Project Management for Beginners Fundamentals Crash Course

Project Management Training for new Project Managers – Understand all the basics of Project Management and Agile
Project Management for Beginners Fundamentals Crash Course
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Umer Waqar, PMP


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Project Management for Beginners Fundamentals Crash Course

What you’ll learn

Everything you need to know about project management in simple language
Master the essentials and basics of Project Management
Learn the most important project management skills
Learn how to Plan and Manage Projects, Become a professional project manager
Learn the most famous project management approaches: Predictive (Traditional) and Agile Project Management
You will be able to manage the scope, schedule, time, quality, and communications on a project
You will learn about the different types of stakeholders on a project and how you can manage them
You will learn how to handle Risks and Protect your Project

Project Management for Beginners Fundamentals Crash Course


None. This is a fundamentals course and it teaches everything from scratch.
Your passion and enthusiasm to learn is the only requirement.


Welcome to the ultimate training on Project Management. This is a beginner level course where you will learn everything from scratch. This clear and concise crash course on project management will equip you with the most important project management skills and concepts. Everything has been explained step by step, in simple language. You will learn everything you need to know about how to plan, manage, and execute projects. If you are looking to become a Project Manager, are taking on a project management role, or you just want to know how to manage a project, this course will help you cover the essentials. You will learn how to manage scope and collect requirements, how to complete the project within schedule and costs, how to protect the project against risks, and how to manage the people involved on a project. What you will get in this course:Introduction to Project Management – Quickly learn all the essential concepts of project managementLearn the essentials and basics of Traditional Project Management (Waterfall, Predictive)Learn the essentials and basics of Agile Project Management and ScrumBased on PMP and PMBOK – The world famous resource for project management in the world.Learn how to manage projects in any industryCover all the Project Management StepsLearn how to manage Scope, Schedule, Risk, Budgets, Stakeholders, Communications and moreCover all the Essentials of Project Management and Develop Management SkillsBecome a Project Manager by learning the most important Project Management SkillsHigh Quality Content that saves you time by teaching you precise materialClear,Concise, and Simple to UnderstandWhat is the global demand for project management?Project Management has become a global phenomenon. According to the project management institute, employers need to fill over 2 million project management roles every year. Some of the best companies in the world have a high demand for project managers including the Fortune 500 companies from industries such as IT,Engineering,Financial Services,Consulting,and the Energy sector,just to name a few. In this course, you will learn about the Role and Responsibilities of the Project Manager so that you may learn to become one yourself.What is the salary of a project manager?According to PMI (project management institute), most project manager’s earn between $93,000 – 140,000 in the US.Course Overview: What you will learnThis course is unique since it will quickly teach you how to manage all of the Key areas of Project Management including :IntegrationScopeScheduleCostQualityRiskResourcesProcurementCommunicationStakeholdersFurthermore, you will learn about the process groups and the various stages a project goes through including :InitiatingPlanningExecutingMonitoring and ControllingClosing


Section 1: Course Introduction

Lecture 1 Introduction to Project Management – Course Design and Structure

Lecture 2 What this course will do for you

Lecture 3 Project Management Templates

Section 2: Project Management Fundamentals and Basic Concepts

Lecture 4 What is a Project

Lecture 5 Knowledge Areas

Lecture 6 Process Groups

Lecture 7 Develop Project Charter

Lecture 8 Example – Project Charter

Lecture 9 Project Charter Template Explanation

Lecture 10 Practice Assignment: Project Charter Template

Lecture 11 Project Manager’s role on the project and Competencies Part 1

Lecture 12 Who are Stakeholders – Managing Stakeholder Expectations

Lecture 13 Types of Stakeholders

Lecture 14 Project Manager’s Role on the Project Part 2

Lecture 15 What is Project Management

Lecture 16 Constraints

Lecture 17 Enterprise Environmental Factors – Organizational Culture

Lecture 18 Historical Information and Lessons Learned

Lecture 19 A Quick Overview of PMP (Project Management Professional Certification)

Section 3: Integration Management

Lecture 20 What is Integration Management

Lecture 21 How to Perform Integration Management on a Project

Lecture 22 How to Perform Integration Management on a Project Part 2

Section 4: Scope Management

Lecture 23 What is Scope Management

Lecture 24 Baselines

Lecture 25 How to perform Scope Management on a Project – Part 1

Lecture 26 How to perform Scope Management on a Project – Part 2

Lecture 27 Practice Assignment: WBS

Lecture 28 How to make a Project Scope Statement

Lecture 29 Change Making Process

Lecture 30 How are changes made on a project

Lecture 31 Practice Assignment: Change Request Template

Lecture 32 8 Step process for leading change

Section 5: Schedule Management

Lecture 33 What is Schedule Management

Lecture 34 How to perform Schedule Management on a Project – Part 1

Lecture 35 How to Perform Schedule Management – Part 2

Section 6: Cost Management

Lecture 36 What is Cost Management

Lecture 37 How to Perform Cost Management on a Project

Section 7: Quality Management

Lecture 38 What is Quality Management

Lecture 39 How to Perform Quality Management on a Project

Section 8: Resource Management (Human Resources + Material Resources)

Lecture 40 What is Resource Management

Lecture 41 How to Perform Resource Management on a Project – Part 1

Lecture 42 How to Perform Resource Management on a Project – Part 2

Lecture 43 Project Manager’s Role and responsibilities in HR

Lecture 44 OSCAR Model – Coaching and Mentoring your team

Section 9: Communication Management

Lecture 45 What is Communication Management

Lecture 46 How to Perform Communication Management on a Project

Section 10: Stakeholder Management

Lecture 47 What is Stakeholder Management

Lecture 48 How to perform Stakeholder Management on a Project

Section 11: Procurement Management

Lecture 49 What is Procurement Management

Lecture 50 What is a Contract

Lecture 51 Walkthrough of Procurement Management

Lecture 52 How to Perform Procurement Management on a Project

Section 12: Risk Management

Lecture 53 What is Risk Management

Lecture 54 What are Threats and Opportunities on a project

Lecture 55 How to perform Risk Management on a Project – Part 1

Lecture 56 How to Perform Risk Management on a Project – Part 2

Lecture 57 Risk Response Strategies for Positive Risks – Opportunities

Lecture 58 Risk Response Strategies for Negative Risks – Threats

Section 13: Project Management Tasks and Responsibilities Walkthrough

Lecture 59 Overview

Lecture 60 Create a High Performing Team

Lecture 61 Build a Team

Lecture 62 Define Team Ground Rules

Lecture 63 Build Shared Understanding

Lecture 64 Negotiate Project Agreements

Lecture 65 Empower Team members and stakeholders

Lecture 66 Ensure Team members and Stakeholders are Trained

Lecture 67 Engage and Support Virtual Teams

Lecture 68 Keep your team on track

Lecture 69 Collaborate with Stakeholders

Lecture 70 Lead a Team

Lecture 71 Address Impediements, Obstacles, and Blockers

Lecture 72 Support Team Performance

Lecture 73 Manage Conflict

Lecture 74 Mentor Relevant Stakeholders

Lecture 75 Promote Team Performance through Emotional Intelligence

Lecture 76 Get Started with your project

Lecture 77 Execute Project with required Urgency

Lecture 78 Manage Communications

Lecture 79 Assess and Manage Risk

Lecture 80 Engage Stakeholders

Lecture 81 Plan and Manage Budgetary Resources

Lecture 82 Plan and Manage Schedule

Lecture 83 Plan and Manage Quality

Lecture 84 Plan and Manage Scope

Lecture 85 Integrate Project Planning Activities

Lecture 86 Do the Work

Lecture 87 Manage Project Changes

Lecture 88 Plan and Manage Procurement

Lecture 89 Create Project Artifacts

Lecture 90 Determine Appropriate Project Methods and Practices

Lecture 91 Establish Project Governance Structure

Lecture 92 Manage Project Issues

Lecture 93 Knowledge Transfer

Lecture 94 Plan and Manage Project or Phase Closure

Lecture 95 Keep the Business in mind

Lecture 96 Plan and Manage Project Compliance

Lecture 97 Evaluate and Deliver Project Benefits and Value

Lecture 98 Evaluate and address external business environment changes for impact on scope

Lecture 99 Support Organizational Change

Section 14: Agile Project Management and Scrum

Lecture 100 What is Agile Project Management

Lecture 101 What are the 12 Agile Principles

Lecture 102 What is Scrum

Lecture 103 What is a Sprint

Lecture 104 Product Owner

Lecture 105 What is a Product Owner Part 2

Lecture 106 What is a Product Backlog

Lecture 107 What is a Product Backlog – Part 2

Lecture 108 Practice Assignment: Product Backlog Template

Lecture 109 Practice Assignment: Daily Scrum Template

Lecture 110 Increment

Lecture 111 Definition of Done

Lecture 112 User Stories

Lecture 113 Practice Assignment: User Story Template

Lecture 114 Story Points

Lecture 115 Absolute Hours

Lecture 116 Velocity

Lecture 117 Kanban

Section 15: Hybrid Project Management

Lecture 118 Types of Work – Definable Work

Lecture 119 Types of Work – High Uncertainty Work

Lecture 120 When to use Predictive and Agile on projects

Lecture 121 Hybrid Project Management Part 1

Lecture 122 Hybrid Project Management Part 2

Lecture 123 Hybrid Project Management Part 3

Lecture 124 Summary of Project Management

Lecture 125 Bonus Lecture

People who want a complete summarized overview of Project Management,People who want to learn the basics of Project Management,People who want to become a Project Manager,People who want to learn how to manage Projects,People who are just starting out in Project Management roles,People who want to add Project Management to their Skillset,This course is not for experienced project managers and is only meant for beginners

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Udemy | English | 7h 31m | 1.42 GB
Created by: Umer Waqar, PMP

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