Profitable Blogging Content Writing Creatively Or With AI

Blog content writing, sales content writing, SEO content writing to become a blogger, WordPress blog writing
Profitable Blogging Content Writing Creatively Or With AI
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Profitable Blogging Content Writing Creatively Or With AI

What you’ll learn

Content writing for a blog
Blogging for SEO and sales copywriting
How to make money blogging and content writing that sells
Freelancing or agency services doing content writing or blog writing
Attract readers by writing exciting headlines
Content creation with a show (beyond just blogging)

Profitable Blogging Content Writing Creatively Or With AI




Learn to create blog and website content that is at the same time:SEO friendlyGrabs attention of readers with good sales copywritingContains interesting writingUpsells your products or servicesDIFFERENCE BETWEEN SALES COPYWRITING AND BLOG CONTENT WRITINGThere is a separate field called Sales Copywriting. It deals with attracting buyers or making people click on your headlines. This is a marketing field and it’s an important one for getting more traffic. We cover this in the course.But your marketing can’t be all sales copywriting. When people click on your blog posts, those posts must contain actual interesting writing. We cover that in the course as well.This way, you get the best of both worlds because it’s not enough to just get traffic. You must provide a lot of value to your website visitors so they like your content, trust you, subscribe to what you are offering, and eventually buy from you. ADDING SEO CONTENT WRITING TO YOUR BLOGGINGFor many blogs, the biggest source of traffic is from SEO (Search Engine Optimization) when people search for something related to the blog. So it’s not just enough to write content, we must also research SEO keywords and do SEO content writing to bring traffic via search. We will cover that in the course as well.WHAT YOU WILL BE ABLE TO DO AFTER YOU COMPLETE THE COURSEYou will be able to write solid blog posts, each of which is optimized for SEO while grabbing and holding the reader’s interest. Each post will also be a part of your bigger content strategy, which you will also learn to create in this course.HOW TO START A WORDPRESS BLOG – JUST CONTENT WRITING – NOT WEBSITE BUILDINGThis course does not teach technical website development and WordPress development. The assumption is that you would already have a website and a blog set up by yourself or a freelancer. This course only focuses on content creation and content writing when you start a blog.CONTENT CREATION THAT’S COMPELLING AND INTERESTS READERSMany bloggers write boring content in hopes to have it rank in Google search. But that approach by itself is limited and it fails because you need high-quality content creation that perks the reader’s interests, and keeps their attention. The longer your content keeps the reader’s attention, the more likely they will read other pages of yours, buy your products, subscribe to your newsletter, or do anything else you want them to do.MAKE MONEY BLOGGINGAfter you attract readers, get to come back regularly, and engage with your content, I’ll show you how to make money blogging. You can make money blogging by publishing ads, selling product, selling services, and more.Invest in your future. Enroll today.


Section 1: Introduction and welcome

Lecture 1 Mostly blog, but also YouTube, podcast, or anywhere you regularly post content

Lecture 2 How to get real traffic and a real SEO boost with the help of this course

Section 2: Content plan

Lecture 3 Content plan and strategy

Lecture 4 SEO keyword mapping and tracking your full list of SEO keywords

Lecture 5 Introduction to SEO keyword research & starting to do keyword research

Lecture 6 Long-tail vs. short-tail and profitable keywords for best SEO results

Lecture 7 Keyword density in your blog posts

Section 3: Writing a blog post

Lecture 8 Making your topic interesting – it fascinates you and you have expertise in it

Lecture 9 Adding unique voice to your writing by conveying moods and feelings

Lecture 10 Good/bad is meaningless – how to have your own writing voice

Lecture 11 Importance of quality scrutiny, editing and re-doing

Section 4: Interesting copywriting – combining SEO and making your title look amazing

Lecture 12 On-page SEO section introduction

Lecture 13 How to set up the Yoast plugin for SEO

Lecture 14 How to set up title/description metas for regular blog post SEO

Lecture 15 Writing enticing meta tags to increase Google SEO SERP clickthrough

Lecture 16 Meta tag writing exercise

Lecture 17 Meta tag writing exercise – answer

Lecture 18 Meta tag writing exercise two

Lecture 19 Meta tag writing exercise two – answer

Section 5: SEO for the blog post

Lecture 20 Cornerstone content to help you rank higher in SEO

Lecture 21 The skyscraper method for SEO content

Lecture 22 Google EAT and YMYL – quality content according to Google

Lecture 23 Correct use of H1 and H2 tags

Lecture 24 Title tooltip tag

Lecture 25 Image ALT tag for SEO

Lecture 26 No-follow vs. follow links

Lecture 27 No-follow update and the new UGC and Sponsored attributes

Lecture 28 How to interlink your website’s pages for SEO boost

Lecture 29 Advanced on-page interlinking strategy to boost your SEO

Lecture 30 Creating a link to itself in HTML

Lecture 31 Linking out for SEO

Lecture 32 Checking for broken links

Lecture 33 How long should each blog post or page be?

Lecture 34 Rank higher and boost sales through lowering your bounce rate

Section 6: Marketing strategies other than SEO

Lecture 35 How to get influencers in your niche to promote your blog for free

Section 7: Making money from your content

Lecture 36 Ads, affiliates, and selling products, and services

Lecture 37 HelloBar WordPress plugin to make more sales

Lecture 38 Where on the page to upsell

Section 8: Getting images, infographics, and giving proper citations and credit

Lecture 39 Free site to get extra free images and infographics

Lecture 40 How to create your infographic so you can make more attractive posts

Lecture 41 Where to get nice free images to make your content more attractive

Lecture 42 Adding a citation to your photos or text to give credit to others

Section 9: Writing skills and grammar (optional)

Lecture 43 Section introduction

Lecture 44 English grammar and punctuation exercise – answers

Lecture 45 Introducing basic building blocks of English grammar

Lecture 46 Sentence clauses and sentence fragments

Lecture 47 Conjunctions

Lecture 48 Fixing run-on sentences and dealing with complex grammar issues

Lecture 49 Example of fixing run-on sentences with simple and clear sentences

Lecture 50 Four types of sentence structures

Lecture 51 10 comma rules that will immediately make you a better writer

Lecture 52 Example of fixing many mistakes per sentence in a sales text

Lecture 53 Example 2 of fixing many mistakes per sentence in a sales text

Lecture 54 Semicolon rules

Lecture 55 Colon rules

Lecture 56 Question marks

Lecture 57 Use of quotes – otherwise known as quotation marks

Lecture 58 Hyphen rules

Lecture 59 Another rule for using the hyphen

Lecture 60 Common terms with hyphen to memorize

Lecture 61 Common word choice errors: Its vs. it’s, Fewer vs. less, than vs. then & more

Lecture 62 Use of lets vs. let’s

Lecture 63 Who vs. Whom

Lecture 64 Commonly misspelled words that spellcheck won’t pick up – don’t trust spellcheck

Lecture 65 Common word-choice error exercise

Lecture 66 Common word-choice error exercise answer

Lecture 67 10 weak words to take out of your writing and example of email to boss

Lecture 68 More weak words and phrases

Lecture 69 Example of my own writing from years ago and how it can be improved

Lecture 70 Example of using fewer words to communicate the same thing

Section 10: Writing blogs with Artificial Intelligence Software ChatGPT

Lecture 71 Section introduction to ChatGPT to help your proofreading and writing quality

Lecture 72 Artificial Intelligence detector tools, and how to avoid SEO AI detection

Lecture 73 Logging into and creating an account in ChatGPT

Lecture 74 Starting to use ChatGPT

Lecture 75 Better editing, and making any business writing more sophisticated

Lecture 76 Starting to proofread a blog post with ChatGPT

Lecture 77 Deep proofreading for emotional writing vs. sterile writing

Lecture 78 Doing sales copywriting with Artificial Intelligence – AI

Section 11: Blogging with Artificial Intelligence for SEO the right way

Lecture 79 Section introduction – Artificial Intelligence tool for on-page SEO

Lecture 80 Beginning to use the On-Page AI tool

Lecture 81 Word recommendations and related words

Lecture 82 Over-optimization and keyword stuffing protection

Lecture 83 Fitting into Google categories (a little known but important topic)

Lecture 84 Competitor analysis for on-page SEO

Lecture 85 Content suggestions and swipe content

Lecture 86 Topic authority questions & generating SEO content with Artificial Intelligence

Lecture 87 Google forming the policy for AI-generated content

Section 12: Content writing as a freelancing service

Lecture 88 Freelancing on Fiverr section introduction

Lecture 89 How many gigs to create and how leveling up works on Fiverr

Lecture 90 How to apply to become a seller on Fiverr

Lecture 91 The goal for how your Fiverr freelancing profile should appear

Lecture 92 Introduction to Fiverr SEO

Lecture 93 Fiverr keyword checklist

Lecture 94 How to quickly get a gig to rank well in Fiverr

Lecture 95 Ranking fluctuations

Lecture 96 Targeting long-tail keywords

Lecture 97 Copywriting for title which can help you make your Fiverr gigs more attractive

Lecture 98 Copywriting for your Fiverr freelancing gig description

Lecture 99 Example of writing a gig description

Lecture 100 Making people buy your gig-extras

Lecture 101 Consumables, next-gig up-sell strategy or gig-carousel

Lecture 102 Example of a freelancer who makes thousands of dollars per client that I hire

Section 13: Building an SEO agency from your SEO freelancing business

Lecture 103 SEO agency section introduction

Lecture 104 Overview of marketing strategies so you can fit each into your marketing

Lecture 105 Your positioning and differentiation

Lecture 106 How to choose a domain name

Lecture 107 How to set up your website professionally and on your own

Lecture 108 Agency website conversion checklist

Lecture 109 CHECKLIST to build credibility and branding outside of your website

Lecture 110 Basic agency keywords

Lecture 111 D7LeadFinder lead generation tool introduction

Lecture 112 D7LeadFinder results

Lecture 113 Using FindThatLead browser extension for LinkedIn using Chrome to get emails

Lecture 114 LinkedIn connection message template to immediately compel and interest people

Lecture 115 LinkedIn welcome message template

Section 14: Conclusion- thank you for being a great student

Lecture 116 Course certificate for this blogging and content writing course – how to get it

Lecture 117 Thank you for taking this blogging and content writing course

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Created by: Alex Genadinik

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