Productive coding with WebStorm

Write code faster and achieve better productivity with this IDE for webdevelopers
Productive coding with WebStorm
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Productive coding with WebStorm

What you’ll learn

Learn how to best use WebStorm in your role as JavaScript and TypeScript developer.
Learn how to customize the IDE, discover the most valuable shortcuts and the quickest way to write your code.
It doesn’t matter if you are working with Angular, React, Aurelia or vanilla JavaScript and TypeScript. Everybody benefits from knowing their IDE inside out.

Productive coding with WebStorm


The training Productive coding with WebStorm is for web developers who spend most of their day working with JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS and many other web technologies. For this, WebStorm is one of the best editors. No specific prior knowledge is required, anyone can benefit from boosting their skills by making optimal use of WebStorm. The training takes less than two hours. You will earn your investment back within a week by being able to write your code (much!) faster


Productive coding with WebStorm
JetBrains WebStorm is the perfect editor for web developers. It is a full featured IDE that provides all the tools and features for developers in JavaScript, Typescript, NodeJS and of course HTML and CSS.Learn WebStorm or any other JetBrains IDE in one afternoon!
This brief training will show you how to best use WebStorm to be as productive as possible. You will learn many useful tricks to work faster. You’ll see all the possibilities to customize the user interface, using keyboard shortcuts and write your code superfast by creating and using Live Templates. Also you’ll learn how WebStorm supports your workflow and lets you use tools like Gulp, NPM or Github, all without leaving your editor!
The course is specifically intended for WebStorm, but is also extremely valuable for users of other JetBrains editors like IntelliJ, PHPStorm, PyCharm and others.
This course covers the following topics:
Welcome and introductionDownloading and installing WebStormTouring the IDE and setting up your working environmentAdapting the UI to meet your personal needsCoding faster in JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML and CSSUsing build- and workflow tools right from the IDEGit- and Github integrationTesting your RESTful Services with the REST ClientAdding and deleting pluginsOther tips and tricks


Section 1: Welcome

Lecture 1 Introduction – who is Peter Kassenaar?

Lecture 2 Agenda

Lecture 3 What is WebStorm?

Section 2: Installation and setup

Lecture 4 Agenda

Lecture 5 Downloading and installing WebStorm

Lecture 6 The Welcome Screen

Lecture 7 Touring the User Interface

Lecture 8 Adapting the User Interface

Lecture 9 Themes, Fonts and Colors

Lecture 10 Ultra fast editing with Find Action

Lecture 11 Keymaps and custom shortcuts

Lecture 12 Export and Import your settings

Section 3: Coding faster with WebStorm

Lecture 13 Agenda

Lecture 14 Faster HTML with Emmet

Lecture 15 Faster CSS with Emmet

Lecture 16 Quick navigation through files, folders and classes

Lecture 17 Using Live Templates

Lecture 18 Creating Live Templates

Lecture 19 Using and creating File Templates

Lecture 20 More tips and tricks

Section 4: Build tools, Version Control and more

Lecture 21 Agenda

Lecture 22 Running NPM and Gulp Scripts

Lecture 23 Working with Local History

Lecture 24 Git integration

Lecture 25 Integration with Github

Lecture 26 Checkout/Clone from Github

Lecture 27 Testing and debugging RESTful Web Services

Lecture 28 Working with Plugins

Lecture 29 Thank you and Your Feedback

This course is intended for web developers who are using JetBrains WebStorm as their IDE, or wanting to learn to make optimum use of WebStorm.,If you use another JetBrains IDE like IntelliJ or PHPStorm, you’ll also benefit!

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 7m | 1011.18 MB
Created by: Peter Kassenaar

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