Product Strategy Create Experiment and Go Big

Focus our teams, find impact, and build the future we envision
Product Strategy Create Experiment and Go Big
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Product Strategy Create Experiment and Go Big

What you’ll learn

How to find and prioritize our best strategic options
How to discover customer, market, and competitive insights to power a product strategy
How to experiment and refine our strategic options
How to decide, act, and track a product strategy
How to gain support and alignment for a product strategy

Product Strategy Create Experiment and Go Big


Experience with product management, product development, or product marketing is helpful, but not required


If we are asked, we almost universally say product strategy is important, but our teams don’t act this way.We often don’t do a strategy, our strategy becomes a series of small enhancements, our strategy becomes whatever we do to win the next deal.Let’s turn this around! Creating and running a product strategy is our best chance to focus, motivate, and align our teams, it’s our best chance to innovate, it’s our best chance to be bold and go big.If you are a VP/Director/Head of Product, a product manager, a product marketer, or an engineering leader, the goal of this course is to get you the process and tools you need to successfully create, experiment, and run a product strategy.We’ll go through five steps:Defining our goals with a product vision and objectivesUnderstanding our environment (customers, markets, competition, technology, regulations…) and finding insights to power our strategyFinding and prioritizing our best strategic optionsExperimenting and refining our options to ensure they work in the marketDeciding, acting, and tracking a product strategyWe’ll keep this course very practical (not academic!). In each section, I’ve included tools, examples, and activities to help make product strategy real – and doable.Product Strategy: Create, Experiment, and Go Big…I hope you’ll join us!


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 Five excellent product companies (and a question)

Section 2: Product strategy: the basics

Lecture 3 Product strategy: the basics

Lecture 4 Product strategy: step-by-step

Lecture 5 Start with why: Product vision and objectives

Lecture 6 Practice activity: Product vision and objectives

Lecture 7 Empowered teams (are we done?)

Section 3: Understand our environment (deeply)

Lecture 8 Understand our environment (deeply)

Lecture 9 Customer hopes: Interview our customers

Lecture 10 Customer hopes: Dive into product analytics

Lecture 11 Size our markets

Lecture 12 Analyze our competitive threats

Lecture 13 Know our technology trends, regulations, and more

Lecture 14 Understand us: Our company culture, history, and assets

Lecture 15 Practice Activity: Kids Note

Lecture 16 Rippling and gig worker benefits

Section 4: Find our best strategic options

Lecture 17 Blue Radix and autonomous greenhouse technology

Lecture 18 Find our best strategic options

Lecture 19 Structure our options with a strategic options tree

Lecture 20 Detail our options with strategy narratives

Lecture 21 Prioritize our options with a value-effort matrix

Lecture 22 Practice Activity: Strategic options

Lecture 23 Strategic options: Our educated judgment

Section 5: Experiment, decide, and act

Lecture 24 Nauto and building consensus

Lecture 25 Experiment and refine

Lecture 26 Cascade our strategic objectives

Lecture 27 Tell a story with strategic roadmaps

Lecture 28 Focus energy with development buckets

Lecture 29 Build consensus and support

Lecture 30 Practice Activity: Build consensus and support

Lecture 31 Experiment, decide, and act section wrap-up

Section 6: Course wrap-up

Lecture 32 7 big themes from the course

Lecture 33 Course wrap-up

Product team leaders, product managers, engineering leaders, product marketers, and executives managing these teams who want to find impact for their business through a crisp, focused product strategy

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Created by: Todd Birzer

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