Product Management Masterclass Product Strategy Creation

Everything you need to know to develop a winning product strategy (incl. techniques, tools, projects, and more).
Product Management Masterclass Product Strategy Creation
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Product Management Masterclass Product Strategy Creation

What you’ll learn

1. Product Strategy Benefits – Understand why a Product Strategy is needed and what its key components are.
2. Product Vision – Learn how to create a compelling vision for your product.
3. Market Research – Learn which markets to enter and which to avoid by applying a market attractiveness analysis.
4. Business Design Modeling – Learn how to create a winning product strategy by applying techniques from the world of business design
5. Service Design – Learn what features to include in your product by applying service design techniques
6. Go-2-Market – Learn how to launch your new product using a marketing plan.
7. Monitoring – Learn what to monitor when launching a new product strategy
8. Project – Apply your knowledge and skills in a concrete use case that you build up throughout the course

Product Management Masterclass Product Strategy Creation


This is a course accessible for starting and experienced professionals


Introduction:Welcome to the course on product strategy creation, where you’ll discover the secrets to unlocking the full potential of your existing or new products. In today’s competitive marketplace, a well-defined product strategy can make all the difference. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, a product manager, or a business professional looking to enhance your skills, our course is designed to equip you with the expertise needed to develop winning strategies.Why Product Strategy Creation Matters:Product strategy is the backbone of a successful business, guiding every aspect of your organization’s growth. A well-crafted strategy aligns your goals, resources, and market opportunities, empowering you to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition. By mastering the art of product strategy creation, you gain a powerful tool to drive growth, innovate, and achieve success at the level of your product and ultimately at the level of the entire organization. What You Will Learn:In our comprehensive course, you’ll delve into the intricacies of product strategy creation and gain practical skills that you can apply immediately. Here’s a glimpse of what you’ll learn:Chapter 1 – Product vision: define a laser sharp product vision that embodies what your product is set out to solve.Chapter 2 – Where to play: define which markets to enter and which to avoid by analyzing market trends, identifying target audiences and their specific needs, evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors, etc.Chapter 3 – How to win: define how your product is going to win by applying business design on 9 different axis (the customer segments, the value proposition, the customer relationships, the distribution channels, the key activities, the key resources, the key partners, the revenue structure including pricing and the cost structure).Chapter 4 – What to create: define what feature to include in your product by applying service design techniques (user research, define the problem statement, ideate on the solution, prototype and test it). You will also be able to define a product roadmap using prioritization techniques such as KANO and story mapping. Chapter 5 – How to launch: define how to launch your product on the market by following a clear and concise marketing plan. This plan includes the goals, the marketing mix, the selected channels, the content strategy, budget planning, etc.Chapter 6 – What to monitor: define how to monitor your product by looking at 4 different areas being the user, the product, the competition and the industry trends. Why choose this course? Expert Instructor: as a manager in one of the largest consulting firms I had the pleasure to guide many product managers and product owner in defining a product strategy for their products. Due to my role as a consultant, I could experience and guide the creation of many different products in a relative short period of time. Practical approach: theory is important but practice makes perfect. We always try to accompany theory with practical examples drawn from our own experience. The course also has a project that will help you to further cement your knowledge.Handouts: you will have access to the handouts and other tools and frameworks that you can use in your professional environment.Available: in case you have questions regarding a specific topic related to the course, you can always contact us and we will make sure to find a solution together!Convinced? Enroll today!Are you ready to take your product strategy creation skills to the next level? Enroll in our product strategy creation course now and unlock the secrets to driving business success. Gain the expertise to propel your career to new heights and stay ahead of the competition. Don’t miss this opportunity—enroll today!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 The benefits of creating a product strategy

Lecture 3 Product strategy must-haves

Lecture 4 Key takeaways

Section 2: Chapter 1 – Product vision

Lecture 5 Introduction

Lecture 6 Product vision must-haves

Lecture 7 Product vision examples

Lecture 8 Key takeaways

Section 3: Chapter 2 – Where to play

Lecture 9 Introduction

Lecture 10 How to conduct an industry health analysis

Lecture 11 What are your thoughts?

Lecture 12 How to conduct a customer analysis

Lecture 13 How to conduct a competition analysis

Lecture 14 How to conduct a supplier analysis

Lecture 15 How to conduct a market trend analysis

Lecture 16 Key takeaways

Section 4: Chapter 3 – How to win

Lecture 17 Introduction

Lecture 18 Value proposition & customer segment

Lecture 19 Customer relationships

Lecture 20 Distribution channels

Lecture 21 Key activities

Lecture 22 Key resources

Lecture 23 Key partnerships

Lecture 24 Revenue structure

Lecture 25 Cost structure

Lecture 26 Key takeaways

Lecture 27 Business model overview

Section 5: Chapter 4 – What to create

Lecture 28 Introduction

Lecture 29 Service design activity 1 – User research

Lecture 30 Service design activity 2 – Define

Lecture 31 Service design activity 3 – Ideation

Lecture 32 Service design activity 4 – Prototype

Lecture 33 Prototype type- Video prototype

Lecture 34 Prototype type – Concierge prototype

Lecture 35 Prototype type- Wizard of Oz prototype

Lecture 36 Service design activity 5 – Testing

Lecture 37 Product roadmap and MVP

Lecture 38 Prioritization with story mapping

Lecture 39 Prioritization with KANO model

Lecture 40 Service design activity 6 – POC implementation

Lecture 41 Key takeaways

Section 6: Chapter 5 – How to launch

Lecture 42 Introduction

Lecture 43 Marketing plan step 1 – Marketing goals

Lecture 44 Marketing plan step 2 – Marketing mix

Lecture 45 Marketing plan step 3 – Marketing channels

Lecture 46 Marketing plan step 4 – Content strategy

Lecture 47 Marketing plan step 5 – Budget planning

Lecture 48 Marketing plan step 6 – Monitoring the plan

Lecture 49 Key takeaways

Section 7: Chapter 6 – What to monitor

Lecture 50 Introduction

Lecture 51 Monitoring area 1 – The product

Lecture 52 Monitoring area 2 – The users

Lecture 53 Monitoring area 3 – The competitors

Lecture 54 Case in point – Following competitors

Lecture 55 Monitoring area 4 – The market trends

Lecture 56 Case in point – Following market trends

Lecture 57 Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

Lecture 58 Creating a product dashboard

Lecture 59 Key takeaways

Section 8: Bonus section on elicitation techniques

Lecture 60 Overview of elicitiation techniques

Lecture 61 Elicitation technique – How to conduct interviews

Lecture 62 Elicitation technique – How to conduct observations

Lecture 63 Elicitation technique – How to conduct workshops

Lecture 64 Elicitation technique – How to conduct brainstormings

Lecture 65 Elicitation technique – How to conduct surveys

Lecture 66 Elicitation technique – How to conduct prototyping

Section 9: Wrapping up

Lecture 67 Congratulations!

Lecture 68 What are your thoughts?

Lecture 69 Bonus lecture

Beginner and experienced product managers,Beginner and experienced product owners,Beginner and experienced marketeers,Beginner and experienced consultants,Entrepreneurs managing their business and their products within it,All professionals that are involved in the creation of new product offerings

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Created by: Thibault Dubois

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