Procurement and Contract Negotiation in Supply Chain

Unlock the power of strategic sourcing, optimize procurement processes, enhance supply chain and project management.
Procurement and Contract Negotiation in Supply Chain
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Procurement and Contract Negotiation in Supply Chain

What you’ll learn

Concepts of Procurement
Supplier Relationship Management
Essentials of Category Management
Comprehensive Contract Knowledge
Understanding Global Procurement
Mastering Negotiation Techniques
Effective Cost Management
Data Analysis and Performance Metrics
Procurement Risk Management
Embracing Ethical Procurement
Efficient Dispute Resolution
Operational Efficiency in Closing Procurement
Soft skills like communication, relationship building, critical thinking, and adaptability are also essential in the world of procurement.

Procurement and Contract Negotiation in Supply Chain


A basic understanding of business processes.
An interest in procurement and supply chain management.
A device (PC, Laptop, Tablet) with internet connectivity.


Welcome to the Procurement Mastery Course – your comprehensive guide to mastering every facet of the procurement process, from sourcing to supplier management.Course Overview:- Introduction to Procurement: Embark on a transformative journey with an in-depth introduction to procurement. Understand the foundational pillars and the significance of procurement management in today’s dynamic business landscape.- Procurement Strategies and Structures: Delve into the intricate distinctions between procurement, purchasing, and sourcing. Grasp the strategic frameworks that govern effective procurement practices.- Supplier Management: Deepen your knowledge of supplier relationships. From sourcing procurement partners to understanding how to end associations, ensure your procurement decisions are always strategic.- Category Management: Gain expertise in category management, a crucial subset of procurement that allows for more streamlined and efficient procurement operations.- Contracts and Legalities: Navigate the complex terrains of legalities in procurement. Master the nuances of contracts, ensuring that each procurement deal adheres to the highest standards of compliance.- Types of Procurement and Contracts: Discover the multifaceted world of procurement methods and contract structures, refining your procurement strategies.- Tendering and Auctions: Harness the power of technology in procurement, mastering tender processes and leveraging innovative platforms for optimal outcomes.- Global Procurement Considerations: Explore the global dimensions of procurement. From understanding international sourcing to managing costs, be equipped to handle any global procurement challenge.- Payments and Costs: Reinforce your procurement expertise by understanding payment mechanisms and optimizing cost management in every procurement initiative.- Negotiation Techniques: Hone your negotiation skills to secure the best deals in procurement, leveraging insights from procurement training and real-world scenarios.- Performance and Data Management: Optimize your procurement strategies with data-driven insights. From setting KPIs to streamlining the procure-to-pay process, ensure your procurement decisions are informed and impactful.- Risk and Ethics in Procurement: Uphold the highest standards of ethics in procurement, while strategically mitigating potential risks in every procurement decision.- Resolving Issues and Disputes: Navigate procurement conflicts with finesse, ensuring smooth operations and maintaining strong relationships with all stakeholders.- Closing Procurement: Conclude with an in-depth focus on the final stages of the procurement process, ensuring every decision aligns with best practices.Join us to master the art and science of procurement, empowering you to excel in the world of procurement and supply chain management.


Section 1: Introduction to Procurement

Lecture 1 Getting Started with Procurement and Contract Management

Lecture 2 Procurement Overview

Lecture 3 Steps in Procurement

Lecture 4 Communication in Procurement

Section 2: Procurement Strategies and Structures

Lecture 5 Procurement vs Purchasing vs Sourcing

Lecture 6 Centralized and Decentralized Purchasing

Lecture 7 Strategic Sourcing

Lecture 8 Make vs Buy Decisions

Lecture 9 Standardisation

Section 3: Supplier Management

Lecture 10 Finding Suppliers

Lecture 11 Supplier Selection

Lecture 12 Toyota Supplier management

Lecture 13 Collaboration with Supplier

Lecture 14 Changing Business Relationships and Supplier Dynamics

Lecture 15 Tierization: Understanding the Levels of Supplier Management

Lecture 16 Understanding Buyer-Supplier Relationships in Different Market conditions

Section 4: Sourcing

Lecture 17 Strategic Sourcing

Lecture 18 Types of Sourcing

Section 5: Category Management

Lecture 19 Introduction to Category Management

Lecture 20 Types of Category

Lecture 21 Strategic Category Management

Section 6: Contract and Legalities

Lecture 22 Introduction to Contracts

Lecture 23 Express and Implied terms

Lecture 24 Essentials of a Contract

Lecture 25 Contract Law

Lecture 26 Contract change control system

Lecture 27 Contract Safety Nets

Lecture 28 Battle of Forms

Lecture 29 Issue and Disputes in Procurement

Section 7: Types of Contracts

Lecture 30 Spot Buying

Lecture 31 Term Contract

Lecture 32 Spot vs Term Contract

Lecture 33 Framework Agreement

Lecture 34 Call Offs

Lecture 35 Panel Contract

Lecture 36 Market Linked and Cost Reimbursable Contract

Lecture 37 Time and Material contract

Lecture 38 Pricing Arrangement

Lecture 39 Blanket Purchase Agreement

Section 8: Key performance indicators and standard specifications

Lecture 40 KPI and Specifications

Lecture 41 Procurement KPI

Section 9: System technology and tendering

Lecture 42 Introduction to System technology

Lecture 43 Benefits of Using Systems Technology

Lecture 44 Understanding DATA in Procurement

Lecture 45 “Source-to-Pay” and “Procure-to-Pay”

Lecture 46 The Tale of Nike’s System Technology Mistake

Lecture 47 Tendering Management

Lecture 48 Tender Process

Lecture 49 Types of Tenders

Section 10: Global Sourcing

Lecture 50 International Sourcing

Lecture 51 Advantages and Disadvantages of Sourcing

Lecture 52 Trade Bloc and Agreement

Lecture 53 Customs Union and Common Market

Lecture 54 Impact of Trade

Lecture 55 Case Study Asian Tigers

Lecture 56 Trade Organizations

Lecture 57 Trade Barriers

Lecture 58 Intellectual Property Rights

Lecture 59 Anti Dumping Duty

Lecture 60 The Impact of Protectionism

Lecture 61 WTO Dispute Settlement System

Lecture 62 Major Trade Disputes in History

Lecture 63 Subsidies and Disputes

Lecture 64 Incoterms

Lecture 65 Incoterms case study

Lecture 66 Currency Exchange

Lecture 67 Supply Chain Currency management

Lecture 68 Payment Methods

Section 11: Procurement Contract Negotiations

Lecture 69 Introduction to Negotiations

Lecture 70 Emotions in Negotiations

Lecture 71 Asking open ended questions

Lecture 72 Preparation for Negotiation

Lecture 73 Information Gathering

Lecture 74 Power of Influence

Lecture 75 Concessions in Negociation

Lecture 76 Meeting Room

Lecture 77 A Time to Listen

Lecture 78 Anchoring and Framing

Lecture 79 Non verbal communication

Lecture 80 Saying NO

Lecture 81 Trust in Business

Lecture 82 Honesty in negotiations

Lecture 83 Starting with NO

Lecture 84 Nibble Technique

Lecture 85 Budget and Choices

Lecture 86 Time Technique

Lecture 87 Negotiation Tips

Lecture 88 Different Mediums of Communication

Lecture 89 Closing Negotiations

Section 12: Project Cost Management

Lecture 90 Managing Finances

Lecture 91 Direct and Indirect Cost

Lecture 92 Project Cost Management

Lecture 93 Types of Cost Estimation

Lecture 94 Steps for Cost Estimation

Lecture 95 Cost Baseline

Lecture 96 Project Example and Calculations

Lecture 97 Performance Indicators and Corrective Actions

Lecture 98 Cost Management Formulas to Remember.

Lecture 99 Numerical Solved Example ( Try to Solve) as you have an assignment ahead

Section 13: Ethics in Procurement

Lecture 100 Avoid Bribery

Lecture 101 Ethical responsibility and sustainable practices

Lecture 102 Sustainability

Section 14: Risk Management

Lecture 103 Risk Identification

Lecture 104 Risk Avoiding

Lecture 105 Risk Reporting and Documentation

Lecture 106 Risk of Assumptions

Lecture 107 Mark Story

Lecture 108 Technical Specifications

Section 15: Closing procurement

Lecture 109 Closing Procurement

Business owners looking to optimize their procurement processes.,Individuals aspiring to start or advance a career in procurement.,Managers and decision-makers involved in organizational buying processes.,Students studying business, supply chain, or related fields.

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Created by: Adarsh Amal

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