Product Marketing Fundamentals Lead with Customer Empathy

Position your product for success by knowing your customer, rallying stakeholders, and going to market with confidence.
Product Marketing Fundamentals Lead with Customer Empathy
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Product Marketing Fundamentals Lead with Customer Empathy

What you’ll learn

Build product marketing strategies with a customer-centric approach
Get to know your customer by building an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP)
Craft nuanced positioning and messaging frameworks that speak to your audience
Develop strong relationships with your product, sales, and marketing stakeholders
Launch go-to-market motions that will make your product stand out from the rest
Measure success using a north star metric

Product Marketing Fundamentals Lead with Customer Empathy


No marketing experience required. Come as you are.


Product Marketing is one of the most critical functions in businesses today – and yet the most mysterious. Many organizations have developed product marketing departments with varying goals and objectives. The benefits of product marketing range from getting crystal clarity on who the target customer is to helping internal stakeholders get aligned on the launch goals of the go-to-market strategy. Product marketing can deliver sustained business results while creating fans in customers that last a lifetime – if it is done right. At the center of top-quality product marketing lies the focus on customer empathy. With customer empathy, businesses can deeply resonate with their customers and operate from a perspective that can be leveraged as their competitive advantage. Customer empathy is key to becoming an impactful product marketer. Understanding how to develop a growth mindset by constantly learning about and understanding the customer perspective is critical to the success of a product marketing team. This course gives you the fundamentals with which you can start and/or augment your product marketing motions today. Define your customerBuild positioning and messaging frameworksOutline your stakeholder mapsDeliver the right metrics for your businessWe discuss these topics and many more in this course to help you get started with product marketing today. Please join me!


Section 1: Hello & Welcome

Lecture 1 Who Is Your Instructor?

Lecture 2 Why Does This Course Exist?

Lecture 3 Activity: What Do You Want From This Course?

Section 2: Diving Into the Basics

Lecture 4 The Rise of Product Marketing

Lecture 5 The Product Lifecycle

Lecture 6 Knowing Your Customer

Lecture 7 Activity: Create an ICP

Lecture 8 Building a Messaging & Positioning Framework

Lecture 9 Activity: Craft a Positioning Statement

Section 3: Work Together, Win Together

Lecture 10 Why Stakeholders Matter

Lecture 11 Identifying Your Stakeholders

Lecture 12 The Stakeholder Map

Lecture 13 Activity: Develop a RASCI Framework

Section 4: Going to Market with Empathy & Confidence

Lecture 14 The Mystery of the Channel Mix

Lecture 15 Empathy in Go-To-Market

Lecture 16 Test. Learn. GTM. Repeat.

Section 5: Measuring Success

Lecture 17 The North Star Metric

Lecture 18 Setting the Baseline

Lecture 19 Learning-Based Outcomes

Lecture 20 Activity: Identify a North Star Metric

Section 6: Bringing It Together

Lecture 21 In Summary

Beginner product marketers who are career switchers or recent grads,Current product marketers who are looking to build their core product marketing & go to market skills,Startup founders looking to build product marketing motions in their companies,VC investors trying to understand how product marketing can benefit their companies

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Created by: Bryan Dsouza

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