Produce Engaging Whiteboard Animations in VideoScribe

Learn how to use VideoScribe to produce Eye Catching Whiteboard Animations that highlight your brand or product.
Produce Engaging Whiteboard Animations in VideoScribe
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Produce Engaging Whiteboard Animations in VideoScribe

What you’ll learn

Learn how to use VideoScribe to create Whiteboard Animations
Understand Good Design Practices when creating Whiteboard Animations
Promote or Explain your Business, Product, or Service
Find out about GREAT royalty free resources that can help bring your project to life!

Produce Engaging Whiteboard Animations in VideoScribe


PC or Mac
An Active Trial or Subscription to VideoScribe


If you are looking to learn how to make your own Whiteboard Animations, rather than pay someone else to do it, you’ve come to the right place! These videos are great for advertising and getting your message across, no matter what it is. You can have little to no video production or design knowledge to get started making Whiteboard Animations. These videos are great for small businesses, startups, and even teachers. The goal is to learn the basics of how to use VideoScribe, advanced techniques within the program, find out about valuable royalty free resources, and finally to approach the designing of whiteboard animations with a more artistic eye.Also included is a bonus pack of 40+ original & remixed SVG images for your use within VideoScribe PLUS an SVG & PNG Full Color Character Pack.New Lessons: Learn VideoScribe for browser – A new version of the program that allows you to create Whiteboard Animations from any computer while connected to the internet!Learn how to add text, images, shapes & audioUnderstand what scenes & transitions are and how to use themLearn about the advanced timelineFind out how to share a preview link with colleagues or clients, and how to export & download your video


Section 1: Intro to VideoScribe

Lecture 1 Promo

Lecture 2 What is VideoScribe

Lecture 3 Logging in

Lecture 4 Setting up

Section 2: Setting the Stage

Lecture 5 Create a Scribe

Lecture 6 Adding Images

Lecture 7 Changing Image Properties

Lecture 8 Adding Text

Lecture 9 Changing Text Properties

Lecture 10 Preview, Save & Render

Lecture 11 Adding Music & Voice Over

Section 3: Tweaking the Scribe

Lecture 12 Camera Positioning

Lecture 13 Importing an Image from a File

Lecture 14 Timing

Lecture 15 Adding a GIF

Lecture 16 Advanced Image Properties

Lecture 17 Image & Text Filter Effects

Lecture 18 Move in an element

Lecture 19 Erasing

Lecture 20 Changing Hands & Backgrounds

Lecture 21 Morphing

Lecture 22 Final Preview

Section 4: Advanced Techniques

Lecture 23 Importing & Syncing a pre-recorded voice over

Lecture 24 Create & Edit SVGs in Illustrator

Lecture 25 Making a GIF

Lecture 26 Add a Chart

Section 5: Support, Resources & Design Advice

Lecture 27 Troubleshooting & Contacting Support

Lecture 28 Valuable Resources

Lecture 29 Design Advice

Lecture 30 Adding Backgrounds to Slides

Lecture 31 Project & Image File Organization

Lecture 32 Keyboard Shortcuts

Lecture 33 BONUS: SVG Images & Character Pack

Lecture 34 8 Steps to Creating a Video

Lecture 35 Congratulations!

Section 6: New VideoScribe Features

Lecture 36 VideoScribe 3.0

Lecture 37 Adding a logo watermark

Lecture 38 ‘Fade In’ Animation Method

Lecture 39 Changing the color of images within VideoScribe

Lecture 40 Newest VideoScribe Version Release Notes

Section 7: VideoScribe for browser

Lecture 41 Intro to VideoScribe for browser

Lecture 42 Adding Elements & Previewing

Lecture 43 Scenes & Transitions

Lecture 44 Advanced Timeline

Lecture 45 Sharing & Downloading your video

For Beginner & Intermediate Level Aspiring Video Producers,Not for Advanced Level Video Animators/Designers

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 1h 19m | 410.77 MB
Created by: Mary Ingrassia

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