Professional Gut Health

How to improve your digestive health, How to maintain healthy gut bacteria, Gut-heart connection, Promoting gut health.
Professional Gut Health
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Professional Gut Health

What you’ll learn

How to maintain healthy gut bacteria
The gut-heart connection
Major effect garlic has on your gut
How to improve your digestive health
Gut microbiota
Surprising things that harm your bacteria
Surprising facts about the microbes living in your gut
Common problems with standard probiotics
How to eat for gut health
How to get a flat stomach
How to do a natural colon cleanse at home

Professional Gut Health


Everybody who is interested about their own health
People who are concern about their gut health


Every part of the human body is very important and contribute to the effective functioning of the entire body, once any part of the body or the body system is being affected, then it affects the total body and its health. Our individual gut contains trillions of microorganisms, which includes beneficial and harmful varieties.collectively , these make up our gut microbiome, maintaining a healthy balance of microorganisms within the microbiome is very essential to our own health. We must understand that factors such as diet, exercise, medications and even genetics can affect its composition and diversity, which can impact in various aspects of our health for better or worse. Our own gut health affects different aspects of our body and wellbeing, even from our mood to our immunity. We must also take care of our gut health because from the oesophagus to the bowel, gut health covers the entire digestive system and aid in the breaking down of our food into the individual nutrients we all use to run our body.We all need to be observant to look out for signs of unhealthy gut, because many parts of modern life can affect our gut microbiome which can include high stress levels, too little sleep, eating western diet high processed and high sugar foods and taking antibiotics. In such situation these can affect your immune function, hormone levels, weight and development of diseases. Its very important we do these things to improve our own gut health such as lower your stress levels, get enough sleep, eat slowly, stay hydrated, take a prebiotic or probiotic, check food intolerance’s and change diet etc.You get your gut microbiome at birth, and the world around as also affect it as we grow up. This is also influence by what we eat. Because of this its can be different depending on where you live and why you might be able to tilt the balance a bit.


Section 1: Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 What is gut health

Lecture 3 Signs of bad gut health

Lecture 4 Factors affecting gut health

Lecture 5 Major effect garlic has on your gut

Lecture 6 The gut-heart connection

Lecture 7 Fiber at work

Lecture 8 Tips to burp

Lecture 9 Tips to prevent gas and bloating

Lecture 10 Top tips on looking after your gut health

Lecture 11 5 strategies for promoting gut health

Section 2: How To Maintain Healthy Gut Bacteria

Lecture 12 Determining if you have healthy gut bacteria

Lecture 13 Using diet

Lecture 14 Considering probiotics

Section 3: How To Improve Your Digestive Health

Lecture 15 Preventing diarrhea and constipation

Lecture 16 Combating abdominal pain, bloating cramping and gas

Lecture 17 Reducing heartburn

Lecture 18 Consulting a doctor

Section 4: Gut Micobiota

Lecture 19 Gut microbiota

Lecture 20 Classification

Lecture 21 Composition

Lecture 22 Variation

Lecture 23 Acquisition in human infants

Lecture 24 Function

Lecture 25 Alterations in microbiota balance

Lecture 26 Role in disease

Lecture 27 Other animals

Section 5: 8 Surprising Things That Harm Your Bacteria

Lecture 28 Introductive

Lecture 29 Not eating a diverse range of foods

Lecture 30 Lack of probiotic in the diet

Lecture 31 Drinking too much alcohol

Lecture 32 Antibiotic use

Lecture 33 Lack of regular physical activity

Lecture 34 Cigarette smoking

Lecture 35 Not getting enough sleep

Lecture 36 Too much stress

Section 6: 6 Surprising Facts About The Microbes Living In Your Gut

Lecture 37 What is in your gut may affect the size of your gut

Lecture 38 Probiotics may treat anxiety and depression

Lecture 39 The more bacteria the better

Lecture 40 Gut bacteria pass from mother to child in breast milk

Lecture 41 Lack of gut diversity is linked to allergies

Lecture 42 Gut bacteria can hurt your liver

Section 7: How To Get A Flat Stomach

Lecture 43 Following a healthy diet

Lecture 44 Exercising for a flat stomach

Lecture 45 Living healthy

Section 8: Common Problems With Standard Probiotics

Lecture 46 What is probiotics

Lecture 47 Your stomach acids kills them

Lecture 48 They forget about humanity probiotic source

Lecture 49 More is not always better

Lecture 50 Pretending all probiotic strains are equal

Section 9: How To Eat For Gut Health

Lecture 51 Following the right diet

Lecture 52 Cutting out problem foods

Lecture 53 Adding supplements

Section 10: How To Do A Natural Colon Cleanse At Home

Lecture 54 How to do natural colon cleanse at home

Section 11: Conclusion

Lecture 55 Eight question

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