Professional Email Writing in English Complete Training

Learn Email Etiquette and Write Business Emails That Are Clear, Effective and Error-Free
Professional Email Writing in English Complete Training
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Professional Email Writing in English Complete Training

What you’ll learn

Learn Business Email Etiquette and Best Practices
Write Emails That Are Clear, Effective and Error-free
Achieve a Writing Style That is Kind and Professional While Still Being Firm and Effective
Communicate More Efficiently and Avoid Back and Forth Emails
Improve Your Team’s Communication and Efficiency
Organize Your Inbox for Higher Productivity
Schedule Conference Calls Without any Friction
Practice Different Types of Emails for Real-life Situations
Write Emails that Encourages People to Cooperate With You and Get More Results From Your Emails

Professional Email Writing in English Complete Training


It is recommended that students have a basic knowledge of English


Why is it important to master business email communication?Email writing is an essential skill for any business career. The average office worker sends and receives around 90 emails daily.If you work for an organization, achieving better professional email communication will make you a strong member of your team and help you get more results.As a business, if you have 1,000 employees you will send and receive 90,000 emails in a single day. Therefore, making sure all your staff is trained to communicate effectively through email can improve business efficiency and save a huge amount of time and money.These are just a few examples of things that are communicated daily through email between companies all over the world:Corporate KnowledgePlanning and Decision MakingReportingDay-to-day Exchange of Information and DocumentsSupportScheduling CallsMeetings notesInternal CommunicationCommunicating Rules & Guidelines AnnouncementsInquiriesPersonal and Corporate PresentationsSales & ProspectingIn this course, you will learn how to write effective emails on any of the above topics.How is the course structured to help students learn how to write better professional emails in a short period of time?Our method is simple, yet highly effective!First, we lay out all the elements of a professional email:The Recipient FieldsThe Subject LineThe SalutationThe Opening SentencesThe Body TextThe Closing StatementsThe Professional SignatureThe AttachmentsWhile we cover each of these elements in detail, we write different types of emails so students really learn how to use them in real-life examples, not just in theory.Then, we have more in-depth lessons to help students perfect the most important part of the email: the body text. In this section we cover topics like:Email FormattingWrite Short and Concise Sentences and ParagraphsExpress Ideas in a Logical FlowDon’t Miss Out on Relevant InformationHave the 5 W’s Clear (Who, What, When, Why, Where)Use of Bullet Points and Lists For Better Structuring InformationTo finalize this section, we summarize all the above topics in one single guide: The Business Email Best Practices Checklist!This is an interactive sheet that students can use to easily and quickly apply all the best practices to any new email.And there is more!Most courses about professional email writing stop here, but we go further! We provide students with a technical section, where they will learn to:Organize the Email Box for Higher ProductivitySetup a Professional Email SignatureActivate Out-of-office RespondersHow to Schedule Conference Calls and Send Calendar InvitationsHow to Use the Search Tools* The above topics are shown using Google’s Gmail Client.About the InstructorThis course is ministered by Ivan Loureço Gomes, a top-rated Udemy instructor, famous for his easy-to-follow and hands-on teaching style. Ivan has more than 15 years of experience working for multinational companies and has sent tens of thousands of emails in his career.Enroll now and make the best investment of your time and money!In just a few hours you can master valuable skills that you will use for the rest of your life and will help you succeed in your career! Enroll now and learn how to write effective professional emails today!This course offers Lifetime Access, a Certificate of Completion and a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee!


Section 1: Business Email Best Practices

Lecture 1 Business Email Best Practices

Lecture 2 More Best Practices For The Body Text

Lecture 3 The Best Practices Checklist

Lecture 4 Download the Checklist

Lecture 5 A Real-life Example (Part 1)

Lecture 6 A Real-life Example (Part 2)

Section 2: Practicing Different Types of Emails

Lecture 7 Grammarly Installation

Lecture 8 Email Types: Send and Request Documents

Lecture 9 Email Types: Reminders

Lecture 10 Email Types: Propose a Conference Call

Lecture 11 Email Types: Meeting Notes

Lecture 12 Email Types: Company Presentation & Sales Pitch

Lecture 13 Email Types: Company Updates – Good News

Lecture 14 Email Types: Company Updates – Bad News / Apologies

Section 3: Technical Section: Email Orgnization & Management

Lecture 15 Send Conference Call Invitations

Lecture 16 How to Organize Your Emails in Folders – Part 1

Lecture 17 How to Organize Your Emails in Folders – Part 2

Lecture 18 How to Set An AutoReply and “Out of Office Feature”

Lecture 19 Setup Your Email Signature

Lecture 20 Gmail Search Tools

Section 4: Templates Section: Resources

Lecture 21 Email Templates

Lecture 22 List of Salutations, Opening and Closing Sentences

Lecture 23 List of Acronyms

Lecture 24 Glosary of Business Terms

Lecture 25 US x UK Terms

Lecture 26 Course Ending

Business Professionals that Want to Improve Their Email Communication Skills and Achieve More Results,Organizations That Need to Train Internal Teams for Better Communication,Any Person Seeking to Improve Their Written Communication,Any Person Seeking to Improve Their Business English

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Udemy | English | 2h 53m | 981.82 MB
Created by: Ivan Lourenço Gomes

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