture 89 Real Life Projects Model (Automotive Components)

Section 12: Practice examples

Lecture 90 Practice 1

Lecture 91 Practice 2

Lecture 92 Practice 3

Lecture 93 Practice 4

Lecture 94 Practice 5

Lecture 95 Practice 6

Lecture 96 Practice 7

Lecture 97 Practice 8

Lecture 98 Practice 9

Lecture 99 Practice 10

Lecture 100 Practice 12

Lecture 101 Practice 13

Lecture 102 Practice 14

Lecture 103 Practice 15

Lecture 104 Practice 16

Lecture 105 Practice 17

Lecture 106 Practice 18

Lecture 107 Practice 19

Section 13: Assembly

Lecture 108 Introduction To Assembly

Lecture 109 Rigid Connection

Lecture 110 Coincident Connection

Lecture 111 Slider Connection

Lecture 112 Planar Constraint

Lecture 113 Pin And cylinder constraints

Lecture 114 Ball and Bearing Connection

Lecture 115 Weld Connection

Lecture 116 Slot Connection

Lecture 117 Sub-assembly connection

Lecture 118 Piston Head Assembly

Lecture 119 Servo Motor Mechanism

Lecture 120 Generate Bill of Material

Lecture 121 How to make a Family Table

Lecture 122 Parameters

Lecture 123 Render and Find Tool

Lecture 124 Creo Assembly Project Work

Section 14: Drawing

Lecture 125 Adding Views

Lecture 126 Projection Views

Lecture 127 Auxiliary Views

Lecture 128 Detailed Views

Lecture 129 Create Section View

Lecture 130 Revolve View

Lecture 131 Adding a Note

Lecture 132 Datum Features and References

Lecture 133 Create and use Mapkeys

Lecture 134 View Manager

Section 15: Basics of Sheet modeling

Lecture 135 Flat Wall

Lecture 136 Flange Wall

Lecture 137 Rips

Lecture 138 Corner Relief

Lecture 139 Bend

Lecture 140 Bend Back

Lecture 141 Unbend

Lecture 142 Merge and Offset

Lecture 143 Die form

Lecture 144 Notches And Punches

Lecture 145 Punch Form

Lecture 146 Sketch Form

Lecture 147 Switch to Sheet Metal

Lecture 148 Sheet Metal Example

Section 16: PTC creo Simulate

Lecture 149 Beam Analysis part 1

Lecture 150 Beam Analysis part 2

Lecture 151 Beam Analysis part 3

anyone who wants to learn any computer aided designing.,individual who wants to learn the creo/ProE software.,mechanical engineers and graduates who are interest is design.,working professionals who wants to enhance their skills on CAD software.,Individuals wanting to get a better job via creo design skills,Individuals wanting to list creo skills in their resume

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 14h 33m | 5.48 GB
Created by: Veer Tutorial

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