Project Management with ChatGPT AI for Project Managers

Master Modern Project Management with AI. A Comprehensive Guide to Use Chat GPT for Project Managers (+ 42 Prompts)
Project Management with ChatGPT AI for Project Managers
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Project Management with ChatGPT AI for Project Managers

What you’ll learn

The role of ChatGPT in modern project management
Basics of project management
How to use ChatGPT for project planning, task management, and communication
Implementing agile methodologies with ChatGPT
Writing effective project-related emails and communication materials
Ethical considerations in AI-assisted project management

Project Management with ChatGPT AI for Project Managers


Basic familiarity with project management concepts is helpful but not mandatory.
Access to a computer or device with an internet connection.
Willingness to explore and adopt AI tools in project management.


Project Management with ChatGPT: AI for Project Manager –  Master Modern Project Management with AI Assistance. A Comprehensive Guide to Leveraging Chat GPT for Project ManagersUnlock the Power of AI in Project ManagementAre you ready to revolutionize your project management skills with the help of cutting-edge AI technology? Look no further! Our comprehensive video course, “ChatGPT with Project Management,” is your gateway to harnessing the full potential of ChatGPT in modern project management.Module 1: Introduction to Project Management with ChatGPTIn this foundational module, we’ll explore the critical role of ChatGPT in today’s project management landscape. You’ll dive into:Understanding the basics of project management.Initiating your journey as a proficient project manager with ChatGPT.Module 2: Project Planning with ChatGPTProject planning is the cornerstone of successful project execution. Learn how to:Harness the power of ChatGPT for precise project scoping and objective definition.Utilize the OKR model and SWOT analysis with ChatGPT to identify and mitigate project risks.Craft detailed project schedules and timelines with ChatGPT’s Gantt-Chart capabilities.Optimize resource allocation with AI assistance.Understand your customers better through ChatGPT’s Persona generation.Module 3: Task Management and CollaborationEfficient task management and collaboration are keys to success. Discover how ChatGPT can help you:Manage tasks seamlessly with AI-powered support.Assign and track tasks collaboratively with your team.Facilitate real-time communication among team members using AI-driven tools.Simplify project documentation.Module 4: Agile Methodologies: Kanban and ScrumLearn about agile methodologies and how ChatGPT can enhance your agile practices:Get introduced to Kanban and Scrum in project management.Apply Kanban principles effectively with ChatGPT.Implement Scrum practices with ChatGPT’s guidance.Module 5: Email Writing and CommunicationMaster the art of effective communication with ChatGPT:Craft persuasive project-related emails with ChatGPT’s assistance.Review and refine AI-generated emails.Elevate the formality of your emails with ChatGPT’s expertise.Condense and summarize text effortlessly.Module 6: Communication Preparation with ChatGPTPrepare for impactful interactions with stakeholders:Tailor your communication to specific audiences with ChatGPT.Create compelling offers using AI.Prepare for meetings, presentations, and stakeholder interactions with ChatGPT-generated content.Generate talking points and agendas effortlessly.Module 7: ConsiderationsWe’ll delve into important ethical and data privacy considerations in AI-assisted project management.Ready to Elevate Your Project Management Skills with ChatGPT?Don’t miss this opportunity to become a master of modern project management. Enroll now to unlock the potential of ChatGPT and take your projects to new heights!Enroll Today and Embrace the Future of Project Management!


Section 1: Introduction to Project Management with ChatGPT

Lecture 1 The role of ChatGPT in modern project management

Lecture 2 Understanding the basics of project management

Lecture 3 Get started as a project manager with ChatGPT

Lecture 4 All the prompts we use in this course

Section 2: Project Planning with ChatGPT

Lecture 5 Importance of thorough project planning

Lecture 6 Using ChatGPT for project scoping and defining objectives

Lecture 7 Use the OKR model with ChatGPT

Lecture 8 SWOT analysis with ChatGPT to see the risks of your project

Lecture 9 Creating project schedules and timelines with ChatGPT (Gantt-Chart)

Lecture 10 Resource allocation and optimization with AI assistance

Lecture 11 Don’t know your customer? No problem, ChatGPT is here for you (Persona)

Section 3: Task Management and Collaboration

Lecture 12 Managing tasks efficiently with ChatGPT

Lecture 13 Real-time communication with team members using AI-powered tools

Lecture 14 Real-time communication with team members using AI-powered tools

Lecture 15 Project Documentation made easy

Section 4: Agile Methodologies: Kanban and Scrum

Lecture 16 Introduction to Kanban and Scrum in project management

Lecture 17 Applying Kanban principles with ChatGPT

Lecture 18 Implementing Scrum practices with ChatGPT

Section 5: Email Writing and Communication

Lecture 19 Write effective project-related emails with ChatGPT

Lecture 20 Review and edit emails generated by AI

Lecture 21 Make your E-mail more formal with ChatGPT

Lecture 22 Shorten and summarize text with ChatGPT

Section 6: Communication Preparation with ChatGPT

Lecture 23 Tailoring communication to specific audiences using ChatGPT

Lecture 24 Write good offers with ChatGPT

Lecture 25 Using ChatGPT to prepare for meetings, presentations & stakeholder interactions

Lecture 26 Generating talking points and agendas with ChatGPT

Section 7: Considerations

Lecture 27 Ethical considerations & Data privacy in AI-assisted project management

Lecture 28 Learning is important!

Project managers looking to enhance their skills with AI tools.,Professionals interested in integrating ChatGPT into project management processes.,Teams or organizations aiming to improve project efficiency and communication using AI technology.

Course Information:

Udemy | English | 2h 20m | 1.12 GB
Created by: Tobias Becker

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