Product Management AZ Excel as a PM Build great Products

Product Management course (with Live Case Exercises & inputs from PMs @Top Tech cos.)- Build n Grow products & Get Hired
Product Management AZ Excel as a PM Build great Products
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Vaibhav Gupta


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Product Management AZ Excel as a PM Build great Products

What you’ll learn

Understand what is Product Management? The role & responsibilities of a Product manager.
Understand how to come up with product idea & validate the idea.
Conduct user research and structure findings into Product insights – Personas & Journey Mappings
Define an MVP, Develop experiments & prototyping technique to validate your hypothesis.
Understand principles behind designing a great Product. Create wireframes & Mockups.
Develop Roadmap, Understand Agile Methodologies & Manage Product Development Cycle.
Create specs & user stories for product developments.
Conducting Design Sprints & Usability Testing
Understand metrics frameworks and what metrics to track.
Develop Growth Model & Understand how to grow your product.
Understand Technology & Software Dev Terminologies
How to prepare for Product Management Interview – Resources, Sample Question & Answers

Product Management AZ Excel as a PM Build great Products


This course has no prerequisites. Just an urge to learn!


The most complete course you’ll find on Product Management with practical case studies, 35 Live Case Hand-on Exercises & Quizzes. The course is built with inputs from product managers working at top tech firms (Google, Adobe, Amazon and many more). You’ll learn about the entire skillsets, tools and processes used in building and managing great products. There’s never been more exciting time to pursue a career in Product Management. Technology is all around you and Tech companies are booming with more access to venture capital than ever before and have successfully demonstrated how to build a sustainable business and develop a strong ecosystem around them.Naturally, many of us have this question of  – “How to learn the skills of Product Management & How to get into Product domain?”This course answers all your doubt. From ideation to market research, to validating your ideas and developing UX & designing wireframes and mockups and finally writing user stories, managing development processes and growing your product. This course has everything covered plus guide on cracking PM Interview.You’ll find this course as a one stop shop for all the learning needs for -an entrepreneur struggling with Product Development processes or someone who has an idea and doesn’t know how or where to start or someone who wants to take up Product Management as a career or transition into Product role orsomeone who is an product manager and want to excel in this domain. Students aren’t required to know anything beforehand – the course covers the fundamentals and how to apply them; as well as, how to develop advanced skills for and finally how to prepare to get a job as a Product Manager.Your Instructor -Vaibhav Gupta is a Tech Entrepreneur and a Product & Growth Specialist. He has an extensive product experience and has worked on Enterprise as well as Consumer based products. He Heads Product for Tech-Logistics Startup as well as is responsible for Product Innovation at Monotype. His experience in product management spans several industries and development models where he has been engaged with E-Commerce majors, Technology Consulting and consulted various startups.


Section 1: Introduction to Product Management

Lecture 1 Course Intro

Lecture 2 What is Product Management & What does a PM do?

Section 2: Market Understanding

Lecture 3 Market Understanding & Idea Validation – Competitive Analysis

Lecture 4 Market Estimation & Go/No-Go for Idea

Section 3: All about User Research

Lecture 5 How to conduct user research

Lecture 6 Product Artefacts – Personas & Mapping

Section 4: Idea to MVP

Lecture 7 What is a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) and how to define one?

Lecture 8 Running MVP Experiments – Case Study

Section 5: Designing a Product

Lecture 9 Fundamentals of Product Design

Lecture 10 Design Sprint – What & How?

Lecture 11 Usability Testing

Section 6: Product Development

Lecture 12 Epics & User-Stories : Building blocks of a Product

Lecture 13 How to create Product Roadmaps, Backlog & PRD

Lecture 14 Feature Prioritization

Lecture 15 Managing Product Development

Section 7: Product Growth (Deep Dive on Metrics)

Lecture 16 Understanding Product Metrics

Lecture 17 Product Growth Model

Section 8: Everything on A/B Testing

Lecture 18 A/B Testing – What & How (Walk-Through of Google Optimize)

Section 9: Full Product Life Cycle – Live Case Study

Section 10: Understanding Tech Terminologies for PM

Lecture 19 Tech Terminologies a PM should know

Section 11: Resources: Get Job as Product Manager

Lecture 20 Path to become a Product Manager

Lecture 21 How to answer Product Interview Questions

Lecture 22 Mock Product Interview – Answering Product Design Qs

Lecture 23 Preparing for PM Interview – About Me & Behavioural Questions

Lecture 24 Preparing for PM Interview – Product Questions

Lecture 25 Preparing for PM Interview – Case Interviews

Lecture 26 Supplementary Learning – List of Product Interview Questions with Answers

Section 12: Supplementary Learning

Lecture 27 Case Study Airbnb – Importance of MVP for product launch

Lecture 28 Case Study : Paytm – Identifying customer needs

1. Anyone wanting to become a Product Manager,2. Anyone wanting to transition into Product Domain.,3. Entrepreneurs who want to learn & improve product development for their startup.,4. If you have an idea about a Product and don’t know where to start.,5. Current Product Managers who want to learn further and excel in Product Management domain.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 51m | 2.46 GB
Created by: Vaibhav Gupta

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