Product Management 101

Learn to become a more strategic product manager – and have a greater impact on your company and your products
Product Management 101
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Todd Birzer


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Product Management 101

What you’ll learn

Learn the best practices of the work of product management – spanning market intelligence, strategy, new product development, and lifecycle management
Take strong steps toward becoming a more strategic (and impactful) product manager
Sample the breadth of product management including software, hardware, services, and analytics
Learn to be leaner, faster, and more experimental

Product Management 101


Product management experience is helpful, although not required.


The goal of Product Management 101 is to help you become a more strategic product manager – with a greater impact on your company and your products.  We will cover the spectrum of product management work from market intelligence, strategy, new product development, and lifecycle management. And we’ll span the breadth of product management, including software, hardware, services, and analytics – with company examples and practice activities.We will step through the best practices for working with development teams to create innovative, market-leading products. We’ll discuss how to find deep customer insight. And we will look at how to best position, price, and manage these products in the market.  This course has been designed for product managers with 0-5 years of experience who want to up-level and re-energize their work, and it’s been designed for aspiring product managers who want to kickstart their work with skill and impact.As product managers, we are gifted with influential positions. We aren’t wall decorations. We steal market share from our competitors month-by-month. We innovate, refine, and evolve our products. We set up our products for long-term success. We focus and deliver, we delight our customers. But all this takes skill. This course can help get you there.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Course introduction

Lecture 2 The strategic role of product management

Section 2: Market Intelligence

Lecture 3 Customer analysis

Lecture 4 Interviewing customers: Skills and question types

Lecture 5 Interviewing customers: Step-by-step

Lecture 6 Practice Activity: Uber, Lyft, and ridesharing interview

Lecture 7 Personas

Lecture 8 The Kano Model for analyzing customer needs

Lecture 9 Practice Activity: Reedsy & the Kano Model

Lecture 10 Customer analysis examples: KeepTruckin and Steelcase

Lecture 11 Market analysis

Lecture 12 Profiling market segments

Lecture 13 Sizing market segments

Lecture 14 Competitive analysis

Lecture 15 Analyzing direct competition: market share and trends

Lecture 16 Competitors’ strategy and go-to-market

Lecture 17 Competitive positioning

Lecture 18 Competitive product comparisons

Lecture 19 Disruptive technology and autonomous vehicles

Lecture 20 Competitive monitoring

Section 3: Strategy

Lecture 21 Product vision and objectives

Lecture 22 Practice Activity: Product vision and objectives

Lecture 23 Elements of a strategy

Lecture 24 Practice Activity: Product strategy

Lecture 25 Operationalizing and refining a strategy

Section 4: New Product Development

Lecture 26 Prioritization

Lecture 27 Roadmapping

Lecture 28 Objectives and key results (OKRs)

Lecture 29 Practice Activity: Objective and key results (OKRs) with eBird

Lecture 30 Development buckets

Lecture 31 Practice Activity: Development buckets with Radley Robots

Lecture 32 Prioritized backlog

Lecture 33 Discovery and delivery

Lecture 34 Practice Activity: Discovery & delivery with Big Agnes tents

Lecture 35 Stage-gates

Lecture 36 Testing product concepts

Lecture 37 Testing product concepts: examples

Lecture 38 Product analytics – software

Lecture 39 Product analytics – hardware

Lecture 40 Product experiments

Lecture 41 The new flavors of product management

Lecture 42 Launch

Lecture 43 Excellent new product launches: examples

Section 5: Lifecycle management

Lecture 44 Positioning and communication

Lecture 45 Practice Activity: Create a value proposition

Lecture 46 Benefit trees

Lecture 47 Buyer’s journey and content marketing

Lecture 48 Personas, purchase process, and engagement triggers

Lecture 49 Pricing

Lecture 50 3C’s of pricing

Lecture 51 Pricing step-by-step

Lecture 52 Practice Activity: LinkedIn pricing

Lecture 53 Discount management

Lecture 54 Sales support

Lecture 55 Activity: Working with sales teams

Lecture 56 Sales enablement tools

Lecture 57 Training, deal support, and view-from-the-field

Lecture 58 Sales channels

Lecture 59 Practice Activity: HP sales channels

Lecture 60 Finding and refining sales channels

Lecture 61 Product support

Lecture 62 Product support with Kobo360 and Sendy

Lecture 63 Finding growth

Lecture 64 Practice Activity: Finding growth

Lecture 65 Product-led growth

Lecture 66 Growth case study: Udemy

Lecture 67 Obsolescence

Section 6: Wrap-up

Lecture 68 7 big themes from the course

Lecture 69 Course wrap-up

Lecture 70 Bonus lecture: Customer interview example

Product managers with 0-5 years of experience,Aspiring product managers,Business managers who want to understand the work of product teams

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Created by: Todd Birzer

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