Professional Skincare Masters Course for Skincare Experts

All about Skincare Routines, Ingredients, Masking, Moisturisers, Facial Devices, Express Facials to Tackle Skin Concerns
Professional Skincare Masters Course for Skincare Experts
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Dr.TWL Skincare Master Academy (International)


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Professional Skincare Masters Course for Skincare Experts

What you’ll learn

Acquire intimate knowledge of intermediate to advanced skincare routines
Familiarise with popular skincare ingredients and frequently asked questions on skincare
Become proficient with concepts in skin ecology, micro-climate, microbiome and ethnobotany
Master the science and art of skin cycling and skin ecology
Learn how to formulate the express facial regimen

Professional Skincare Masters Course for Skincare Experts


There are no prerequisites for this course.


Science of Beauty, Art of Skincare RoutinesThe complete skincare and facial course for aestheticians and beauty experts taught by a board-certified dermatologist, internationally renowned beauty entrepreneur Dr. Teo Wan Lin, founder and chief scientific officer of beauty empire Dr.TWL Dermaceuticals, Asia’s leading clinical skincare and cosmeceutical line. She is also the host of podcast Dermatologist Talks: Science of Beauty, the top grossing skincare podcast which has collaborated with brands like Amore-Pacific, L’Oréal Paris, Eucerin, Skinceuticals amongst others. She is regarded as an international expert in cosmeceutical skincare, the skin microbiome and her research has been published in top dermatology journals such as the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology and the International Journal of Dermatology. She has collaborated with Dior Science for their Capture Totale Serum launch in 2020, and was featured in their inaugural Digital Skincare Talks alongside Gisele Bundchen and Philip Picardi.This skincare and facial expert course is perfect for:Salon owners, beauticians, aestheticiansMaster skincare expertise and basic dermatology conditionsOffer facials that work; avoid those that don’tLearn the Science of Beauty and the Art of Skincare Routines from the skincare expert herselfBeauty entrepreneursIdentify market niches/opportunitiesBeauty bloggers, influencers, thought leadersBecome an expert on social mediaWhat you’ll learnComplete Skincare Routine—Intermediate to Advanced / Expert LevelsDouble Cleansing + Sonic CleansingToners/Lotions + Pore TreatmentSerums + Face OilsMoisturiser Types: Lotions, Creams, Ointments and Face MistsAdvice on tailoring fail-proof/irritation-free skincare regimens for clients for greater customer satisfactionExfoliation (Physical, Chemical, Enzyme)Face Masking (Sheet, Dry, Wet, Gel, Clays)Skin Cycling Facts and MythsCustomised Skincare TrendsAnswers to FAQ by Clients/AudiencePopular Skincare IngredientsSkin Types: Learn Dr.TWL’s Universal Skincare ApproachLatest Scientific Approach to Skin: Microclimate, Microbiome and Skin BarrierTargeted/Spot Treatment of Skin Concerns (over-the counter, cosmeceuticals, herbal formulas)PigmentationAcneAcne ScarsSensitive Skin/EczemaSkin Aging (Photoaging)When to refer to a dermatologistWhat works and what doesn’tHow to Formulate the Express Facial Regimen for ClientsHow to Get Instant ResultsCost/Time-EfficiencyCustomer RetentionRelationship BuildingTips on Choosing the Ideal Facial Devices for your SalonHow to Avoid/Minimise Adverse ReactionsWhat you getOver 3 hours of on-demand video workshops22-Lecture SeriesIncluding Intermediate-Advanced Skincare Fundamentals Crash Course (5-Lecture Series)Instant download ePub E-book Skincare Bible-Dermatologist’s Tips on Cosmeceutical SkincareInstant download ePub E-book Asian Beauty Secrets (top rated Asian beauty book on Amazon Kindle)Course-fee fully redeemable* for professional skincare system/devices at Dr.TWL Pharmacy (bonus free gift of limited edition vegan leather cover beauty journal for note taking worth $45 plus hardcover edition of Skincare Bible)User support—join exclusive members only skincare expert community hosted by Dr.TWL for monthly Q&A; brand collaboration options (low MOQ) cosmeceuticals procurement, specialised training program with complimentary international certification#, product/marketing materialCertificate from Dr.TWL Skin Master Academy (International)PDF course workbook with lecture notes and learning points (link included)BONUS BEAUTY SCHOOL ANIMATED VIDEOS/EDUCATION*excludes shipping and handling fees, free international shipping with minimum $250 purchase.#details for application in course, subject to first-come-first serve basis; positions open for brand affliate option with attractive commissions for applicants


Section 1: Introduction to Intermediate-Advanced Skincare Routines

Lecture 1 Introduction to Intermediate-Advanced Skincare Routines

Lecture 2 Ideal Skincare Routine

Lecture 3 (EBOOK) Skincare Bible: Dermatologist’s Tips for Cosmeceutical Skincare

Section 2: Popular Skincare Ingredients and FAQ

Lecture 4 Popular Skincare Ingredients and FAQ

Lecture 5 Vitamin C

Lecture 6 Hyaluronic Acid

Lecture 7 Moisturiser 101

Lecture 8 Moisturiser Facts and Controversies

Lecture 9 Flawless Skin & Moisturiser Myths

Lecture 10 What to Look for in Sunscreen

Section 3: Skin Ecology, Micro-Climate, Microbiome and Ethnobotany

Lecture 11 Skin Ecology, Micro-Climate, Microbiome and Ethnobotany

Lecture 12 Masking 101

Lecture 13 Exfoliation 101

Lecture 14 Facial Mists

Section 4: Skin Cycling & Skin Ecology

Lecture 15 Skin Cycling & Skin Ecology

Lecture 16 The Science and Art of Skin Cycling and Skin Ecology

Lecture 17 How to Glow: Get Rid of Dull Skin for Good

Lecture 18 (EBOOK) Asian Beauty Secrets

Section 5: How to formulate the Express Facial Regimen?

Lecture 19 How to formulate the Express Facial Regimen?

Lecture 20 The Express Facial

Lecture 21 How to Choose Facial Devices

Lecture 22 Home Use LED Light Therapy

Lecture 23 The Ideal Light Therapy Device for Salons/Professional Use

Lecture 24 5-Step Medifacial Secrets

Section 6: Bonus Beauty School Animated Videos / Education (1 hour 36 mins)

Lecture 25 Double Cleansing for Acne

Lecture 26 Causes of Acne Part 1

Lecture 27 Causes of Acne Part 2

Lecture 28 Hormonal Acne

Lecture 29 Acne Treatment

Lecture 30 Sonic Cleansing Medifacials for Acne

Lecture 31 Skin Icing

Lecture 32 Sleeping Mask Moisturiser Hack

Lecture 33 Hydrodermabrasion Facial

Lecture 34 Microdermabrasion Facial

Lecture 35 Chemical Peels and Alternatives

Lecture 36 Sonic Cleansing

Lecture 37 Devices for Lifting, Toning, Collagen Stimulation

Lecture 38 Microcurrent Facials

Lecture 39 Science of Facial Oils

Lecture 40 Science of Skin Microenvironment

Lecture 41 Vitamin C and the Microbiome

Lecture 42 Cosmeceuticals for Rosacea

Lecture 43 Arbutin, Goji Berry and Kojic Acid for Pigmentation

Lecture 44 Edible Beauty

Lecture 45 Does Diet Affect Skin Aging?

Salon owners, beauticians, aestheticians: Master skincare expertise and basic dermatology conditions, Offer facials that work; avoid those that don’t, Learn the Science of Beauty and the Art of Skincare Routines from the skincare expert herself,Beauty entrepreneurs: Identify market niches/opportunities,Beauty bloggers, influencers, thought leaders: Become an expert on social media

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 4h 49m | 2.77 GB
Created by: Dr.TWL Skincare Master Academy (International)

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