Programming for Kids and Beginners Learn to Code in Scratch

Learn to program, create games, have fun in Scratch! For parents and teachers of future coders
Programming for Kids and Beginners Learn to Code in Scratch
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Daniel Ciocîrlan


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Programming for Kids and Beginners Learn to Code in Scratch

What you’ll learn

Create smart and fun games
Create animations and cool visual effects
Code – one of the most important skills to learn!
Understand complex computer science concepts by intuitively applying them in games
Learn text-based programming languages 2x – 10x faster

Programming for Kids and Beginners Learn to Code in Scratch


No prior programming knowledge is required


In this course, we’ll learn to code, starting from the basic blocks. No kidding! Scratch, the programming language we use (developed by MIT), is so fun that it makes programming seem like a game.We’ll learn by doing. The course is designed so that you create the games and applications with your own two hands. But what makes this course truly unique is the teaching method I’ve used live 4+ years. We learn a variety of computer science topics, but we hide the complexity behind characters, animations, analogies and fun!That’s because, in these carefully designed lessons, we train our intuition to make sense of what we want to achieve and how to get there. This will help you quickly master the basics. After this course, you’ll learn text-based programming languages at a blazing speed and quickly make sense of any piece of code.The content is designed to be fun! We learn to create animations and cool effects and we create clones of some of the most popular games, such as Flappy Bird or Pac-Man. The games are handpicked to optimize learning computer science topics while having fun along the way. I will also update the course on a regular basis with new content – and challenges!This course is designed forparents or teachers who want to give their children the best skills and most funkids and beginners who want to learn to code gamesanyone new to programming who doesn’t know where to startI can’t wait to have you in the course!The course is regularly updated with new material, tips and tricks that you can use in your games and projects!Note: this course is intended for purchase as an adult. Those under 18 may use this course only if a parent or guardian opens their account, handles any enrollments, and manages their account usage.


Section 1: The Basic Blocks

Lecture 1 Welcome to Scratch: Creating an Account and Getting Started

Lecture 2 Our First Scripts

Lecture 3 Creating Clones and Motion

Lecture 4 How to Get the Best out of This Course

Section 2: Pong

Lecture 5 Pong: Intro and the Game Mechanics

Lecture 6 Coordinates and Moving the Platforms

Lecture 7 Directions and Moving the Ball

Lecture 8 Variables, Scoring and Finishing the Game

Section 3: Paint in Scratch!

Lecture 9 Intro to the Paint Application

Lecture 10 Creating Our Own Sprites

Lecture 11 Finishing the Sprites and Backdrop

Lecture 12 Programming the Pencil

Lecture 13 The Buttons and the Magic Wand

Section 4: Shoot the Monster

Lecture 14 Shoot the Monster: Intro to the Game

Lecture 15 Programming the Game Start

Lecture 16 Preparing the Player and the Monster

Lecture 17 Hitting the Monster

Lecture 18 Programming the Levels

Lecture 19 The Monster Strikes Back

Lecture 20 The Monster Shoots Time-Bombs

Lecture 21 Winning the Game

Section 5: Flappy Bird

Lecture 22 Flappy Bird: Intro and Getting Started

Lecture 23 Programming the Menu and the Game Environment

Lecture 24 Enter Gravity: Flappy Flies and Falls

Lecture 25 Flappy Crashes, Game Restarts

Lecture 26 Programming Obstacles

Lecture 27 Showing the Score

Lecture 28 The Score Continued, Finishing Touches

Section 6: Pac-Man

Lecture 29 Pac-Man Intro – Our Toughest Game Yet

Lecture 30 Controlling Pac-Man in the Maze

Lecture 31 Refining Pac-Man’s Movement

Lecture 32 Inky the Ghost Moves… By Itself

Lecture 33 Inky Moves by Itself, Part 2

Lecture 34 A Swarm of Ghosts will Kill Pac-Man

Lecture 35 Pac-Man’s Revenge: Setting the Ghosts on the Run

Lecture 36 Programming Pac-Man’s Lives

Lecture 37 Generating the Dots

Lecture 38 Scoring, Levels, and the Finish Line

Parents/teachers who want to teach their kids (8+ years) to code,Absolute beginners in programming and computer science

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 7h 38m | 4.21 GB
Created by: Daniel Ciocîrlan

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