Problem Solving The Complete Guide

How to solve problems in an efficient and innovative way. Critical & Design thinking. Pareto. Mindmap. 6 thinking hats.
Problem Solving The Complete Guide
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Problem Solving The Complete Guide

What you’ll learn

Change your perception of problems and adopt the right mindset
Learn to Identify and formulate a problem
Discover methods to find innovative solutions
Learn to unleash your creativity
Evaluate and select the best solutions
Successfully implement the chosen solutions
And much more

Problem Solving The Complete Guide


Be open-minded and ready to take action.


Complete program on problem solvingThis training contains everything you need to know to solve problems in an efficient and innovative way.In this training, you will learn problem-solving techniques.I show you how to approach challenges with the right mindset.You will learn effective strategies for analyzing the causes of problems and methods of working with a group to find the best solutions.You will also find examples and practical exercises to illustrate each point.Here are some testimonials from my course participants:“I’m happy to be able to listen to people like Jamal. It’s concrete, it goes to the essentials, there is a real sharing, it’s precise and above all we feel that he knows what he’s talking about with a good preparation upstream. I can only recommend this training, because it is clearly an investment to be made!”. Salahddin“Pleasantly surprised by this course, I learned a lot. So, big questioning that comes at the best time in my life. Very motivating!”  Nicholas“Thank you for the concrete, the clarity and the synthesis! “. Lynne_________________________________________Why join this training on problem solving? Would you like to learn how to solve the problems you encounter?Would you like to learn how to identify the causes of a problem and find solutions?Or would you like to know how to select a solution, implement it and evaluate its effectiveness?This training is for you!Nowadays, problem-solving is a key skill for success.Whether you are an employee or entrepreneur, you must be able to analyze, reflect, evaluate options and make decisions.Most people feel overwhelmed with stress when faced with a problem.They find themselves paralyzed. They fail to structure their ideas. There are reasons behind these phenomena, and there are also techniques to overcome them.You don’t have to guess, here are just a few skills you will learn in this training:Change your perception of problems and adopt the right mindsetLearn to Identify and formulate a problemDiscover methods to find innovative solutionsLearn to unleash your creativityEvaluate and select the best solutionsSuccessfully implement the chosen solutionsAnd much moreThis is not a theoretical course, I share with you techniques that you can immediately apply in order to obtain results quickly. Throughout the training, you will find practical exercises to immediately apply what you learn.So what are you waiting for? Click the Buy now button and learn how to  take your problem-solving skills to the next level.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 The 4 phases of problem solving

Section 2: Change your perception of problems

Lecture 3 Problem solving mindset

Lecture 4 What is a problem?

Lecture 5 Adopt the right mindset

Lecture 6 [Exercise] Adopt the right mindset

Section 3: Identify and formulate a problem

Lecture 7 Develop active listening

Lecture 8 The 5 Ws and 1 H method

Lecture 9 [Exercise] The 5 Ws and 1 H technique

Lecture 10 Pareto’s law: prioritizing and ordering problems

Lecture 11 [Article] Pareto’s Law

Section 4: Research and identification of causes

Lecture 12 How to find the root cause of a problem

Lecture 13 The 5 WHYs technique

Lecture 14 The fishbone or Ishikawa diagram

Lecture 15 Exercise: The fishbone or Ishikawa diagram

Lecture 16 [Suggested solution]

Section 5: Identify solutions

Lecture 17 Think out of the box

Lecture 18 The six thinking hats method

Lecture 19 [Article] Six thinking hats

Lecture 20 Organize/Animate a brainstorming

Lecture 21 Mindmap

Lecture 22 [Exercise] Mindmap

Lecture 23 [Suggested solution]

Section 6: Evaluation and selection of solutions

Lecture 24 Advantages and disadvantages

Lecture 25 Weighted vote

Lecture 26 Decision Matrix

Lecture 27 Decision Tree

Section 7: Apply the chosen solution: plan and monitor

Lecture 28 Make a plan and take action

Lecture 29 Continue Vs Pivot

Lecture 30 Do regular checks

Section 8: Quiz

Section 9: Conclusion

Lecture 31 A final word

Lecture 32 Contact

Lecture 33 Bonus

Lecture 34 Your certificate

This training is for anyone who wants to solve problems faster and more efficiently.,Whether you are a manager, employee or entrepreneur, this training will help you develop your analytical and leadership skills.,This training will help you to better respond to crisis situations.

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Udemy | English | 1h 41m | 1.68 GB
Created by: Jamal Lazaar

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