Project Management Crash Course with PMLC

Learn Project Management by walking through a step by step of the Project Management Life Cycle Methodology
Project Management Crash Course with PMLC
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Damien Stark


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Project Management Crash Course with PMLC

What you’ll learn

How to manage a project from beginning to end
How to plan and execute project activities
Tools and techniques to monitor and control projects successfully
How to prepare a project budget
How to close out a project once successfully completed

Project Management Crash Course with PMLC


Ensure you have a pen and paper to take notes taking material to capture key items throughout the course and don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions


In order to qualify for the PMP credential, one must achieve 4500 to 7500 working hours leading projects. That is equal to having 3 to 5 years of work experience!
Surpass others in the field by learning the key tools and techniques while you prepare for your PMP exam.
If you are already a skilled certified practitioner this course offers a wonderful refresher to ensure you are capturing all areas of project management successfully, I know I found it useful to review this material from time to time over my career.
This course will get you on the right path by going through the methodology and teaching you what tools you need and how to use them, when to engage your team, how to prepare your schedule, how to create a high-level budget versus a low-level project budget. This course on the Project Management Life Cycle provides a thorough overview of the fundamentals of managing a project from its idealization through to the completion of the project.
We walk through each phase of the Project Management Life Cycle, identifying the activities within the Concept, Definition, Planning, Implementation and Close-out phases, and I explain how to use the tools and provide you with the knowledge required to manage a project from beginning to end.
This course dives into the major deliverables of each phase and explains how to use the tools to complete a Business Case, Project Plan, Project Schedule, Implementation Plan, and lessons learned documents to enable you for success on your projects.
I will discuss the techniques I use that has helped me be successful and well respected within my career! Don’t wait any longer enrol now and get started in Project Management.


Section 1: Overview and Definitions

Lecture 1 Overview

Lecture 2 What is a Project

Lecture 3 What is Program and Portfolio Management

Lecture 4 What is PMLC?

Section 2: Concept Phase

Lecture 5 Concept Phase Overview

Lecture 6 Defining the Opportunity

Lecture 7 Drivers for the Opportunity

Lecture 8 Stakeholder Assessment

Lecture 9 Organizational Alignment

Lecture 10 Solution Reasoning

Lecture 11 Assemble the Business Case

Section 3: Definition Phase

Lecture 12 Definition Phase

Lecture 13 Assign the Project Manager

Lecture 14 Scope and Requirements

Lecture 15 Project Kick-off

Lecture 16 Solution Approach

Lecture 17 Cost and Schedule

Lecture 18 Finalize the Project Charter

Section 4: Planning Phase

Lecture 19 Steps through the Planning Phase

Lecture 20 Finalize Requirements

Lecture 21 Finalize the Solution Design

Lecture 22 Build the Project Schedule

Lecture 23 Prepare the Project Plans

Lecture 24 Monitor and Control

Lecture 25 Assemble the Plan

Section 5: Implementation Phase

Lecture 26 Implementation Overview

Lecture 27 Execute Project Activities

Lecture 28 Track and Monitor your Project

Lecture 29 Manage Stakeholders

Lecture 30 Manage Issues

Lecture 31 Project Logs

Lecture 32 Go to Close-out

Section 6: Close-out Phase

Lecture 33 Closing your project

Lecture 34 Project Verification

Lecture 35 Lessons Learned

Lecture 36 Knowledge Transfer

Lecture 37 Transition to Operations

Lecture 38 Execute Close-Out

Section 7: BONUS: The Dimond Core

Lecture 39 Trade-offs and the triple constraint

This course on the Project Management Life Cycle is designed to provide sufficient knowledge of the tools, techniques, and processes for anyone interested in learning about project management to successfully navigate through a project from beginning to end, and it also serves as a great refresher course for experienced professionals.

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Udemy | English | 2h 0m | 1.07 GB
Created by: Damien Stark

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