Project Management Essentials

A crash course in the essentials of project management for new project managers.
Project Management Essentials
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William Stewart PhD, PMP


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Project Management Essentials

What you’ll learn

“This course is great, to the point, informative, lecturer is very knowledgeable. One of my favorite courses. Great job.” – Romol Bereaux
What project management fundamentally does, and the domains it applies to.
Who in the organization can benefit from using project management.
How project management applies to small (sometimes very small) projects.
What comes before project management, before you have a project.
When project management is most useful, and the process will be more than worth the effort.
The five stages of the formal project management process, their essential features, and how they fit together.
The most important concept in project management – the triple constraint, its key messages, and how the parts inter-relate.
The role of the Project Manager, key responsibilities, and why accountability is a good thing.
The purpose of project initiation, and the key elements of the project charter.
The importance of the first definition of the project scope – the one sentence objective.
A one-page flowchart of the whole planning process, setting up your project for success.
The official baseline for the project scope – the work breakdown structure.
The precedence diagram – your most important tool for planning, communicating, and managing your project.
The official baseline for the project schedule – the Gantt chart.
The essential elements of the project cost breakdown.
The importance of planning for the unexpected – risk management planning.
Documenting the planning in a concise project management plan for sponsor review.
The purpose and key elements of the monitoring and control phase.
Managing the number two cause of project problems – scope changes.
The essential elements of managing the project schedule.
The essential elements of managing project cost.
The essential elements of managing project risk.
The best way to conduct the monthly project review.
The purpose and key elements of project closing.
Wrapping up the project with a targeted final report.
A summary checklist of all the key learnings of the course.

Project Management Essentials


No prerequisites – this course is intended for new project managers looking for an overview.


“This is a great course, not only for new project managers who want to learn the basics of project management, but also for existing PMs who would like to refresh themselves with the fundamentals.  Clear, concise, and very informative.” – Jade MercadoComplexity is the challenge in project management.  Therefore, simplicity and practicality must be the solution.  Based on more than 25 years of experience with practical implementation of the formal Project Management Institute (PMI) process, this course gives you the essential information you need to understand what project management does, how it flows across the life-cycle, and the key steps you need to take to make your project successful.     1.  Overview:   What project management fundamentally does.  The five stages of the formal process.  The most important concept in PM: the triple constraint.  The critically important role of the Project Manager.     2.  Initiation:  The purpose of Initiation.  Baselining the first definition of your project’s scope: the Objective.     3.  Planning:  A one page flowchart of the whole Planning process.  The project scope baseline: the work breakdown structure.  The logic of the project: the precedence diagram.  The schedule baseline: the Gantt chart.  The cost breakdown.  Risk management.  Documentation of the Project Management Plan.     4.  Execution:  The purpose of Execution.  The essentials of building the best project team.     5.  Monitoring & Control:  The purpose of Monitoring and Control.  Managing scope, schedule, cost, and risk.  The monthly project status review.     6.  Closing.  The purpose of Closing.  Wrapping up the project with a targeted final report.If after taking this crash course you wish to dig deeper, please feel free to check out my comprehensive course “Deeply Practical Project Management”, which goes into much more detail on *how* to implement the PM processes in-depth.  Enjoy!InstructorWilliam Stewart is a PMI certified Project Management Professional (PMP) who has managed projects for more than a quarter century, from just a few thousand dollars to $55M, in the domains of system integration, software, organizational improvement, business process, construction, real estate, research, and others.  He has delivered more than 330 live onsite PM courses to more than 3,300 people.  He has worked for aerospace, government, academia, and founded a software startup.  He is author of the widely popular Deeply Practical Project Management course and book.  He has deep experience with project management, risk management, contract management, systems integration, and software engineering.  He earned his Ph.D. in Computer Science for development of an algorithm that builds multi-dimensional geodesic domes in optimum space and time, which to his knowledge has never been used for anything practical ;-)Student Feedback”This is the best quick refresher project management course there is out there. Highly recommend!” – Adity Das Gupta”Would have been very useful to learn this earlier, but better late than never!” – Tibor Kocsis”Cuts through the noise and delivers tangible and practical lessons.” – Harold Floyd”Great, succinct overview covering all the major points of project management in an easy-to-follow format.” – Kathleen Adams”Concentrated the PM theories into less than two hours – that is a very great job!” – Samuel Song”A must have course as a ready reference for a new or even a seasoned PM.” – Jignesh Jani”Great course.  I’m not a project manager, but it has made me realise I definitely undertake some of the key elements of the role already.” – Rachel Horne”Working with project managers for a long time, brings a clearer understanding of what they were doing and why.  A good overview for anyone working on a project, not just for project managers.” – Dave Uebele”Awesome refresher course on Project Management.  I would recommend this course to any new Project Manager.” – Manjunath Maller”I think I learned almost as much here as in my PMP bootcamp, a very good refresher before I take the test.  Thank you.” – John Franklin”It was a great course.  Excellent course for people who are planning to become a PM.” – Adolph Robinson”The best course in the Udemy portal that I have come across.  Concepts are crisp and neatly explained!  I strongly recommend!” – Suresh Raju”The course instructor is an expert and has managed very large projects successfully. That is why I have taken this course, to learn practical skills from someone that has actual experience in managing large complex projects.  I recommend this course to anyone wanting to understand project management and how to get started in the field.” – Stefan du Plooy


Section 1: START HERE!

Lecture 1 Start Here!

Section 2: Overview

Lecture 2 What Is Project Management

Lecture 3 Who Can Use Project Management?

Lecture 4 Application To Small Projects

Lecture 5 Where Projects Come From

Lecture 6 The Project Management Institute

Lecture 7 Project Definition

Lecture 8 The Five PM Stages

Lecture 9 The Triple Constraint

Lecture 10 The Role Of The Project Manager

Lecture 11 Exercise: Your Project Manager Development

Section 3: Initiation

Lecture 12 The Purpose Of Initiation

Lecture 13 The Project Objective

Lecture 14 Exercise: Baseline Your Initiation Scope

Section 4: Planning

Lecture 15 One Page Planning Flowchart

Lecture 16 The Core Project Team

Lecture 17 The Work Breakdown Structure

Lecture 18 Work Breakdown Structure Examples

Lecture 19 The Precedence Diagram

Lecture 20 The Gantt Schedule

Lecture 21 The Cost Breakdown

Lecture 22 Risk Planning

Lecture 23 The Project Plan

Lecture 24 Exercise: Baseline Your Project Plan

Section 5: Execution

Lecture 25 The Purpose Of Execution

Lecture 26 Building The Project Team

Lecture 27 Exercise: Gather The Project Team

Section 6: Monitoring & Control

Lecture 28 The Purpose Of Monitoring And Control

Lecture 29 Managing Scope

Lecture 30 Managing Schedule

Lecture 31 Managing Cost

Lecture 32 Managing Risk

Lecture 33 The Monthly Status Review

Lecture 34 Exercise: Organize Your Monthly Review

Section 7: Closing

Lecture 35 The Purpose Of Closing

Lecture 36 The Project Final Report

Lecture 37 Exercise: Write The Final Report

Section 8: Course Summary

Lecture 38 Course Summary

Section 9: Practice Test


Lecture 39 Bonus Lecture

Those new to project management, looking for a crash course in the essentials of the best practice processes.

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Created by: William Stewart PhD, PMP

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