Professional Informatica Power Center ETL Course

Professional Informatica Power Center ETL Course with full Hands on Experience explained with real time scenarios
Professional Informatica Power Center ETL Course
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Professional Informatica Power Center ETL Course

What you’ll learn

Beginners to Advance concepts covered as part of Informatica Power center – Developer Role. All concepts explained with real time scenarios. This course provide very good hands on experience in Informatica Power center tool

Professional Informatica Power Center ETL Course


Basics of Database


Hello Candidates,If you are looking to get skilled in Informatica Power center ETL tool, then you are at the right place.If you are a Beginner, Fresher or an experience candidate who is willing to learn Informatica Power Center ETL for a Developer role, then this course provides you the required knowledge and hands on experience with real time scenarios explained and implemented in a very structured manner. Total course duration is 31+ hours where every single concept is explained practically with real time examples, which will give confidence to candidates when they get into an interview or when they work on a real time Infromatica project.The Course starts with Intro, covering every transformations, basic and advance features.The Course also contains very useful Interview material which can help you in clearing interviews. It also includes documents on Database, SQL, PLSQL and UNIX where important topics are covered which help you in interviews.Post the course, you can confidently clear any Informatica interviews or work on any real time Informatica projects subjected you have practiced each and every concept explained here.Prerequisite for the Course:Basics of Database.Keen to learn most popular ETL tool in IT marketTools Used:Oracle 11g Xpress EditionSQL DeveloperInformatica Power Center 9.6.1


Section 1: Introduction & implementing different Transformations with real time scenarios

Lecture 1 Introduction

Lecture 2 DatawareHouse Continued

Lecture 3 Informatica Power Center tool walkthrough

Lecture 4 Informatica Source & Target

Lecture 5 Source Qualifier Transformation 1

Lecture 6 Source Qualifier Transformation 2

Lecture 7 Source Qualifier Transformation 3

Lecture 8 Filter Transformation

Lecture 9 Sorter Transformation

Lecture 10 Aggregator Transformation

Lecture 11 Aggregator Transformation Continued & Sequence Generator Transformation

Lecture 12 Removing Duplicates in Informatica

Lecture 13 Router Transformation

Lecture 14 Rank Transformation

Lecture 15 Union Transformation

Lecture 16 Expression Transformation

Lecture 17 Expression Transformation Continued

Lecture 18 Expression Transformation Continued

Lecture 19 Expression Transformation Continued

Lecture 20 Expression Transformation Continued

Lecture 21 Expression Transformation Continued

Lecture 22 Expression Transformation Continued

Lecture 23 Expression Transformation Continued

Lecture 24 Expression Transformation Continued

Lecture 25 Joiner Transformation

Lecture 26 Joiner Transformation Continued

Lecture 27 Joiner Transformation Continued

Lecture 28 TransactionControl Transformation

Lecture 29 TransactionControl Transformation Continued

Lecture 30 TransactionControl Transformation Continued

Lecture 31 Normalizer Transformation

Lecture 32 Normalizer Transformation Continued

Lecture 33 StoredProcedure Transformation

Lecture 34 SQL Transformation

Lecture 35 UpdateStrategy Transformation

Section 2: Lookup Transformation & Slow Changing Dimensions

Lecture 36 Lookup Transformation – Connected

Lecture 37 Lookup Transformation – Connected – Continued

Lecture 38 Lookup Transformation – UnConnected

Lecture 39 Lookup Transformation – UnConnected – Continued

Lecture 40 SCD – Introduction

Lecture 41 SCD Type 1 – Implemented with Static Lookup Cache

Lecture 42 SCD Type 1 – Implemented with Dynamic Lookup Cache

Lecture 43 SCD Type 2 – Implemented with Dynamic Lookup Cache – Continued

Lecture 44 SCD Type 2 – Implemented with Dynamic Lookup Cache – Continued

Lecture 45 Persistent Lookup Cache

Lecture 46 Persistent Lookup Cache – Continued

Section 3: Advance Concepts

Lecture 47 Indirect File Load

Lecture 48 Target Load Plan

Lecture 49 Mapplets

Lecture 50 Reusable Transformation

Lecture 51 Mapping Parameter and Parameter File

Lecture 52 Parameter File Continued & Mapping Variables

Lecture 53 Mapping Variables Continued & Version Control

Lecture 54 Version Control & Depoyment (Import and Export Objects)

Lecture 55 Workflow Monitor – Different Tasks

Lecture 56 Workflow Monitor – Different Tasks – Continued

Lecture 57 Workflow Monitor – Different Tasks – Continued

Lecture 58 Performance Tuning

Lecture 59 Performance Tuning Continued

Section 4: Interview Prepartion Documents

Lecture 60 Documents for Interview Preparation

Freshers or Experienced candidates who are looking for Job change, Hands on experience for those who are moving to work under Informatica Project

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 33h 31m | 19.94 GB
Created by: sandesh k k

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