Production workflow with Blender

Product Modeling – Headset Beats
Production workflow with Blender
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Production workflow with Blender

What you’ll learn

Modeling, texturing, lighting and product rendering – Headset Beats
In a short time you will be able to understand how to make your own projects
There are no risks in purchasing this course.
We will make a model as per reference simulating a real freelance production workflow

Production workflow with Blender


Basic knowledge of Blender software


Hey guys, please, in response to students’ requests, we are recording our courses according to the students’ requests and to meet some of them we have prepared this incredible step-by-step course where the student will follow the entire production workflow in a very clear and well-structured way for modeling a 3d packshot.we will cover topics such as: the importance of reference images, modeling, lighting, texturing and rendering of a Headset Beats product.after this training the student will be able to develop their own 3d models for products.We will be using the free blender software in the most stable version at the moment, version 2.93.4 lts. we will bring modeling tips and mapped lighting techniques to give realism to your 3d models.We have a facebook group to support and improve the student, in addition to being able to network and share their work, meet other artists and who knows how to get jobs by making friends with their study colleagues.In this course, the step-by-step modeling workflow will be shown, straight to the point, so that the student can absorb the maximum of the content presented.Don’t miss the chance to become a professional in 3d visualization of products in the most promising market of the moment. I’m waiting for you in class – let’s study!…..


Section 1: The first step to successful production

Lecture 1 Introduction

Section 2: starting modeling

Lecture 2 modeling the base

Lecture 3 Base modeling 2

Lecture 4 modeling the top

Lecture 5 Completing the modeling

Section 3: creating the materials

Lecture 6 phone materials

Lecture 7 non-material adjustments

Lecture 8 Completion of textures

Section 4: lighting and rendering

Lecture 9 dinner rendering 01

Lecture 10 Conclusion

Designers, photographers, 3d enthusiasts and anyone willing to learn something new

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 5h 12m | 5.60 GB
Created by: The Avenew Academy Bootcamp

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